Questions for Richard Rives

For a while now I’ve known that rives, his family or others supports of his bizarre philosophy periodically check my blog to see what I’ve written about him and his ‘teachings’. So I have decided to write a series of questions he can answer on any of his 4 websites IF he chooses to do so.

I see no point in emailing him with these questions.


Can you explain how Christians are to keep the 10 Commandments while Jesus kept all 613?


Where in the Commandments or teachings of Jesus are we to keep ONLY the Ten Commandments either Jew or Gentile?


IF Christians are to keep the 10 commandments as you claim why is it Jesus in the Gospels disproved your philosophy?


Matthew 22:35-40

Mark 12:28-34

Luke 10:26-29


How are Christians to keep the Ten Commandments when God & Moses directed ONLY Israel to keep 613 of that Theocratic Law?


Which are you a Theonomist or Judaizer?


Why is it that Jesus as God and his disciples have already answered your claims but you ignore the Bibles teaching?


Can you find a specific Commandment by Jesus or the Disciples to keep Saturday Sabbath?


How are the Ten Commandments your morality and yet it is Jesus we Christians follow not the Law of Moses?


Can you explain in the NT how neither Jesus or the Disciples taught OR COMMANDED Gentile Christians to keep the Saturday Sabbath?


Can you explain how the Disciples of Christ did not Command Gentiles to keep the Ten Commandments OR the rest of the Law of Moses according to Acts 15:1-31?


Would you agree with the noah-ites to keep the Law of Moses as non Jews?


Are modern Christians ‘spiritual Jews’ or another group in regards to you philosophy?


In your previous statements via emails your company sends out you have said previously…

“I believe that we are saved, by grace, through faith in the redemption made possible – only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and not by works of the law. There is no law that can be kept that will save us. We do not however make void the law that grace may abound. That is not what the New Testament teaches.”

IF keeping the Ten Commandments as a morality cannot save you than why are not only teaching them but breaking the Law of Moses by not keeping the rest of the 613?


I’ll add more as I am able to at a later time……………

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