This is what richard rives believes to be ‘biblical Christianity’

In my previous post I gave sycretist examples of rives teaching or doctrine in regards to one of his websites. I now know what he think is ‘biblical christianity’.

The sect was once called…


Modern ‘nazoreans’ reject modern Christianity and criticize it thoroughly.

So why would rives use such a cult?

He actually means is: “Nazarene (sect)” which were considered heretics.

How interesting he identifies with such a extinct group of individuals as his version of Christianity and yet his philosophy goes against the very Bible he claims to follow.

On this website he authors he or his followers posted doctrines such as:

“Beware of Twisting Scripture”


“Christianity and the Law of the Almighty God”


“I am a Sabbath Keeping Christian”


“Paul’s Roman Torah Defense without biases”


“The two Torah’s written and living”

rives and his followers are religious sycretists mixing Judaism and Christianity in order to fullfill their ideology about keeping the ‘moral law’. This does not make them “Biblical Christians” by pretending to be Jews. It makes them silly Gentiles trying to live up to a philosophy dreamed up by a flawed man named Richard Rives (Pronounced Reeves)…


After some more digging rives is considered to be part of a new online movement calling itself. “1st Century Christianity” (Or Christians), Which are a collection of groups promoting the ideas of ‘Hebrew roots’ and various other heretical teachers about Gods Law, Sabbath and more. BEWARE… of such groups nothing good will come of them.

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