List of Critics of A. Jan Marcussen

The following collection of posts are answers / rebuttles  to Seventh Day Adventist pastor A. Jan Marcussen’s book “The National Sunday law” and his so called challenge…


His Challenge:

“Sunday, holy Sunday? Pastor resurrects Sabbath debate with $1 million reward”

“By Joe Kovacs”


Mr. Marcussens website:


Critics of his online book can be found here:



“By Rachel Baer”


“A review of  “National Sunday Law By A. Jan Marcussen”


“National Sunday Law: Fact or Fiction?”

“By D. Anderson (1999)”


Answers to SDA followers whether or not Sunday is the ‘mark of the beast’:

“Is Sunday worship the MARK of the Beast?”


“The Fallacy of the Mark of the Beast being Sunday worship”


“Bible Truth Versus Adventist Truth Straight Talk on the Dangers of Seventh-day Adventism”


Here is an answer to Marcussens challenge:

“The Seventh-day Sabbath Has Been Both Changed Many Times and Abolished”

“ By Russell Earl Kelly, Ph. D. Author of Exposing Seventh-day Adventism”

The authors email:


In my own studies about multiple SDA Sabbath issues.

1) Sabbath was not meant for the Gentile

2) A Day of worship can be chosen by the authority of the Disciples of Christ Romans 14:5-6.

3) Jesus NEVER Commanded his Gentile followers to keep the Law of Moses or the Sabbath.

4) Keeping the Sabbath is not a sign, or a ‘mark’ of salvation for Gentiles.

5) EG White who is the originator of this fake doctrine was not saved by her supposed Sabbath keeping only by her Faith in Jesus did he save her on her death bed.

6) Keeping Sunday is not a mark of the beast.


And in case there are further misunderstandings… I am NOT A FAN of Mr. marcussen or other sda authors. I believe that they are deceived and part of a cult system that they should ALL LEAVE and ask forgiveness of their brother and sister Christians for their 100+ years of poor teaching and foolishness.


July 2018 UPDATE:

Over the years I’ve received multiple comments on this post and are mostly critical of what I’ve written. Here is my longer response to my critics.

1 All my study materials are from sda book publishers and websites. This means I’ve read the varied writings of eg white or others who believe in her doctrines. Then I’ve compared her writings and those of her followers to the Holy Bible.

2 IF your offended with my post then do your own research on sda doctrines and then compare them to the Holy Bible and what present Christians believe. I can promise you there will be many differences.

3 The 6 items listed are actual doctrines that sda followers believe and it is up to you to do your own research on them. I’ve listed these few as a starting point.

4 A regular attack on my research from sda followers is that I am a catholic. I HAVE NEVER BEEN PART OF NOR WILL I EVER JOIN THE catholic church. Like the sda church I feel both organizations or churches have false teachers and are tools of the devil. Both have flawed and false doctrines and ideologies and are untrust worthy.

5 My Beliefs are not my opinion. My beliefs come from 20 years of research from the Holy Bible and noticing all the differences from multiple groups during those years. IF you donot accept my posts / doctrines than you can either reject me, reject the Holy Bible or do your own research and perhaps you will be shown the same flaws and falsehoods written those who follow eg white and her followers.



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