My response to the article “How Christians should and should not respond to Black Lives Matter”

Started: 8 19 2020

Finished: 8 26 2020



As I was doing some further research into the ideological make up of blm I found the following article.



“How Christians should and should not respond to Black Lives Matter”

“Kent Dunnington and Ben Wayman”

“Posted Mon 3 Jun 2019, 2:50pm”

“Updated Mon 3 Jun 2019, 5:22pm”



Ah… left leaning churchianity. The wonderful combination of bad ideas and progressive foolishness.


But I digress.


As I read & RE-read this article I noticed that these two authors completely ignored what blm teaches, what doctrines it’s websites have located publically therein and the interviews of its founders. And lets not forget the current state of protests and rioting of which the blm movement looks very poor.


So let’s break this article down:


First. Let’s add to our definitions.





“(especially of a theory or argument) appearing neat and comprehensive only by ignoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial.”



1 What exactly is the complexity of blm teaching?


White people = bad or white supremacist, racist, white privilege

Pro Black racism

Defund or Abolish the police (Depending on who you read)

Pro trans / lgbt


2 out of 3 of the founding gals are publically admitted marxists

Rioting / looting

Left leaning Social justice

White people have to take care of their needs, give them money, be subservient to black leadership

Pro abortion


As we can see in brief nothing above is helpful for the United States or American Christianity.


2 Social justice is a left leaning term that applies to everything against God, Jesus and the Holy Bible.



As a reminder:




pro lgbt everything

Anti authority / anti-nomian


And so forth.


IF the previous authors meant Biblical social justice where we as Christians:


Help the poor and homeless with housing, food, jobs etc.

Create systems to get drunks and drug addicts off their vices

Create systems to help – council the sexually, mentally, psychological abused / ill

Preach the teachings of Jesus without either political party or progressive / conservative philosophy / ideologies.

Continue to help the orphans, jailed, widows


3 According to the authors of the article:



“We agree that #BLM and the like are cause for ambivalence, but we think the ambivalence should point in a different direction. We believe that the existence of these movements should make us ambivalent about our claims to be Christian. Following Martin Luther King, Jr., we suspect that #BLM is alive in the world today because we have not been Christian enough.”


“How should a Christian view #BLM?”


“So what, then, should a Christian say about #BLM? The question is like one posed by Martin Luther King, Jr., in his sermon, “How Should a Christian View Communism?” While King states upfront that Christianity and communism are incompatible ― insofar as communism is based on a materialistic, humanistic, relativistic, nationalistic and atheistic view of life ― King’s treatment of communism offers a fitting analogy for how the church today may be a faithful ally of a secular movement for social change. The example of communism serves to show that justice movements such as #BLM present even fewer philosophical obstacles for the church’s engagement.”


“Thus, while it may be true that we cannot baptise #BLM “whole cloth,” we propose that, in this moment, #BLM offers a prophetic voice that calls the church to a renewed sense of vocation and mission. More important than the question of where, exactly, #BLM goes wrong from the Christian perspective are the following questions: how does #BLM expose the failure of the church to perform the gospel, and what kind of allies should we be to #BLM?”



My response:


A* Christianity is to be Theocratic in politics in the near future. This is because Jesus will be our King. ALL left leaning ideals will be DESTROYED by Him alone. So progressivism, blm, socialism and so forth will be killed off. To be secular or progressive is to anti-nomian, something these two authors seem to want.


B* No, progressive ideology, doctrine or theology is prophetic to Christianity. That term is blasphemous.



4 Their claims:


These authors make the following claims:



(1) “Our first claim is that #BLM is a gift to the church in that it is an unwitting prophet that calls the church to repent. The church in America has a history of silence, passive complicity and active construction of oppressive systems targeting black lives in this country. King saw this with bracing clarity:”


(2) “Honesty … impels us to admit that the church has not been true to its social mission on the question of social justice. In this area it has failed Christ miserably. This failure is due not only to the fact that the church has been appallingly silent and disastrously indifferent to the realm of race relations but even more to the fact that it has often been an active participant in shaping and crystallizing the patterns of the race-caste system.”


(3) “#BLM cries out from the wilderness exposing the church’s false gospel that has severed the proclamation of the coming Kingdom of God from its just politics. Like communism in King’s time, #BLM challenges us to open our eyes to the reality that #BLM has “laid hold of certain truths that are essential parts of the Christian view of things” ― namely, that the gospel announces God’s eternal “no” to injustice and oppression. Mary’s song clearly speaks to God’s kingdom-concern to cast down the mighty from their thrones and lift up the lowly, to fill the hungry with good things and send the rich away empty (Luke 1:46-55). Where #BLM confronts “deadly oppression” and voices a “rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation,” Christians are invited to acknowledge and repent of the ways in which the church has failed to do the same.”


My response:


1 I’ve been a Christian for more than 20 years. As a Washingtonian I’ve never seen or heard any Christian in my local church ever bad mouth a black person or use any racist language against them. Any racism I’ve witnessed was due to secular thought / unbelievers and poor life experiences from either race. IF racism existed it was dead by they time I joined in or was so far within the more uneducated areas I never saw it.


2 I don’t know where these people grew up. But we’ve had black, Indian and many other races in the Churches I’ve attended OR the many races outside of Caucasian or White folk had their own churches! And as far as I know we were as welcome to goto worship with them as they with us.


3 The above terms used are lies. Where is the truth that Black folk in the USA have it worse than anyone else? Where is the proof?



5 Their second claims:



“King states that a Christianity that has no concern for the social conditions that constrain and cripple humanity is rightly called by Marxists “‘an opiate of the people,” a false gospel. Both communism in King’s day and #BLM in our time sound a call for Christians to enact the gospel that announces the arrival of God’s kingdom where the poor are blessed and the rich are warned with woes (Luke 6:20-26).”


“King’s challenge to the church of his time rings true today:”


“The judgment of God is upon the church. The church has a schism in its own soul that it must close. It will be one of the tragedies of Christian history if future historians record that at the height of the twentieth century the church was one of the greatest bulwarks of white supremacy.”



“At this moment in America, it is not at all clear that the white evangelical church is concerned about black lives, much less willing to own its complicity in white supremacist thinking, policies and systems, not only in our national and local governance but, most concerning, in our local churches.”


“If the church does in fact have a more distinctive and decisively Christian response to white supremacy, it is yet to boldly perform its faithful response. We must accordingly modify King’s haunting question about communism by posing instead, Is #BLM alive in the world today because we have not been Christian enough?”



My response:



1 The “Church” is more than just White people. The Church, Bride of Christ is EVERYONE who is a believer in Jesus. And both Christian and secular people have been taking care of those who are poor, hungry etc. But what of BLM and it’s leadership? They are raking in millions of dollars by poor fools who doesn’t even know where that money is going. Is BLM ‘s leadership stopping the rioters, helping the injured or those whose lives have been destroyed by the very same criminals and looters that are either blm or antifa / anarchists? Of course these guys don’t know.


2 What is ‘white supremacy’


According to here:


“white supremacy; plural noun: white supremacies”


“1. the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.”



It’s particularly odd I’ve almost never met someone like that. Neither did anyone think themselves better in my schooling experience. And yet the leftists claim.



“Cultural racism is how the dominant culture is founded upon and then shapes norms, values, beliefs and standards to advantage white people and oppress People of Color.”


“What is white supremacy culture?”


“White supremacy culture is the idea (ideology) that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.”


“White supremacy culture is an artificial, historically constructed culture which expresses, justifies and binds together the United States white supremacy system. It is the glue that binds together white-controlled institutions into systems and white-controlled systems into the global white supremacy system.”


“White supremacy culture is reproduced by all the institutions of our society. In particular the media, the education system, western science (which played a major role in reinforcing the idea of race as a biological truth with the white race as the “ideal” top of the hierarchy), and the Christian church have played central roles in reproducing the idea of white supremacy…”



That however doesn’t make any sense based on the following. Every major city in the USA has sections where Japanese, Chinese, Black / African, Mexican have their homes and neighborhoods at yet we ‘horrible – racist’ white people have a supremacy all over the place?


The short answer is NO. We don’t, it is a progressive pipe dream that thinks that everything, everyone and our political systems are racist.



6 The final claims:


“King’s call to exercise “wise restraint and calm reasonableness” requires that we humbly attend to the cries of our sisters and brothers who are telling us they are being treated as though their lives do not matter. It requires us to refrain from condemning movements we know little about and seek instead to calmly, rationally and non-defensively explore the truth claims being made. It is significant, for example, that #BLM is a non-violent movement that practices “justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another,” despite the way it is portrayed by some media outlets. While Christians may not affirm the presuppositions or methods of a particular movement, as a truth-loving people we must seek and celebrate truth, even if partial, because such pursuits lead us to the heart of God.”


“There may, of course, be moments when Christians must say “no” to claims or initiatives sponsored by a particular movement, but these “no’s” will amount to a gospel witness rather than “pious irrelevancies” only if they are amplified by a more resounding “yes.” Critical alliances require the church’s ongoing improvisation to reframe and reposition all efforts for justice in the larger story of God’s determination to restore our broken world.”


“Here is where we land. By directing our justice efforts through the church ― in concrete practices like prayer, confession, sermons, articles, ministries, protests, marches, community organising, prison reform, legislative reform, judicial reform and the removal of anti-black politicians from office and positions of power ― we become the kind of critical ally the world so desperately needs. This is our witness. This is our vocation and mission: to give the world a glimpse of the just community Christ makes possible through the church.”


“In a country that has systematized the oppression of black lives from the institution of slavery to peonage, lynching, Jim Crow, segregation, mass incarceration and police brutality, #BLM provides the church an opportunity to proclaim the gospel that announces the end of oppression.”


“One of our churches has proclaimed just that, alongside #BLM. Over the past few years we have had over a dozen Black Lives Matter signs stolen from our church lawn, received angry letters from local citizens about our sign (including Christians at a sister church), published a piece in our local newspaper stating why it’s important to say black lives matter, knelt with university students to protest police brutality, marched with #BLM in the streets of Ferguson, and financially aided and volunteered in ministries and organisations that support black lives like Decarcerate STL and The Simple Room. Our church is known in our community as the #BLM church. We take this as a compliment because we think saying “black lives matter” at this moment in our culture and context sounds like the gospel Jesus preached.”


“The gift of prophecy”


“#BlackLivesMatter is rightly sceptical of a church that does not clearly see and say that black lives matter. And in this respect, #BLM prophesies against the church, for the church, which is for the world.”



“The church must recover its revolutionary witness that God in Christ has come to overthrow every earthly kingdom. Christians should never be surprised to find that the world and church are in need of repentance and reform. God’s restorative action is needed every day in every way. The church should accordingly welcome the witness of #BLM and other social movements that put a spotlight on truths the church has forgotten, neglected and, in some cases, outright denied.”


“King’s determination to help us see that Christians are dedicated to the cause of Christ even as others are dedicated to communism, or #BLM, provides a useful analogue for engaging social justice movements. Our dedication to the cause of Christ encompasses the causes of many secular movements, and when such movements arise, they prophesy blessing or woe on the church. The church should discerningly and gratefully receive such prophecies as gifts that help us become the people of God.”


… (Continues)



My final response.



Because blm is Anti American and also Anti Christian I refuse to take part in something that I view as a form of racism. Black racism, the exact same poisonous ideology I’ve seen over the last 49 years of life. A philosophy, ideology, doctrine that makes bold claims that Blacks are targets, oppressed but in reality they are fooled. Black racism needs to be denounced and removed the same as EVERY other racist ideal.


The Christian Church is not meant to be liberal or progressive, the very idea makes me sick because everything that comes from those very same words is against the very ideas that Christianity is supposed to practice. I am not surprised by what progressive authors post in articles or blogs because they have fallen away to follow the very ideas that Jesus would never have supported.



Allow me to offer the following attacks.



Black lives matter have NOT spoken against the violence, murder, looting, criminality of what is done in the names of all those killed by Police brutality.


Black lives matter has not made concrete statements to protect black or African babies killed by abortion.


Black lives matter has not re-thought its position on ‘defund’ the Police or to figure out how to Police their neighborhoods they are burning down in multiple towns due to their own people looting and robbing.


Black lives matter has not issued any statements’ about what it intends to do with the antifa allies’ or the other groups attacking Police officers.


Black lives matter has not repented of its own racism of fellow black folk.


Black lives matter has not given help to the black / African people who have died by their fellows for funerals or given care to their wounded in hospitals


2 out of 3 of the original founders of the blm are supposed marxists and that statement of mine is found in the various youtube video interviews the gal did


Black lives matter has not even stopped the white, ‘anti-racist’ goons who are caught on video abusing citizens who are out on the streets.



And for that. I’m the racist?


Blm is a failure and it’s ideals are to be destroyed in due time.



Jesus in the Holy Bible is not only a Jewish Theocrat. But one that American Conservatives can get behind because HE will lead us in the future. Not racist blm or the left leaning political parties that exist.



Additionally I’ve noticed they don’t actually cover what to say to blm followers. So here is my attempt at lists.



“How Christians should and should not respond to Black Lives Matter”


Correct responses:



Ask to Pray with those in blm or protestors.


Ask questions, Ask about actual or perceived racism.


Talk about Jesus as a Jew. What he experienced, how he helped slaves, servants, how he felt about rome.


Talk about how Adam & Eve were likely from Africa asnd how humanity came from them.


Talk about how slavery is a human sin and not just white vs black / African.


Talk about how blm is not helping everyone but is causing black racism and hurting other people.



Incorrect responses:



Agreeing with their left leaning ideology, doctrines, theology.


Agreeing on definitions systematic racism, white privilege, white racism,


Apologize for whites enslaving Africans and others


As for the authors of the above article. Your masters are actual racists and you are close to the devil. Repent before your life is shortened.

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