My belated response to “Freedom to Marry, Freedom to Dissent, Why We Must Have Both”

Began: May 15 2014

Finished: May 31, 2014


Last month my daily yahoo news feed delivered this shocking manifesto.



“Freedom to Marry, Freedom to Dissent: Why We Must Have Both”

“A Public Statement – April 22, 2014”



Within the text of this article the author offered the following sections.



“1 Diversity Is the Natural Consequence of Liberty”


“The gay rights struggle is about freedom and equality for all. The best and most free society is one that allows the largest number to live true to their core beliefs and identities. It is a society that allows its members to speak their minds and shape their own aspirations.”


“2 Progress Comes from Persuasion”


“3 Free Speech Is a Value, Not Just a Law”


“4 Disagreement Should Not Be Punished”


“5 Enforcing Orthodoxy Hurts Everyone”



I will answer each section with the corresponding number that is within this liberal manifesto.


1 The birth’ of gay rights and similar ideologies began with the well known riot in New York City at the ‘Stonewall Inn’. That historical incident born out of mafia money, police corruption and government strong arm tactics created a criminal act that gays feed on in order to push a group agenda that has become gay rights and marriage today.


The actual definition of diversity is:


di·ver·si·ty noun \də-ˈvər-sə-tē, dī-\


“: the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.”


Which has nothing really to do with the lefts doctrines.


The political and ideological left which include humanists, liberals and other non conformists are not interested in the Freedom of those who donot believe in their propaganda nor are they interested in the unequal footing that promoting the gay lifestyle does to those of us who have done our own research far beyond mere Religion and found nothing medically safe about gay sex or lesbianism. But in keeping with the destructive mindset of those who hate traditional civilization they commit themselves to self suicide instead of promoting responsible laws and activities that could help gay men and lesbians out of a unsafe lifestyle.





2 In order to ‘persuade’ a person such as myself a scholarly liberal WOULD HAVE TO PROVE that gays historically had a high marriage success rate which included such items as rearing children, staying out of legal trouble, promoting anything good and decent in a society. In other words they would have to prove that a gay male couple can be productive beyond their political / ideological views. So far in my own research no such movement has produced anything of value in ANY Country.


‘Real progress’ is not giving in to medically unsafe lifestyles and illogical leftist lunacy.


Real love for ones neighbor is leading them to private or government run facilities that can help them out of those lifestyles that are proven medically unsafe.


This does not mean that American or other societies should ’round up’ gay or lesbian persons but set up guides, councilors or other trusted individuals who can lead the way for gay or lesbian individuals who want out of that particular lifestyle that has entrapped them.


Since our American politicians and their allies insist that they make gay men and lesbians a neo-ethnic group it will only force other deviants ‘out of the closet’ insisting that their sexual lifestyles / identity be honored the same as their gay / lesbian neighbors.





3 The ‘liberal’ idea of Free Speech has become little more than ‘agree with us or be banned from our websites’.


Think I’m kidding? Feel free to make any comments on liberal media websites and see how long you last either by being attacked by liberal lapdogs calling you names or the ‘admin’ of such websites banning you entirely.


Please take note of this last paragraph on section 3 of this liberal manifesto.


“The freedom—not just legal but social—to express even very unpopular views is the engine that propelled the gay-rights movement from its birth against almost hopeless odds two generations ago. A culture of free speech created the social space for us to criticize and demolish the arguments against gay marriage and LGBT equality. For us and our advocates to turn against that culture now would be a betrayal of the movement’s deepest and most humane values.”


Remember how I stated that ‘gay rights’ started with a criminal act. Now how is criminality a ‘right’ of ‘free speech’?


I would like to conclude #3 with the following.



Freedom of speech is NOT ALWAYS PROTECTED! It is not merely a Conservative or Christian issue but a issue or subject for ALL Americans to research and be aware of.




4 The writer or writers of this manifesto say…


…”As a viewpoint, opposition to gay marriage is not a punishable offense. It can be expressed hatefully, but it can also be expressed respectfully. We strongly believe that opposition to same-sex marriage is wrong, but the consequence of holding a wrong opinion should not be the loss of a job. Inflicting such consequences on others is sadly ironic in light of our movement’s hard-won victory over a social order in which LGBT people were fired, harassed, and socially marginalized for holding unorthodox opinions.”…



As a Christian and political conservative I am a target for liberals because I have chosen to not ‘follow’ the illogical and loony ideology of gay rights or gay marriage. Because I am not brainwashed by their flimsy excuses in their warped minds I would be punished if possible. And yet they still cannot get over the following.



1 There is NO historical information that can EVER PROVE OR SUPPORT gay rights and gay marriage in any society, culture or country. In the vast history of this world there was limited to no gay couples who did anything to support marriage in their specific culture, country or society.



2 There is NO medical information that can PROVE OR SUPPORT gay or lesbian sex is healthy for individuals or couples.



3 Gays themselves are FINALLY revealing the TRUTH of their deceit to change and out right destroy marriage because it would interfere their their idiocy.



“Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?”


“By Jay Michaelson “

“3 hours ago, The Daily Beast”



“At the same time, there is some truth to the conservative claim that gay marriage is changing, not just expanding, marriage.  According to a 2013 study, about half of gay marriages surveyed (admittedly, the study was conducted in San Francisco) were not strictly monogamous.”


“This fact is well-known in the gay community – indeed, we assume it’s more like three-quarters. But it’s been fascinating to see how my straight friends react to it. Some feel they’ve been duped: they were fighting for marriage equality, not marriage redefinition. Others feel downright envious, as if gays are getting a better deal, one that wouldn’t work for straight couples. Maybe they’re right; women are from Venus, after all. Right?”–politics.html



And yet I’m the ‘homophobe’…


Oh let’s ignore the fact that they changed the law system to fit their philosophy needing specialized ‘protections’ to parent, get health insurance, have wills to protect their lovers, The ability to sue business that won’t cater to their ‘marriages’ celebrations etc.


And even more shocking…


To sue  ANY religious group, church or institution that won’t allow them to work, preach or get what they want. Like spoiled brats.





5 How arrogant of the writers of this manifesto to think that their philosophy with all its flaws is a “Orthodoxy”.


Here is what the definition is:


” orthodoxy noun \ˈȯr-thə-ˌdäk-sē\  ”


“: a belief or a way of thinking that is accepted as true or correct”


Again how is sodomy, felatio, lesbianism and other fetishes suddenly reason to create a culture-ethnic group from a persons sexual desires?





Meanwhile I’m not the only Conservative or Christian that doesn’t support such political propaganda.



“Freedom to Marry and Dissent Rightly Understood”

“By Ryan T. Anderson & Robert P. George”

“May 5, 2014”






As I think about the loss of various gay classmates to disease, addictions and more the more I am saddened by the utter disregard for the destructive choices politicians and the political left are making to the USA and the world. Not because their ideology is true or correct but because they arrogant suicidal fools too caught up in their self hatred and loathing.

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