Islams racism against UK Non Muslims

In May I found a story about a  murder of a British Army vet by 2 moslem jihadis in the UK which is not only a racist act but an act of jihadi terrorists. Such attacks on the British public not only show the insidious insanity of islam and its open warfare on all things not muslim.

Sadly I am not surprised by such attacks. We Americans have such a racist attack during the 1970s. against multiple whites…

“The Zebra Killers”

“BY Julia Scheeres”


Is it really surprising that UK Non muslims have retaliated…?

“How bad is the anti Muslim backlash in London?”

“By Keith Wagstaff | The Week – 9 hrs ago.”



“Anti-Muslim actions rise in UK over slain soldier”


“May. 25 5:42 PM EDT”


Even moslem imams are disgusted with their ‘brethren’ when it comes to rapists from their own community.

“The Oxford sex ring and the preachers who teach young Muslim men that white girls are cheap”

“By Dr Taj Hargey”

P”UBLISHED: 17:34 EST, 15 May 2013  | UPDATED: 02:50 EST, 16 May 2013″


IF islam is a ‘race’ as the lefties want us to think… Then its racism against non muslims is no better than the kkk or other criminal groups.

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