What does gun control mean to me?

Started: June 14 2016

Finished: 11-6-2017



It’s very simple.


For those of us who live and work in America as Citizens or others who are green card holders. You as a person should be able to buy a gun as long as you not insane / mentally ill and you are not a criminal.


You should / could be a gun owner.


The reason for gun ownership is that people are afraid due to the potential for Police & Military forces being unable to protect them. And these fears are within feasible possibilities when there are natural disasters, riots and other plagues going on in this world.


What ‘gun control’ actually means is to take away my ability to protect myself, my wife, my kids and I find that possibility sickening.


No Police force or Military Branch will stick around to be my body guard. And I certainly can’t pay for a body guard company to protect me or my family.


So here are my options.



1 Learn / Train in various forms of martial arts.


2 Learn tactics to defend my self and property to outwit criminals.


3 Learn the use of various weapons BESIDES pistols and rifles. This would include. Knives, Swords, and other mêlée weapons.


4 Learn the proper methods of loading, firing and cleaning pistols and rifles in various forms.



In this way I can secure my safety and many of my rights.


*Gun control is not the salvation or solution to the problems of violence in the USA. This is because that it is human nature to make weapons out of anything that we can grab.


*Rocks, Sticks, Construction tools, Cars, Trucks, Airplanes in the wrong hands are weapons of the powerless and the insane.


*What we Americans need is to be able to re-construct morality and re-educate ourselves that harming others due to bullies, gangs, hatred are the REAL cause of terrorism and crime in the USA not gun owners.


For me gun control is a power grab from those in the DNC, Leftists, Socialists and others who hate the American Constitution and Freedom. Those within the DNC who control the governments of city’s like Seattle and others don’t control the crime within them. They don’t control the shootings and gun crimes within them and that simply tells me their ideas on ‘gun control’ is useless.


And I’ve always noticed why it is criminals, psychopaths are leftists or allies to the DNC who uses guns and other items to kill people? It seems like those who are so powerless and so filled with hatred of life are those who decided to murder those who want to live their lives in peace.


No DNC & the political left, gun control won’t solve the desires of evil doers to kill people.


Teaching our future generations ethics & morality to not hurt people when they are angry or helpless.


Teaching our next generation that weapons are used as defensive not offensive.


Teaching our future generations that gun control only works when no one has guns including criminals. And it ONLY works if those in government are not crazed power grabbers.


Teaching our future generations that weapons of all sorts exist because humanity cannot be trusted because we donot share the same Religious Faith, Ideologies, Philosophy,


Teaching our future generations that until criminality is forever dead we the civilian population need to defend ourselves as necessary.


Teaching our future generations that creating weapons is a ingrained part of our humanity. Where even our earliest ancestors were using sticks and rocks as tools and weapons. And even now in 2017 we create guns, knives, bombs and other weapons to use to fight and kill as necessary.



Instead of trying to take away weapons from those of us who were not criminals and demanding the common people to give up their rights. Force those who are the REAL criminals to disarm.


But those in the DNC and their pet leftists won’t do that. As the nazis and commies of old. They want all the Governmental power in order to destroy the USA and to turn it into their own private kingdom. And because of that they must be stopped, pushed back, and shown to be the ACTUAL problem that America has.


Guns aren’t the problem. People are the problem.


Gun’s don’t kill people. People kill with guns (And other weapons!)

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