The Genesis of my blog

November 14, 2018

I have been a Christian since 1992 and I’ve learned alot about people, religious faith & even political ideologies. From 1992-1999 I was a single guy simply living my life, going to Church and being a decent human being.

And yet I noticed that there were things wrong in the world.

Here are the three subjects I discovered while I was in my twenty’s.

False religions

liberal (progressive) politics

counter Christian / anti-Christian ideas, ideologies etc.

Let’s start with the first subject.

False religions:

As a young guy I noticed that friends of mine did not share my Faith or those subjects that were taught in my Faith. This revelation urged me to discover / research multiple groups such as.

lds (mormons)

jehovahs witnesses


(levayian) satanists

Other occult religions, ghost hunting etc…

Seventh day advent-ism

And many others…

My studies helped me discover their teachings, ideas and values many of which I do not agree with.

liberal (progressive) politics:

I have lived in Washington State all my life. From July 1971 till present and I have seen my once Beautiful State turn into a disaster politically and physically.

In the 1970’s I remember many blue-collar families and the pride of being in the Unions and Boeing. I remember alot of small & big businesses thriving from King county all the way to Skagit county.

But not now… High taxes, legalized drugs, potential prostitution legalization, lgbt friendly philosophy & laws, far left-leaning unions that includes socialism.

And these progressive / far-left philosophies are destroying my state, Oregon & California.

counter Christian / anti-Christian ideas, ideologies etc:

With the advent of the internet around 1995 information exploded. I soon learned more about how organized religions were against not only Christianity but God. After 2003 I got married to my Filipina wife & we soon had 3 kids. When my kids were babies & toddlers I discovered youtube and the rise of islam online and it’s many evil characters like ahmed deedat, mujahedeen and all the others who hated everything American, Western.

To give you another example of the changes I’ve seen in American society & culture. I graduated from high school in 1990. Terms such as ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘lgbt’ did not exist in the small town I grew up in. And in my blue-collar neighborhood, you wouldn’t know of those terms unless you bought porn from any number of stores in the Sea-Tac area, Seattle etc.

My classmates who were gay males or lesbians did not publicly announce their fetishes they kept them to themselves and like-minded persons that they had sex with. I as their classmate did not know of the terminologies that they practiced. I simply treated them as acquaintances or friends.

Many years later I would find out about what they practiced and how it killed them through suicide, drug addiction, hiv / aids.

The date I started vlogging and later blogging:

I first started vlogging in 2003 through youtube. Later I started the research and ideas that would become this blog gaining experience on former blogs such as Dr bulldog and ronin and others through comments and responses to various individuals. I’ve been doing Christian apologetics, Political opinion pieces and more through this blog, youtube, Instagram and more.

What happens next?

It will depend on what we as Christians, blue collar folks, Conservatives and even the Republicans want for our country. Do we want to continue the spiral downwards? Will we move from our Home states to another state due to the failed policies of the democrats & their leftist allies? Or shall we fight politically, spiritually & potentially physically?

Time will tell.

Mistakes on my blog and other issues

August 14, 2016

Mistakes on my blog and other issues

Aug 14 2016



Many of the mistakes in my blog is in my formatting. I am uneducated with the wordpress system and it’s been a thorn in my side for years.



Subject Formatting problems:


I’ve tried regularly to fix my subject portions of my blog attempting to categorize various subjects I’ve written about such as.



Law of Moses / Sabbath


Pro gay propaganda

Pro leftist article / propaganda responses



And yet I have not been able to fix these problems so far…


Grammar Problems:


Some of comments I’ve read on facebook complain about my use of Grammar. My typical way of ‘trolling’ various authors is to use lower case letters in their names or those subjects they write about / care about. In that way I am ‘disrespecting’ those subjects they care about.


After all… The legalists & the political / ideological left like to disrespect Christians with their posts & articles in their own media. Someone might as well respond in kind to them.


More to come…

Hello to Facebook Visitors

August 14, 2016

Hello to Facebook Visitors




As a Facebook user I’ve known for a while that various individuals have visited my blog over the years and copied my post on their site. I don’t mind them doing that and I ‘m glad they found my blog.


Some Facebook-ians (?) have agreed with my views and others aren’t very happy with me due to my exposing their legalism or leftist ideology.


Interestingly enough those who disagree with me don’t want to comment directly to me on my blog they only want to leave comments on those facebook pages that they are allied to. This only proves that those who disagree with me don’t want to have any conversation they simply want to be in their specific bubble.


But I digress…


At some point it is my plan to join facebook with my own site there and link it to this blog. But I will have to wait and see how my personal life and finances go before making any decisions in the future.

Thank you all for visiting.


Why my blog posts are late…

October 18, 2015

As a blogger I’m typically pulled in the following directions…

I am a Father of 3 school age kids. And I daily have to get up and get them awake and getting ready for their school day…

I am a Husband to a loving and hard working wife.

I am the Eldest son of Aging Parents.

I am the oldest Brother of 3.

My younger Brother lives in MO. And my Baby Bro died in the mid 1970s.

I am a hard working ‘FT’ for a local hospital and work between 35 or more hours a week.

After my kids get home from school: I am the short order cook, tutor, disciplinarian / authority figure, councilor, Dad and everything else in between.

IF I AM LUCKY I get to give my wife a smooch before I head to work – Quality time with my Spouse is more important than my blog.

My family & I travel to many places of which can include various locations in Washington State USA, Canada, Philippines etc.

And generally I can be busy simply living my life…


January 17, 2014

All great stories have a beginning and so I’ll tell you my dear reader… mine.

I was not raised in the Christian church. In fact I rarely set foot in a church Christian or otherwise except for several exceptions. The main reason for my lack of religious education and faith was because of my father… a skeptic, agnostic, science fiction lover who thought of God as a monstrous deity.

The main reason for me to get involved with Christian churches was my mother. She would open up her Bible and write up the Ten Commandments as a love letter to me and my brother when we rebelled against her.

Such sweet actions from her… planted the seeds of Faith in my mind from my childhood until in 1991 when I was released from active duty as a young US Marine for medical reasons.

As a young Marine getting ready to leave my limited duties I met a variety of Christian individuals who lead me into a sinners prayer and this lead me to the Christian Church. In those churches I learned a lot about the Bible, God, Jesus and the many differences in Theology, Doctrines, Denominations that donot always mirror modern Christianity.

Now that I have given you a snap shot about my life allow me to address my reasons for my blogging.


1) My issues with Seventh Day Adventism.

A) Believe it or not dear reader I do have SDA friends. My very first childhood friend  had been like a brother too me from 1976 or 1977 until 2004. Our falling out happened during the time period we were roommates when he tried to convert me to the philosophy that EG White created around her group.

Admittedly he tried to convince me that EG Whites teachings were Biblical through email conversations, tracts and many arguments / conversations. These of course failed once I found the many so called “Anti” SDA websites and my own desire to read up on EG Whites writings online and fact checked them using my Bible.

The research over the years brought me to the conclusions you can read in my blog. While I accept Gods Sabbath is on Saturday. I cannot “Get over” the fact that Gods Sabbath was for  Israel  and Jews. I cannot “Get over” the fact that those who broke Gods Sabbath WERE KILLED and such things could happen again. Lastly I CANNOT “Get over” the fact that neither Jews nor SDA or other Gentile Sabbath keepers truly keep Gods Sabbath as directed in the Torah. This means everyone who claims to keep Gods Sabbath are in reality SABBATH BREAKERS and it is only by Jesus sacrifice that keeps God from slaughtering them all.

B) I DO read a lot of articles and blog postings of Sabbath keepers online. I regularly copy and make up files of materials that are taught by such groups and individuals. Such teachings donot measure up to what Jesus taught nor does it measure up to the teachings of the Disciples.

C) It has been a lot easier to look up EG Whites writings and to read them online. Some of these writings I have copied and saved as SDA files on my computer. When I fact check her writings against my Bible it is clear to me that her writings donot measure up against the Bible. The lack of evidence of her so called ‘truth’ doesn’t lead me to any other mentality than she was deceived.


2) My issues with Theonomy:

The latest batch of Theonomists like Richard Rives, Hebrew Roots and many others have forced me to review their online teachings and whatever other information they post online and using my Bible I have fact checked their claims and found them to be deceived. Because I believe that their philosophies go against Gods word. I have already posted my various replies to those who follow Theonomy or other types of so called “Ten Commandment Keeper” articles.

I find that those who keep various forms of Theonomy are deceived because Gods Law or Moses Laws are 613 Commandments. These laws CANNOT be separated and if those in Theonomy who practice such things are no longer Christian but either Neo-Jews or Judaizers.


My issues with islam:

My distain for islams systems goes back to 2007 when I first discovered youtube and the many Anti Christian videos by ahmed deedat and other moslems posted to attack Christians. I eventually created several files about islam on my computer and bought and read the quran. My online research and fact checking the quran verses my Bible lead me to believe that islam as a religion is a corruption of several religions known as religious syncretism.

(Issue 1) The claims made up by moslems that their god allah is the same Gods as Jews or Christians I believe are a false claim because it is very clear that islams god in the quran rejects Jews and Christians. I have posted such information on my blog

(Issue 2) The prophet Muhammad was not a prophet from the God of Israel but was a mouth piece for a angel that claimed to be from allah. Allah inArabiawas once known as a pagan god worshipped by muhammads Grandfather and Father.

(Issue 3) Having read the quran… And researched its claims leads me to the belief that it is nothing more than muhammads imagination and opinion. I can find no evidence in history or archeology that it remotely true. Its stories of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and many others are not based off of truth but legends and made up nonsense.

(Issue 4) The subject of sharia laws is a regular feature of so called Anti-islam blogs and websites. Having read up on sharia laws posted typically by moslems. I am certain that should sharia laws become the ‘norm’ in theUSA,Canadaand other places. Christianity as I know it. Judaism, Atheism and many other religions or philosophies will either be controlled, banned or out rightly destroyed.


My issues with other religions: LDS (Mormons), Jehovahs witnesses etc)

While mormons and the JW appear to be “Christian” their history, doctrines and Theology have lead me to the belief that they are false religions. I don’t need to discuss much about those religions at present…

As time permits and in my various internet travels allow I will find LDS or JW posts and give them my answers in the future.

This includes atheists and others who attack Christians online.


My Issues with American culture as determined by the political left, humanists, atheists and liberals.

As you have read or will read… I dare question not only the political but doctrinal ideas behind subjects or issues behind gay marriage, liberal philosophy and responses to news articles or posts by liberal authors from online materials or books I periodically read. Each post I create are my responses to those specific articles or posts with my opinion or Biblical answers as I am able to author.


MY BLOG OBJECTIVE: To create a series of posts aimed at one subject, group philosophy / teaching and provide Biblical answers from both the Bible and Christians websites.



These are my reasons for blogging to answer the Skeptics, Answer the deceived and answer those who are against Protestant Christianity.

I MUST STRESS that I AM NOT a PROFESSIONAL; MINISTER, THEOLOGIAN, PHILOSOPHER, COUNCILOR or anyone else involved in a Professional Ministry. I am only a 40 year old man who has opinions and a desire to Defend Protestant Christianity from individuals and groups that are posting online teachings that are contrary to Jesus and the Disciples.

Does my blog support hate speech?

December 29, 2013

Dec 2013

Due to the insistence of the liberal elitist media to promote ‘gay rights / gay marriage’ upon all of humanity I have posted various responses to this subject including responses to the silly ‘duck dynasty controversy’ that was once a ‘hot button’ topic on


A unfortunate question could be raise… “Does my blog support criminal ‘hate speech’?”

If the liberals had their way… ‘yes’ it would, however according to the following.

The LEGAL DEFINITION of hate speech is:

” Hate Speech Law & Legal Definition”

“Hate speech is a communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence. It is an incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the like. Hate speech can be any form of expression regarded as offensive to racial, ethnic and religious groups and other discrete minorities or to women.”


Every post I have written on this blog is a criticism of either religion, islamist theocracy, islamist mujahedeen or jihadis and criticism of liberal ideology and philosophy. I HAVE NOT written anything meant as a incitement of violence or a statement supporting those who use criminal acts against the various groups I criticize on this blog.

NOR would I EVER support any group or individual who desires to use violence as a method of causing harm or death to any one group or individual gay or not…

Meanwhile if my opinion and teachings are considered ‘hate speech’ it is only because of the liberal idiocy that permeates American society.

Are my posts ‘offensive’ to various groups? Yes. Will I abuse my Freedoms to suggest, promote, or incite criminal violence against any particular group? NO!!

My blog posts are my responses, opinions along with counter information against various groups, individuals, religious or not, that have written Anti Christian blog posts, website teachings online or other published forms, that attack Christianity, my chosen Faith… and I follow American laws that grant me the permission to write and think as I do.

The moment any particular group goes against my God given rights to teach, preach and think as I do… than I have no other choice than to argue against that group within legal, religious, moral, ethical and all other arenas given to me under American law & the ability to use technology to give my response to their articles, posts, teachings and anything else typed up into a format online.

IF I am no longer allowed to do so… Than it is time to tear up the system and re-do it because it has failed not only Conservatives but all people, giving only a voice to liberal fascists and their allies.


“Freedom of Speech vs. Hate Speech”


“On Hate Speech”


“What is Hate Speech?”


September 10, 2013

Many of the blogs I have visited, read from and even commented on have a series of rules written up by that particular author. My own blog is no different. Here are my limited rules about commenting on my blog. I always welcome reader comments. I don’t mind if you disagree with my position and I’m always happy to get positive comments. However I must forewarn you…
ALL Comments ARE Moderated:
RULE 1: Smart ass comments that have no intelligent responses to what I have posted simply get thrown into the ‘trash’ file on this blogging website.
RULE 2: IF you decide to rebuke me or refute any of my posts at least take the time to make your response readable. That way I can repost your comment / refutation and give you a specific series of answers to what you wrote as a comment or question. If you simply write a crappy response to my posts it gets trashed. IF your comment is good I  MIGHT post your comment using the screen name you produce on the form. Along with a refutation to your comments IF time permits me… I WILL NOT repost your email or IP address  publicly WHEN AND IF I post a  response to your comment. Since most comments I receive daily are mostly ads and junk mail I simply delete them. IF you spam my blog your comments will be deleted!
RULE 3: Yes, I have a email address. No, I will not give it out nor will I email you a response to your refutation. In my ‘beta’ version of this blog I used to have a email section and no one bothered to email me. Due to the nature of the subjects I write about I will not be giving out a email address or emailing responses to those who chose to agree or disagree with my positions. This is for my security.
RULE 4: YOU CAN REQUEST a response to your comment and I will attempt to give a decent response to your comment offline using the information in the Holy Bible, Tanakh and the internet. Once I have completed my response I will repost it addressed to the screen name you have used in your comment.
RULE 5: Personal attacks, Death threats, Bullying, Spam  and the usual stupidity will be read, copied, filed and deleted and un-posted. If I believe my life is in danger I will send your comment along with your IP address, email to a contact of mine in the FBI.
RULE 6: This is my blog and NOT a forum for debate.
RULE 7: IF you spam my blog I WILL NOT PROMOTE your blog or website by posting your comment.
RULE 8: IF you disagree with my position and messages you are welcome to do your own online  / library research to correct, counter, anything I post. But take note. EVERYTHING I post is related to Biblical truth and simply quoting or misquoting various authors will not prove me wrong.
RULE 9: IF you re-post what I write I ASK you to give me credit for my posting / message. I have not yet copyrighted my messages UNLESS I have no choice.
RULE 10: FEEL FREE TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH IF YOU DONOT BELIEVE ANYTHING I POST ON MY BLOG. The internet is a great place to get multiple views on any subject. Also any public library has many books or other media on any given subject.
Q & A Section: (2008-2012) “Why didn’t you post my comment?” Good question. Here are my answer(s)… I get daily comments. And I put them into the following categories for deletion: *Ads: *Porn: *Propaganda: *Threats: When I have time I respond to the following responses and comments offline. *Adequate Responses to my posts: *Smart ass comments: *Questions dealing with any of the subjects covered in this blog. HOWEVER if you have a question or comment that is worth my time to respond to… here is what I’ll do for you. I’ll repost your comment or question under “My response to…” with the screen name you have used for your comment. As I have already mentioned in my ‘rules’ post I keep your email private this is for your safety and privacy. And to be quite clear many of your remarks, comments, threats and so forth I do respond to offline in ways that you would likely dislike. So if possible post your comments in a responsible fashion or ignore me.
Q: Why won’t you debate me about (Insert subject here)?  At this present time I am incredibly busy with my family, my employment etc. I simply don’t have time to debate anyone about their philosophy VS Christianity. Also note my policy on spammers / bullies below.
Q: I left you a comment on your post {=====} to refute what you posted why won’t you or why didn’t you post it? Typically those who attempt at refuting my posts have written their response so poorly it is not worthy for me to post. While I understand that I make them angry and I am ‘unfair’ to them.  I find that those who have their own blogs also easily try to ‘censor’ those who refute their posted teachings. IF you are a blogger who doesn’t like what I write / post,  you are welcome to make a copy of my post and refute it. IF you chose to do so feel free to let me know and so I can read your refutation.
Q: So what’s your problem? Why won’t you let people leave their comments on your blog? Are you stupid, A Coward? What is my problem? I’m tired of dumb @$$es leaving comments that are illiterate garbage that can neither refute what I write nor stay on the subject. IF you decide to comment on my posts ‘stay on target’ and don’t deviate from whatever subject I am writing about. Otherwise keep your opinions to yourself. Meanwhile…
MY POLICY ON SPAMMERS AND INTERNET BULLIES: A recent incident has forced me to add this as a general rule for those who want to comment on my blog and want to post their ideas on it.
A> IF you choose to post a specific refutation of my posts and attempt to post/spam it to my blog . I ALWAYS make a copy of your comment and whatever writing or post you wish for me to refute. To save space in my comment / spam box I delete ALL COMMENTS AND SPAM because I have no use to keep it around. I WILL NOT re-post it so you can try to gain attention to yourself for whatever gains you are trying to accomplish. IF you have particular Theological and Doctrinal challenges you want Christians to respond to… find yourself a website to blog from or try your luck posting your ideas on Christian forums.
B> I said it before and I will say it again. This is MY BLOG and not a forum for debate. I cannot afford to pay to blog presently and this is a blog I am using for free. IF I am forced to pay to blog then I might shut this blog down for good.
C> Those of you who read my posts and chose to make comments that have the appearance of bullying, or threats to my person, my safety and the safety of my family. I WILL use your IP address and email that you use on the forms to post your comment or attempted refutation and I WILL do some internet searches to discover your location . IF I believe that my life is in danger I WILL use the US Legal system to stop you. I am also prepared to use even more drastic actions to protect myself and those I love. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
D> For those of you who think I can type up a immediate response to your comment consider the following. I am a Husband, A Father, and a Employee. I CANNOT GURANTEE that I can post a response to your comment as soon as you type it up and send it. It can take days, weeks and longer for me to respond to your comment or refutation. I can only ask you to be patient while I attempt to research or consider a decent answer to your query.


January 5, 2012

Hello. Welcome to my blog. IF you are one of the following groups…

Christian Theonomists (Like Richard Rives) and other Sabbath keepers:


Other religions… (LDS, jehovahs witnesses):

democrats, political lefties & socialists:

Who post arguments, teachings online that are counter to Dispensational and Protestant Christianity. I as a mere amateur will likely find your post on your blog or website, write my response to your online post and re-post it here on my blog with counter arguments to what you posted and teach.

IF you are easily offended and can’t stand other peoples opinions on your specific religion or philosophy than please find another blog or website to visit. My opinions and research will likely challenge and anger you.

Included on my blog are my conservative opinions of Washington state media news stories and other types of insights to news stories from time to time from my home Country of the USA.

I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL Theologian, Minister, Preacher, or Evangelist.

I AM a OPINIONATED Christian, A Sunday going Church member, A blue collar worker and a ‘regular joe’ whose opinions donot mesh with ALL Christians in America or other countries.

ALL OFFSITE Information is the property of that Author, Website creator or book Author. I take NO CREDIT for any information I copy and re-post as positions / subjects involving Christianity that I attempt to defend on this blog. IT IS NOT MY INTENT ON ANY TYPE OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT OR OTHER LEGAL ISSUES Presented.

I am simply using that information freely posted on my blogs or Christian websites that ARE FREELY SHOWN ONLINE.