Will ‘Anti-gay Christianity’ become irrelevant? My response to the following article…

Will Anti gay Christianity become irrelevant?

Started: 7-25-2015

Finished: 8-14-2016



According to this liberal authors post…



“In Defense of Pastor Rob Bell Anti Gay Christians Cause Their Own Irrelevance”

“Jessica Joseph Award-winning Creative Strategist and Activist”

“Posted: 02/26/2015 10:55 am EST   Updated: 02/26/2015 10:59 am EST”




Before I begin this rant I would like to confess the following.


I never heard of ‘pastor’ bell until today (July 25 2015). In order to educate myself of his comments / statements I did a name search of this individual and found out a considerable amount about him.


His views are not surprising nor easily defended…


Now to the article / post in question.


As I’ve noted repeatedly on huff post or other pro-gay media use the following words to justify their philosophy.


” miscegenation”


A old term created by white racists describing the ‘mixing’ or inter-breeding of races such as a White Woman marrying, having sex with and producing a mixed race child / children with a Black Man.


The Christian Faith holds no Doctrinal view on race mixing. The only rule is the a Christian woman and Christian man hold the same Faith in order to remove religious problems that could happen within their marriage. Race is not a factor in American Christianity. Race is a problem due to the cultural differences between many creeds, races, and cultures of multiple groups within the United States.


A gay man, lesbians are not a race, they are not a gender. So to try to justify their decisions / choices etc is illogical by using such examples.




According to:


” adjective”


“1. reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.”




Since when do modern Christians mistreat our Wives, Mothers, Daughters or other family members?


Oh yeah… We don’t.



Next. Young people who grow up in Christian homes.



Despite whatever ‘polls’ say Protestant Christianity will never fully ‘go away’ despite atheistic claims and there is a good reason why.







DONOT have all the answers to life’s problems.


After 44 years of living I have never heard of any of the above groups solving any problems within the sphere of the world. How can they if they are based on philosophy and not any actual evidence that their ideas are workable for the betterment of American society, civilization etc?

As for younger people.

Yes we can assume that many young people will fall away from Christianity. While others will walk away. It is not because of “irrelevance”. It is because they chose the ‘easier’ route to accept liberal culture and the various theories and philosophy that is the ‘popular’ idealism. Such ideas like gay marriage / rights are popular now but may not be popular later.


When young people realize they were lied to, used, and eventually will have their beloved gay – lesbian or ? die off due to hiv/aids, cancers and such they will likely realize that the grand theories promoting such ‘lifestyles’ were wrong. Many will go back to Christianity others who knows.


In the next paragraphs Ms Joseph claims…


“The heated debates in the wake of Pastor Bell’s statements highlight that anti-LGBT Christians base their position on four assumptions (1) the bible explicitly condemns LGBT orientation and/or all loving committed same-sex relationships of LGBT people; (2) the bible is 100 percent infallible (i.e. free of cultural subjectivity, scientific limitations of the iron-aged Northern Palestinians who wrote it, political agendas or human errors of those who selected, compiled and translated it) and can be read at a pedestrian level, in their favorite English version to answer any situation, by just picking a verse that seems to apply; (3) that strict adherence to the bible is necessary for salvation and (4) that their sect’s method of interpretation and application of the scriptures, (particularly those they use to condemn LGBT people), is absolute Christian theology. ”

“Ironically it’s those very four assumptions that are proving to be their theological undoing. You see, the more they assert those claims, the more those claims are being scrutinized. The more those claims are scrutinized, in our new age of information, the more people are unearthing a minefield of contradictions, double standards and intellectual dishonesties. I only have time and space to highlight two of them:”



Is she correct in her accusations? Not necessarily. Let’s break down her 4 listed ‘assumptions.



“(1) the bible explicitly condemns LGBT orientation and/or all loving committed same-sex relationships of LGBT people;”



Again where in the Bible are lgbt-ers separate as a gender or other type of protected group? Here’s a annoying hint. THEY AREN’T J


The terminology used by the various lgbt-ers and their allies such as:









Are not Biblical terms they are modern man made terms to identify persons who enjoy those types of sins or lifestyles.


To make excuses to include unrepentant lgbt-ers in the Christian church without properly abstaining from their lusts and seeking after God makes no sense because those who chose to be gay, lesbian etc will not seek God in the same fashion as ACTUAL Christians they will continue to rebel and leave Christianity.


Also most lgbt-ers don’t want God in their lives. So there is no point for lgbt-ers to try to include Christianity to their flawed philosophy? It’s because they “HAVE TO” force everyone into their system and this will actually help destroy their power hold in time.


“(2) the bible is 100 percent infallible (i.e. free of cultural subjectivity, scientific limitations of the iron-aged Northern Palestinians who wrote it, political agendas or human errors of those who selected, compiled and translated it) and can be read at a pedestrian level, in their favorite English version to answer any situation, by just picking a verse that seems to apply”



According to liberal authors such as Ms Joseph the Bible is a fake, a human constructed book. Never mind the simplistic facts that gay marriage / gay rights is far more a untried theory and the doctrines of apostates such as herself and many others are not based on evidence but merely philosophy and fiction than fact.


How do I know she is wrong?


Despite many moslem & atheist claims that the Jewish Torah and Christian Bible are fiction, or holy books created by humans. The Jewish Torah & the Christian Bible are based on historical evidence from Archeological digs throughout Israel and other sites. These evidences are boosted by the well known historical evidence of the many persons or peoples mentioned in both books.


Many of the subjects included in both books involving morality, marriage, faith and so forth are all viable subjects that does provide answers to many problems we face now.


Meanwhile I am curious how does gay marriage / gay rights help American law, government, religion or society? After all shouldn’t there be plenty of evidence in the past to indicate that such a subject is viable right?


But I digress…



“(3) that strict adherence to the bible is necessary for salvation”



Christian adherence is to Jesus teaching. Through Jesus people, men and women can be saved. How is that a hard concept to understand?


However Ms Joseph prefers her rebellion and lesbianism and atheism. She doesn’t need God since she can somehow escape disease & death…




“(4) that their sect’s method of interpretation and application of the scriptures, (particularly those they use to condemn LGBT people), is absolute Christian theology…”



Again how are lgbt-ers a separate group of people? Obviously she doesn’t know. We are born male and female not gay. There is no biological DNA to be gay.


The proper term is DOCTRINE not Theology. Doctrine is what is taught, Theology is about God. But of course she is clueless like most pro gay propagandists.


IF lgbt-ers want to be Christian is it too much to ask to accept Jesus teaching to follow his teachings and to cease from their sins they use as a form of governmental ID?


No… of course not they can’t possibly think that Jesus holds any reliable doctrines that could change their current situation and get them saved and useful for his kingdom. Instead they have to stay in their current sinful form in order to propagate lies and falsehoods.


It is not Christian Doctrine that condemns lgbt-ers it is their sins that condemn them.


It is not Christian Doctrine that makes lgbt-ers the ‘enemy’ but their insistence that they cannot separate themselves from their choices & decisions and their insistence to live according to unBiblical teachings that neither Jesus or the Disciples taught or participating in.



Further in her article she uses the following.



“1. Intellectual Dishonesty”


“2. Biblical Double Standards”



She and others like her are also “Intellectually Dishonest” because of the following.



1 Christianity has no specific doctrine to support gay marriage / gay rights.



2 Despite multiple attempts by multiple authors, Jesus teaching / Doctrines cannot support gay marriage or similar subjects because no such group existed during the Roman times and neither Jesus or the Disciples recorded any know teaching to support sodomy & lesbianism as a separate group of people or supporting them as unrepentant persons or as a community.



3 Anyone with a internet connection can easily look up the known histories of the sex lives of Greeks, Romans and other ancient peoples and easily find specific history on the lack of ‘gay and lesbian’ stories. This means that ‘gay men’ were not a specific gender but a group of men that liked to sodomize men, women and animals.



4 Gay men and lesbians are not a 3rd gender and no research has proven a genetic link that causes people to be gay.



5 Despite all the hoopla by pro-gay authors and their allies there is still plenty of medical evidence that gay sex is dangerous due to disease and damage to the partners bodies. This means that gay men & lesbians are hiding the damage they do to not only themselves physically but those individuals they have sex with.



The term “sexual orientation” is not a old term from the 1900s but was actually created as far back as 1990.


Despite her use of various Scriptures in order to justify her lesbianism as in her example of Romans 1:17-32. She neglects Jesus teaching. Through out Matthew, Mark, Luke & John Jesus had some very specific Doctrines. These Doctrines are what he expects his followers to follow and teach. Why is that wrong? Why do we have to let the unrepentant into his Church to ruin it or ourselves by accepting theories and philosophy that have no benefit or evidence to prove that gay men & lesbians are a separate group of people that can live as they want without being held accountable by Christian clergy or God for their dumb choices and poor decisions.


And that is where the major problem lies. IF gay marriage / gay rights started out as a form of rebellion by a generation of whack jobs and leftist nutters than such ideas, philosophy & theory is not Biblically based but man made.



Her next rant with “2. Biblical Double Standards”



In her rant she displays a variety of Scriptures as ‘proof’ that modern Christians are in the wrong. While She herself admits ” While I may no longer categorize myself as a member of any Christian denomination…”


**Kettle you are black**


IF you, yourself Ms. Joseph live as a lesbian and think that your atheistic philosophy is a adequate defense of your choices than you are as much a fool as those who died before you. The Christian Bible is for those who believe not those who walk away from their creator to live in sin.


Your laughable ‘defense’ of pastor bell is nothing more than a veiled attempt to place your own morality over those of us who donot believe in your lies or the lies of your supporters.


Again I ask you and bell.


“WHERE did Jesus support gay marriage / gay rights?”


You will not find it in Gods word.


Far more telling is your use of Romans 12:1-21.


Jesus and the Disciples required Christians of old and modern Christians to be Holy, Come out of the world. Not join it’s weirdness & fatal philosophies.


Christianity will continue on despite all the progay propaganda and hoopla. Perhaps it will shrink a bit but it will not be destroyed. As for all the progay foolishness it will eventually die out not because of ‘homophobia’ but because of all those poor folks who will die as a after effect of the diseases that they could have avoided.


Meanwhile we as Christian need to keep up preaching & teaching against the progay propagandists and further commit ourselves to fight in the legal and political arenas in order to save not only ourselves but everyone else who isn’t buying into progay claims.





Here are ‘pastors’ quotes.



“Pastor Rob Bell Says Christianity Irrelevant if it Continues Quoting The Bible”

March 6, 2015


Pastor Rob Bell Says: “Christianity Irrelevant if it Continues Quoting The Bible”


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