My response to the article: Will history judge today’s Christians?


History Will Judge Today’s Christians According To These 4 Questions

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Stephen Mattson  Contributor to Sojourners and Patheos



Started: 12-18-2016

Finished: 9 6 2020 (UPDATE)



As you can read I found this article many years ago and with the new circumstances of blm and the anarchist riots I wanted to update this post to give a clearer picture of how these questions can be answered.


According to this articles author there are 4 ‘moral’ questions that will pass judgment on American Christians.



“1. In the midst of a historically horrible refugee crisis, why didn’t you actively pursue helping the poor, the destitute, and those in desperate need?”



“2. Why didn’t you recognize and fight systemic racism and inequality?”



“3. Why were you so supportive of national agendas associated with violence, destruction and death?”



“4. Why did you crave martial, economic and political power when God has already warned you against putting faith in such foolish and temporary things?”



Well what can I say as one Christian guy?



My response to question #1:



As A Christian in the Washington state area there are many well meaning and mostly funded missions in many of the big cities who help the homeless & drug addicted. Depending on the churches we have also helped our fellow Washingtonian during natural or man made disasters like Oso.


As for the refugee crisis’s of which are man made due to progressive organizations’ and progressive policies that were created by the Obamas we as Christians have had to ask tough questions of our politicians’ and those who followed them. After all the illegal drugs, moslem attacks are from non American citizens and many of the criminal gangs who are not from our local areas but foreigners who are part of the dnc programs for voter gains.


Why is it that Christians are to fund, protect, criminals and those who may lie in their paper work to come into the USA from other countries or mainly from Mexico and other South American countries?


Did Jesus as us Christians to protect criminals and others who want to do us harm? Or are you following man’s doctrine?


Scripture reference according to the articles author.


Article Scriptures: “Matthew 25: 34-40”


Matthew 25:1-46 Jesus was of course teaching his fellow Jews about what he wanted them to do for not only their own community but that of the Gentiles. Not once did Jesus indicate we were to be against the government or the laws of man.



Article Scriptures: “Jeremiah 22: 3-5”



Jeremiah 22:1-30 A prophecy of the king of Judah. Again why use that as a excuse for false teaching. As Christians we are followers of Jesus and not the OT.




My response to question #2:


“recognize and fight systemic racism and inequality?”


1 There is no actual systemic racism.

2 There is no inequality


Allow me to explain:


Why is it that we donot have a so called ‘racist’ system of government, banking etc? Because it was recognized and eventually demolished by the 1970s.


A demonstration:


My current manager is a 20 something black man from southern California. He is not my boss because of skin color but because of his education and job experience / skills.


The family that owns the house I rent, is mixed. The wife is black, the husband is white. The wife is a attorney for a local company.


In other words if there was ‘systemic racism’ neither of these individuals or my Filipino wife should have authority over me or succeed over me.




Since when everything is equal? Not everything in life is equal or fair.


Article Scriptures:



Article Scriptures: “James 2:9”



James 2:1-26 The portion of the letter criticizing the Early church that had a higher opinion of the wealthy than the poor.


The problem with this is that both groups are need in the American church and all other churches in out failing world. The wealthy pay the bills and the poor do what they must to survive. Very few churches are wealthy and it is not surprising that the wealthy churches go after people with money.



Article Scriptures: “Proverbs 17:15”



Read Proverbs 17:1-28



Article Scriptures: “1 John 2:9”



Read 1 John 2:1-29



So let’s deal with the idea of ‘critical race theory’. The idea that everything in Americas systems are ‘racist’.


Also the idea that only ‘white / european’ are racist and that we owe black people property, money, wealth, self abuse etc for the sins of slavery and all the horrors that came from that type of employment.



Despite the fact that:


Black power is racist.


Slavery is a human sin that started in Africa and other places before we had in civilized America.


Actual repartitions SHOULD have been done in the 1800s after slaves were freed .


American blacks have a flawed culture that approves of criminality, prison life and more and it is only through HARD work many blacks can and do get out of the dnc trap. And no white folk aren’t the cause of their problems.


So no American Christians don’t have to follow progressive frauds that are designed to harm ANY American not just black or white.



My response to question #3:



Why are we –“ supportive of national agendas associated with violence, destruction and death?”



1 Self preservation by Military training, education

2 Desiring continued Freedom

3 The Honor of serving for something greater than ourselves



Something that dnc progressives aren’t willing to do. And given the current political climate as dictated by the progressive dnc. Giving up my Freedoms, My ability to defend myself, To keep my money does not sound like a responsible thing to do because that kind of activity would lead me to destruction and death.



Article scriptures: “Matt. 26:52-54”



Read Matthew 26:1-75



Jesus is recorded never saying we couldn’t defend ourselves or our country. IF we did not Christianity would not have survived 2000 years.


Luke 22:35-38 Describes that he had 2 of his disciples to carry swords of which led to the servant of the high priest getting wounded. And despite that we are still allowed to defend ourselves.


In Revelation 19:11-21 Jesus WILL NOT return to this world as a wimp but a slaying King. A being of power that will kill off ALL our leaders, philosophies, doctrines and the anti-nomian spirit that is the heart of progressive churchianity.



Article Scriptures: “Psalm 11:5”



Read Psalm 11:1-7


Wherein is the grand righteousness of progressive churchanity with it’s lgbt equality, pro abortion stance, false peace and everything else that goes against Jesus?


Yes there have been many wars and battles? Look at world history. Was it for nothing? Did your falsehoods provide peace to the Jews during world war 2. Or how about the Philippines, China and many other countries raped & brutalized by Japan?



My response to question #4:



Do American Christians: “ crave martial, economic and political power when God has already warned you against putting faith in such foolish and temporary things?”



Who does so? Please give me names of those Preachers, Pastors or whomever?




Do we as individuals crave such things? Or are you just assuming out of your progressive thinking that Evangelical Christians are the problem and yet you ignore your own sins?



Article Scriptures: “Matthew 16:26”



Read Matthew 16:1-28


Article Scriptures: “1 Peter 2:11-12”



Read 1 Peter 2:1-25


And the final part of the article:



“Do you not trust in God’s sovereignty that you must devote all of your time, energy, and resources into supporting a candidate, a political party, and making sure you’re pursuing more wealth, fortune, protection, and influence?”


“You boasted of a countercultural gospel and yet fell into the same pitfalls of countless civilizations before you: a desire for carnal power, personal safety, comfort, luxury, fame, and wealth.”


“You divisively judged, shamed, alienated, hurt, slandered, and attacked others under the banner of “Christian morals,” all in an effort to gain additional political clout and control.”


“Have you lost so must faith in God’s promises that you’ve abandoned the ways of Jesus for the ways of a worldly empire? Are you so ashamed of identifying with a Divine God who died on a cross that you would rather align yourselves with oppressors, war-mongers, and corrupt rulers?”



So are these accusations solely for the Christian who is a Conservative or Republican? Or can we as Conservatives not look with the same judgment on the very same ‘progressive’ dnc party enthusiasts with the same accusations.




Romans 3:10-24


Romans 5:1-21


Romans 8:1-39


Romans 13:1-14


How are so called progressive Christians sinless or holy when they back terrorist groups, abortion clinics, lgbt propaganda and ideas and they somehow know God?


In other words if they were TRUE Christians the whole of your progressive ideology / philosophy would be rejected and you would seek the Jewish Jesus who fulfilled the Law of Moses. The very law who allowed gay men and lesbians to be killed within ancient Israel. But speaking as one of many false teachers, you speak not for God but for your ‘progressive / leftist’ doctrines and not that of Jesus.



And yet these questions aren’t about Jesus as they are claim to be seeking. It’s about:


” social justice”



Examples from their website:


” Our Mission”


“The mission of Sojourners is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, to inspire hope and build a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world.”


“Our Vision”


“We envision a future in which Christians put their faith into action in the passionate pursuit of social justice, peace, and environmental stewardship, working in partnership with people of other perspectives, for the common good of communities, families and individuals. We articulate that vision, convene and mobilize constituencies, and build alliances for effective advocacy.”


And who is their?:


“con·stit·u·en·cy  (kən-stĭch′o͞o-ən-sē)”

  1. “pl. con·stit·u·en·cies”


  1. “The body of voters or the residents of a district represented by an elected legislator or official.”
  2. “The district so represented”
  3. “A group of supporters or patrons.”
  4. “A group served by an organization or institution; a clientele: The magazine changed its format to appeal to a broader constituency.”

The dnc progressives:

Additionally these examples are what REAL progressive ‘social justice’ is about:



“What is Social Justice?”


“Social justice embodies the vision of a society that is equitable and in which all members are physically and psychologically safe.* Social justice also demands that all people have a right to basic human dignity and to have their basic economic needs met. Our commitment to social justice recognizes that health is affected by a host of social factors. It is not possible to address trauma and violence without also wrestling with poverty, racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and all other forms of stigma. Because of this, we cannot ignore deep seated inequalities as we seek answers to problems like violence and trauma. Rather, we must struggle with these problems clearly and honestly.”


“*From: Barry S. Levy and Victor Sidel. The nature of social injustice and its impact on public health, p.8. In: Social Injustice and Public Health, Barry S. Levy and Victor Sidel, editors. Oxford Press, 2006, 529 pp.”



So it is not about Christian churches and organizations who are to follow the teachings of Jesus and the Disciples from the Holy Bible. Instead it is following the leftist doctrinal foolishness that has not produced anything but anger, hatred and separation within the boundaries of the USA and other countries.

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