My reply to Richard Rives


Mr. Rives visited my blog and said;



“Why do you attempt to mislead people and associate me with “Who-Is-Michael-The-Archangel? by Doug Batchelor”? I have nothing to do with that.”



Of course his comment was relating to: “My reply to legalism by Richard rives”.


Instead of trying to refute my arguments his only gripe is my comments and doubts about the SDA Jesus he claims to follow. Only Jesus really knows his heart and I cant comment on his Faith. But I can comment on his writings, articles and take note that his beliefs donot measure up with Christianity.


Examples of  his seemingly Anti Christian ideas are shown on Two out of four websites he uses / manages which donot bless non Sabbath keeping Christians but attack them.


Although Mr. Rives says he doesn’t have anything to do with a lot of Bachelors ministry they share a common thread.


Doug Batchelor Websites:



Coincidence? I don’t think so…


Mr. Rives as a ‘teacher of the law’ don’t you think Christians DESERVE to know about the Jesus you worship? MAYBE you can consider posting your theological statement and mission on the websites you sell your materials with.


After all you have nothing to loose except customers if you obey the Jesus of the SDA church or the Biblical Jesus who fulfilled the Ten Commandments.

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