How the parables of the wheat and tares and how they relate to our modern age

Started: 3-15-2017

Finished: 5-28-2020



Back ground: I once worked at a local Hospital and I remembered the teachings of Jesus when it came to hearing doctrines that I knew to be false. The following Scriptures came to my mind from Matthew 13:24-43. This was outdated post was written down many years ago and I never finished this thought.


“As I was working tonight I was discussing in my head about gay marriage / rights and how it will eventually destroy not only my marriage relationship but also tear up the very fabric of society as well. People who ignorantly support political and legal agendas without doing any research on this subject particularly from the writings of the many gay authors and others who willfully are forcing their ideology on everyone.”



False teachings are a cancer in the United States. And yet we have freedom to believe and practice some very stupid ideas. Let’s start with my above thought. The ideas that lbgt groups created are just one of the philosophies that exist within American culture that are not only flawed but actually silly. God didn’t create sodomy, fellatio, lesbianism, trans, and whatever fictional left leaning word within that hemisphere of thought. God simply made people. Male & Female and throughout the centuries we as a species created sexuality that helped create the philosophy of men with men, women with women and so forth. In order to justify their beliefs’ and lifestyle choices they try to use the Holy Bible to convince those of us who know that God didn’t create the spectacle of lgbt foolishness but created men and women.


However bad ideas aren’t just within the left leaning political thought police.


Seventh day Adventists

Mormons (LDS)

Jehovahs witnesses



And many others who claim to be Christian are just as bad. Each group claim to have a specific teaching from Jesus and God. And yet when a Christian like myself researches their claims they too are wrong at such levels, it is horrific.


When I look at people who make Christian claims online or in books and yet back ideas that are not for Jesus I can only assume the following. They are ‘tares’, they are weeds that look Christian but in reality are going to hell because they are in reality against Jesus teachings. The tares described in Matthew are those who follow after the worlds teachings, money, power, standing, they love the rush of self righteousness, condemning those who are actually more like Jesus than they. All they while completely forgetting that Jesus did not stand with the worlds ideas but stood against the very ideas they propagate.


The True Wheat as Jesus described in Matthew Are those who are following his teachings and living their lives trying to become more and more like Jesus. They may not wield power or authority in this darkening world but they wield the power of Jesus and stand on his teaching and authority and will be saved by his power not the world.


Beware of the tares in your life. Avoid them and their bad ideas to save your soul.


Be like Wheat, Grow Spiritual fruit that Jesus is looking for. Be ready to live or die for Jesus. Amen!

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