WHY I don’t trust Theonomy

Origionally started: ‘Nov 2011’

Here is my list:

1 I don’t trust those who wield Theocratic means to control either politics or a individuals moral compass through theonomy.

2 By using only the Ten Commandments to control society doesn’t give us adequate means to solve the many problems involving American society.

3 By only using the Ten Commandments we ignore the WHOLE Law of Moses something that God would not approve of.

4 The Law of Moses was only forIsrael. The illogical ‘dominion’ Theology and its bastard child of Theonomy are not bringing any answers toAmerica.

5 Jewish people know that Gods law is not merely the Ten Commandments.


6 Theonomy means “Gods Law”. I HAVE NO PROBLEM that Jesus will wield a Theocratic Government according to Revelation 21:1-27. But I have many problems with quasi-christians and others who think that putting together a Theocratic morality will some how save theUSA.

No Theonomy or it’s sister ‘moral theonomy’ is not solving anyone’s problems it’s just causing greater rifts in Christianity. And that is not what Jesus requires of we Christians.

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