Why I don’t celebrate lgbt pride month

Started: 6-11-2019
Finished: 1 1 2020

Here’s my reasons why I do not celebrate anything to do with the lgbt.

1 Their propaganda effected my kids:

As a Dad of 3 I started researching the lgbt claims as late as 2008 due to fore-knowledge I’d have to deal with my kids questions and the propaganda I knew that would effect my youngsters once they started public school. Now that they are 15, 12, and 11 I wasn’t surprised by their anger towards me and their claims of calling me  a ‘homophobe’ who isn’t part of the left leaning nut jobs who created a sick society. To counter the lying media I tell my kids of my experience’s with the loss of gay male classmates and the many diseases that they and my lesbian co-workers have contracted over the years. As I mentioned before the news of my classmates dying from hiv aids, cancers, drug addiction and suicide has bothered me greatly and yet I knew that these same people in the lgbt would have ignored my pleas to cease from their bad choices becoming their death sentence.

A recent example of lgbt brainwashing was the day my eldest daughter came home and was talking about 2 of her classmates who are ‘trans’. Subject #1. A female wanting to transition to male. Subject #2: A male who wants to transition to female. These ‘kids’ that my daughter is friends with complain about how they are treated by their classmates & families and my poor daughter gets very angry about how her classmates and the ‘trans’ friends are supposedly ‘mistreated’ those folks. As her Dad I can only offer that what they need to do is get into some type of therapy and know exactly how devastating those surgeries are to their bodies. I have seen the videos of how the Doctors do those surgeries and all the problems associated with doing those procedures. Those choices are not worth destroying your body for something that may just be a mental problem and delusion.


2 Lgbt donot suffer:

I am not suggesting that lesbians, gay men, bi’s, trans and so forth donot have problems or can’t suffer from crime, bad choices etc! I am referring to the idea that they were a biological class of people who were mistreated through out  history. And yet I recognize that as a fetish group they were singled out by many political parties and religious theocrats for mistreatment, murder, due to their desires over many years. As I mentioned previously I donot believe in the lie that they were a separate class of people. Those that we call lgbt nowadays were persons who enjoyed specific types of sex or sexuality with the same gender are not kidnapped and tossed into prisons, concentration camps etc. They are protected by our secular Government at least in the USA & Canada.


3 Hasn’t stopped stds / hiv / aids:

Over the years I can happily report that hiv / aids cases have gone down but it has not stopped those disease’s or others. Depending on the research various other stds rise or fall depending on how those gay men and others in the lgbt  take care of themselves in their community. I also noticed that there hasn’t seem to be a public apology for the devastating use of hiv / aids that destroyed millions in both the heterosexual community and the lgbt community.


4 Becomes a target for crazies:

I realize that this is fear mongering but I do have a legit reason to bring this up. Quite a while ago I had to travel into Seattle during June and ended up driving past the pride event thy have there on capital hill. It was quite shocking to see a lgbt flag over the space needle and I could only shake my head in disgust at such a obvious sign that the battle was lost in my home state. This lgbt pride event is also something that people forget about, It is a target for those like moslems other theocrats and hate mongers who would bomb or shoot guns into crowds of that size. After all this is not a secured facility this is a outside fair in either one place or many. Hence my concern at least for the sake of keeping people alive.


5 It’s effected my Faith:

I recognize that most in the lgbt hierarchy laugh at these comments but it is true. The ideology of lgbt has separated both Christians, Jews and other Faith groups into those who believe in the ancient doctrines of their Prophets, Teachers, or those who align with those from the progressive left who think that gay marriage, lesbian marriage are from God.  It isn’t too difficult to find plenty of gay, bi, lesbian authors online who abuse the Christian or Jewish Scriptures to promote their particular ideology.

To me there isn’t anything honorable about being in any of the lgbt letter groups. It is just a excuse to punish people like me ho criticize their way of life and to dare question the validity of their doctrines and propaganda.

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