Many of the blogs I have visited, read from and even commented on have a series of rules written up by that particular author. My own blog is no different. Here are my limited rules about commenting on my blog.

I always welcome reader comments. I don’t mind if you disagree with my position and I’m always happy to get positive comments.

However I must forewarn you.

Rule 1: Smart ass comments that have no intelligent responses to what I have posted simply get thrown into the ‘trash’ file on this blogging website.

Rule 2: IF you decide to rebuke me or refute any of my posts at least take the time to make it look good. That way I can repost your comment / refutation and give you a specific series of answers to what you wrote. If you simply write a crappy response to my posts it gets trashed. I will post your comment using the screen name you produce on the form. Along with a refutation to your comments IF time permits me… I WILL NOT repost your email or IP address  publicly WHEN AND IF I post a  response to your comment. Since most comments I receive daily are mostly ads and junk mail I simply delete them. IF you spam me your comments will be deleted!

Rule 3: Yes, I have a email address. No, I will not give it out nor will I email you a response to your refutation. In my ‘beta’ version of this blog I used to have a email section and no one bothered to email me. Due to the nature of the subjects I write about I will not be giving out a email address or emailing responses to those who chose to agree or disagree with my positions. This is for my security.

Rule 4: YOU CAN REQUEST a response to your comment and I will attempt to give a decent response to your comment offline using the information in the Holy Bible, Tanakh and the internet. Once I have completed my response I will repost it addressed to the screen name you have used in your comment.

Rule 5: Personal attacks, Death threats, Bullying, Spam  and the usual stupidity will be read, copied, filed and deleted and un-posted. If I believe my life is in danger I will send your comment along with your IP address, email to a contact of mine in the FBI.

Rule 6: This is my blog and NOT a forum for debate. I DONOT have to post your comment if I don’t want to.


Q & A Section:


“Why didn’t you post my comment?”

Good question. Here are my answer(s)…

I get daily comments. And I put them into the following categories for deletion:





When I have time I respond to the following responses and comments offline.

*Adequate Responses to my posts:

*Smart ass comments:

HOWEVER if you have a question or comment that is worth my time to respond to… here is what I’ll do for you. I’ll repost your comment or question under “My response to…” with the screen name you have used for your comment. As I have already mentioned in my ‘rules’ post I keep your email private this is for your safety and privacy.

And to be quite clear many of your remarks, comments, threats and so forth I do respond to offline in ways that you would likely dislike. So if possible post your comments in a responsible fashion or ignore me.

Q: Why won’t you debate me about (Insert subject here)?

At this present time I am incredibly busy with my family, my employment etc. I simply don’t have time to debate anyone about their philosophy VS Christianity. Also note my policy on spammers / bullies below.



A recent incident has forced me to add this as a general rule for those who want to comment on my blog and want to post their ideas on it.

A> IF you choose to post a specific refutation of my posts and attempt to post/spam it to my blog . I ALWAYS make a copy of your comment and whatever writing or post you wish for me to refute. To save space in my comment / spam box I delete ALL COMMENTS AND SPAM because I have no use to keep it around. I WILL NOT re-post it so you can try to gain attention to yourself for whatever gains you are trying to accomplish. IF you have particular Theological and Doctrinal challenges you want Christians to respond to… find yourself a website to blog from or try your luck posting your ideas on Christian forums.

B> I said it before and I will say it again. This is MY BLOG and not a forum for debate. I cannot afford to pay to blog presently and this is a blog I am using for free. IF I am forced to pay to blog then I might shut this blog down for good.

C> Those of you who read my posts and chose to make comments that have the appearance of bullying, or threats to my person, my safety and the safety of my family. I WILL use your IP address and email that you use on the forms to post your comment or attempted refutation and I WILL do some internet searches to discover your location . IF I believe that my life is in danger I WILL use the US Legal system to stop you. I am also prepared to use even more drastic actions to protect myself and those I love. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

D> For those of you who think I can type up a immediate response to your comment consider the following. I am a Husband, A Father, and a Employee. I CANNOT GURANTEE that I can post a response to your comment as soon as you type it up and send it. It can take days, weeks and longer for me to respond to your comment or refutation. I can only ask you to be patient while I attempt to research or consider a decent answer to your query.


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