ISSUES: MY Q&A about my disbelief in sda teachings…

My unbelief in the SDA (seventh day Adventist) religion started in 1999 when my former roommate & friend started to argue with me about sabbath and other issues related to his ‘faith’.  Eventually I got brave enough to read eg whites books online and soon found out how wrong she was and I eventually found several Former SDA websites that confirmed that her ideas were bogus.

The following are  (UNASKED) ‘Q & A’ examples from my old ‘FAQ’ that I posted between 2008-2012 answering various questions about my doubts involving eg whites writings & the doctrine that confound fellow Christians. These questions are ones that I thought up and are not examples of past or future questions asked by seventh day Adventist visitors to my blog.

“Do you believe in a International Sunday Law directed against SDA Followers?”

NO! Unless someone in the Christian community can find any UN International laws enforcing a ‘Sunday’ law as EG White discussed in the ‘great controversy’ or worse a Local / Federal law in America or elsewhere that is backed by the Catholics or other groups to enforce criminalizing Saturday Sabbath. I will assume that EG White and her followers are frightened of a myth. A preverbal ‘boogie man’ that makes SDA church goers afraid of the very Brothers and Sisters in Jesus who would help them.


“What about your responses to emmilglenns “questions for Sunday keepers”? Don’t you feel stupid for those?”

Stupid? Maybe a little. Here’s why. I didn’t take their questions seriously enough to post a proper answer. And so I replied with smart alecy answers that should have never been posted.

However I find it interesting that neither emmilglenn or sda defend league have looked into my current answers or attempted to refute them. Not that their Religious Theonomy seems to matter to other Christians online anyhow.

After all if they are in need of getting professional answers to their questions they should contact the multitude of Christian ministries, ministers who could answer them. Incidentally I did send a copy of SDA defends questions to Hank Hanegraaff the Bible Answer man to be looked at. Whether or not he answers them is a different matter that they will have to discuss between themselves.


Who else has answered the questions made up by ‘SDL’?

You can read my post here:

“More Christians give their answers to ‘Uncomfortable questions posed to the critics’ by Adventist Defense League”


What is your opinion about Sunday being the mark of the beast?

The mark of the beast in Revelations 13:16-18 is a physical mark because it is used to buy and sell property and it is a spiritual mark identifying the followers of satan.

To claim that Sunday as one day is a similar mark is ridiculous because we in America can buy and sell anything and everything and not everyone goes to church on Sunday due to the amount of non Christians religions in this country.


Is Saturday Sabbath a ‘mark’ of true Christians?

No where in the Christian Bible is Sabbath referred to as a ‘mark’ It is referred to as a ‘sign’ between God and Israel. Read: Exodus 31:12-18. We as Christians are freed from theonomy by the Disciples & Jesus. Read: Acts 15:1-31, Romans 13:8-11, Galatians 3:8-14.


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