Dr Maxtor and the fraud

Originally Published on: Sep 10, 2008 @ 21:33

Remember my rant on Dr ‘M’s post on…

“Is Islamophobia Racism?”

“Straight from the Hatewatch hall of Shame . (http://www.chasingevil.org/)”

“Dr Maxtor’s blog dated: Friday, August 31, 2007”


Well look at what I found related to the so called blog of… ‘Rev’ Sutter

Evidences against Jim Sutter:










Now if Maxtor continues to chose to link up with a known fraud & con man. It demonstrates to all non moslems that he is grasping at straws in regards to his ‘claims’ of islam-a-phobia is a form of racism…

Interestingly enough… he doesn’t bitch & moan about all the ‘bad’ moslems destroying thier ‘shared religion’ for the sake of terrorism. He prefers to rant against the USA, Israel & non dhimmi countries.

In case you think I’m making the ‘chasingevil’ link up… kindly look at Maxtors blog & click on the link for ‘hate watch’.

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