Muhammad his Allah and the deception he used against the Jews of his day

Much has been written over the last 100 or more years about allah. Even more has been discussed over 1400 years whether or not Allah is the same God of Israel.

The quran as recited by Muhammad and written down by at least 42 scribes gives us the answers to whom Muhammad followed.

Muhammad attempts to draw in several Jewish tribes with the following from his ‘kitab’.

Muhammad’s understanding of Adam.

From ‘the Cow’:


Allah is assumed to be the God of Israel.


2:104-112 Abrogation of the Torah

(This of course means that the New Testament would also be Abrogated for we Christians.)

In addition to this he uses various characters from the Torah in order to justify his fairy tale.

The use of Abraham and Ishmael:

The Cow 2:122-141

Later in the Quran we read…

Family of Amran:

3:64-101 Muhammad assumed that the Jews and Christians of his day would accept his replacement God Allah instead of YHWH or Jesus. This of course backfires on him.

Muhammad continues his delusion with the following.




Muhammad assumes that Allah revealed the Torah.


More stories about Abraham.


19:1-104 Moses story

26:1-227 Moses

27:1-14 Moses history

27:15-44 History of solomon

27:45-58 Salith and Lot

28:1-42 History of moses

28:43-50 a prophet like moses

29:14-22 Noah and Abraham

29:23-30 Abraham and Lot

37:75-113 Noah and Abraham

37:114-138 Moses Aaron Elias and Lot

37:139-182 Jonah…

38:15-26 Davids enemies

38:27-40 Solomon and his enemies

40:21-50 Moses history

43:46-56 Pharaohs opposition of moses



71:1-28 Noah

Any Jewish person who has maintained his faith in Hashem knows that Muhammads pagan idol Allah is not the same God as the God of Israel. Otherwise the modern miracles of Israel’s recreation as a country and it’s accomplishments would not be factual history.

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