Finis Jennings Dake’s opinions on Sunday VS Sabbath

The following selections are from Mr. Dake’s study Bible. All rights & copyrights are within the publishing company.  I am only posting these because few others have bothered to post his writings as examples of why Christians keep Sunday vs. Sabbath keeping.

IF you donot agree with his opinions that is your choice… in my studies about this issue I am certain he is correct and the issue is quite settled.


The following are from my previous post:

“24 Reasons Christians observe the First day”

Taken from Notes on Exodus By Finis Jennings Dake

Page 111 With minor alterations (12-2010).

The following is a list that Mr. Dake  put together many years ago and put it in the notes of his study Bible. With the only exception of a few word changes these ’eisegesis’  are from Mr. Dake alone.

“1 Typical Sabbaths of the Law of Moses have been abolished”

“2 The New Covenant does not Command any particular day to be observed by Christians. (Rom 14:5-6, Gal 4:9-11)”

“3 Christians are free to choose their day of rest. (Rom 14:5-6)”

“4 They are Commanded not to permit any man to judge them regarding a Sabbath (Worship day). (Col 2:14-17)”

“5 Rigid observance of days is rebuked by Paul. (Gal 4:9-11)”

“6 Sabbaths are not named the necessary requirements of the Gospel. (Acts 15:1-41)”

“7 Real and eternal rest is in Christ not in a day. (Mt 11:28-29, Heb 4:1)”

“8 The Fourth Commandment concerning the Sabbath was left out of the NEW Covenant. (Ex 20:1-11, Acts 15:24)”

“9 The Seventh day Jewish Sabbath commemorated a deliverance from bondage in Egypt of which Christians had no part of. (Dt 5:15)”

“10 Going under the Law of Moses to observe a Sabbath would obligate them to keep the WHOLE LAW OF MOSES. (Gal 3:10-14, Gal 5:3, Gal 9:11-, James 2:10)”

“11 Resting and worshipping on Sunday serve the same purpose on Saturday Sabbath.”

“12 Early Christians kept the First day of the week. (John 20:1-19-26-29, Acts 20:6-12, 1 Cor 16:1-2)”

“13 The Lord COMPLETED his redemptive work and his victory over death, hell and the grave, on Sunday the First day.”

“14 Christ’s special manifestations to his disciples after the resurrection were on the First day of the week (Mt 28:1-, Mark 16:1-, Luke23:1-, Luke 24:1-, John 20:19-26)”

“15 NO recognition was given by Christ or any Apostle to the old Jewish Seventh day Sabbath after the resurrection. (Acts 2:1)”

“16 The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was on the First day of the week. The day after seven Jewish Sabbaths. (Acts 2:1)”

“17 After Christ’s ascension the first Gospel sermon was preached on the first day and the first conversions (about 2,000) took place on the first day. (Acts 2:1-42)”

“18 The very lack of any warning by Christ and the Apostles regarding not keeping the Sabbath being sinful or making it the ‘mark of the beast’ as some teach. To observe the First day (Sunday) is acceptable to God as a day of rest and Worship.”

“19 Typology of the old covenant makes the First day of the week prominent. The feasts of the first fruits and Pentecost were observed on the First day as well as the feasts of unleavened bread and tabernacles. (Lev 23:8-14-38-39)”

“20 God honored the first day by giving the Law on the day (Ex 19:1-3-11, Lev 23:5-6, with Ex 12:2-18).”

“21 God honored many First days of the week with Israel Hence to say that no religious service was honored of God on Sunday is unscriptural. (2Chron 7:10, 2Chron 29:1, 2Chron 17:1, Ezra 3:6, Neh 8:14-18 etc)”

“22 God honored the First day again by giving Christians the book of Revelation on that day. (Rev 1:10, Acts 20:7)”

“23 The new covenant frees such bondages of the old covenant as the death penalty for cooking, making fires, and performing other duties on a Sabbath. (Ex 16:23, Ex 20: 8-10, Ex 31:15, 35:2-5, Lev 23:3, Num 15:32)”

“24 Not a passage in the NT ever records a distinctive gathering of Christians on the Jewish Sabbath. On the contrary the records show that Christians gathered on Sunday the First day of the week which is called the Lords day. (John 20:1, John 17:, Rev 1:10, Acts 20:7, 1 Cor 16:2,)”

“Of the 60 times the word Sabbath is found in the NT it is used 50 times before the New covenant was made. Of the remaining 10 times 6 refer to Paul as preaching to the Jews (At non Christian gatherings) on Jewish Sabbath days. Acts 13:27, Acts 17:1, Acts 2:, Acts 18:4, refer to the Law of Moses being read in the Synagogues on Jewish Sabbaths.”

“Acts 13:27, Acts 15:21, Refers to Jewish travel as not more that a mile on the Sabbath. Acts 1:12Col 2:14-17 plainly say that all of Moses Laws were abolished.”

“Had there been explicit Commandments to worship on a specific day even the First day it would have brought about the same bondage as the Law of Moses. The higher ideals and principles of Christianity would have then been regulated to specific days and seasons which God promised to abolish. (Isa 1:13, Hos 2:11).”

“And God abolished them. (2Cor 3:6-15, Gal 3:19-25, Gal 4:21-31, Gal 5:1-3, Eph 2:14-15, Col 2:14-17, Heb 6:20, Heb 10:18).”

“Where as Israel was obligated to commemorate freedom from bondage with a yoke of bondage which included the Sabbath keeping Law. Christians are free to commemorate their Freedom on any day they chose from. Rom 14:5-6”

I suspect many of you will disagree with his position. And that’s ok I don’t ask any of you to accept his ideas or mine. And you can expect that I won’t accept your ideas or excuses for keeping the Sabbath as Gentiles.



Next from his notes are:

“10 Reasons for the 4th Commandment left out:”

“Acts 15:24”

“1 Neither God, nor Christ made it a part of the new covenant. If they had it would be somewhere in the NT as the other 9 are.”

“2 Of all the words of Jesus on earth only 4 references are made out of the Sabbath (Matt 12:8, Matt 24:20, Mark 2:27-28, Luke 6:5). He merely taught that it was lawful to do good on that day and that no day is lord of man. He did not once COMMAND any particular observance of any definite day.”

“3 The old Jewish Sabbath was part of the contract between God and Israel and a token and a sign of the covenant (Ex 20:8-11, Ex 31:13-18, Ezek 20:12-20). The contract was not made with men before Moses (Duet 5:2-3) or with Gentiles and the Church (Rom 2:14, Dt 4:7-10). The Sabbath was not for them.”

“4 The 4th commandment was the only one of the ten that was a ceremonial not a moral law. It’s sole purpose was to commemorate the deliverance from Egyptian bondage when Israel had no rest. (Dt 5:15). It was only a type of future and eternal rest (Col 2:14-17, Heb 4:1-11, Heb 10:1). It was natural for it to be left out of the new contract when the reality of rest came of were only a shadow (Matt 11:28-29, Col 214-17). The physical and spiritual benefits of a rest day can be realized on any other day as well as Saturday.”

“5 The 4th Commandment was the only one that could degenerate into a mere form without affecting the morals of men. It is the only one of the ten that could be done away with and still leaves a moral law for men. All other concern the moral obligations of men. It was the only one that could be done away with and still leave a moral law for men.”

“6 God foretold and promised He would do away with the old Jewish Sabbath (Hos 2:11, Isa 1:10-15).”

“7 The prophets predicted that God would make abolish the old and make a new covenant (Isa 42:6, Isa 49:8, Isa 59:21, Jer 31:31-40, Jer 32:37-44, Ezek 36:24-38). That this is referred to in the NT is clear in Romans 11:25-29, Heb 8:8-12 and Heb 10:16-18, Matt 26:28”

“8 In no passage is it stated that men should keep the Jewish Sabbath to commemorate the old creation rest. It was to commemorate deliverance form Egypt. (Dt 5:15) This was what they were to remember (Ex 20:8).”

“9 It is the only commandment that could be and has been broken without breaking a moral law, As an example Israel marched on that day Joshua 6:12-16. Set up the tabernacle Ex 40:1-17 and Lev 23:5-11. Searched Canaan Num 13:25. Made war 1 Kings 20:29, 2 Kings 3:9, Joshua 6:12-16. David and others broke it and were blameless Matt 12:2-5.”

“10 The NT permits Christians to keep any day as the Sabbath. It being one of the doubtful things not covered by Commandment in the New Covenant. See Romans 14:1-13, Gal 4:9-11, Col 2:14-17. The day early Christians observed was not by Commandment but by choice was the First day. Sunday. See: John 20:1-19, John 20: 7, 1 Cor 16:2…”

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