Leftist stupidity about Islamic Sharia law

Here are a few recent articles attempting to dismiss the fears about Islamic theocracy in the USA.

“What sharia is and isn’t”

“Posted: December 26, 2010 – 1:00am”

“By Deirdre Conner, Jeff Brumley “



“Sharia Law The Truths Behind The Myths”

” By Ashley Lee on Mar 29, 2011″



Unfortunately these articles and their writters are clueless about what Islams sharia law would do to the Freedoms and legal rights of non muslims in the USA,Europe and elsewhere.

Allow me to use a few examples written by moslems about how their laws will effect our Country.

“The Islamic Punishment for Paedophiles”


(Homosexual men and lesbians would also be targeted too.)


“The Islamic State 24 Hours after Implementation”



“How Islam will dominate the world”

March 10, 2008



“The Rights of Non-Muslims in Islam” (13 part series sugar coating sharia laws)



“Islamic Law: Myths and Realities”

By Dennis J. Wiechman, Jerry D. Kendall, and Mohammad K. Azarian



“The Ruling System & Evidences”

Monday, 13 June 2005 

 “The ruling system in Islam is based on four principles.”



Now it would be easy for someone to think that IF Islamic law were to be implemented that nothing would happen. However 1400 years of Islamic history destroying non muslims and forcing them to become moslem disproves such skepticism.

Lets view online evidence of islams history of Theocratic madness.


“The Treatment of Jews in Arab/Islamic Countries”

“By Mitchell Bard”



“Why Islam today shuts down freedom of religion Apostasy in the Quran, Traditions, and Islamic Law”

“James M. Arlandson”



“Top ten reasons why sharia (Islamic law) is bad for all societies Does Islam really practice human rights?”

“James M. Arlandson”



“Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State”

“By Samuel Shahid”



“The Jizyah Tax: Equality And Dignity Under Islamic Law?”

“Walter Short”



“The Shari’a”

“H.A.R. Gibb”



“History of Jihad Page”


As you have noticed in my links examples I have included links about the jizya tax, jihad etc. Because those subjects are also part of sharia law.


Despite the *PC* nature of the articles I listed about in regards to:

“What sharia is and isn’t”

“Posted: December 26, 2010 – 1:00am”

“By Deirdre Conner, Jeff Brumley “


“Sharia Law The Truths Behind The Myths”

“By Ashley Lee on Mar 29, 2011”

Lets deal with the facts.

Sharia law is about Theocracy and enforcing multiple ‘laws’ from Islamic documents.

These laws would do the following.

Fact 1: There would be no Religious Freedom in the West. Christianity, Judaism, Atheism and many more religions would no longer be allowed to have public displays of their Faiths. Churches and other religions would have to pay a jizya tax while other Faiths would be forcibly converted to other religions or outright destroyed since sharia only deals with Christians and Jews at least in the West.

Fact 2: Under a Islamic theocracy government would waste the wealth, resources of America and other Western countries on fighting Israel and the Jews since Islam considers them their immortal enemy.

Fact 3: American legal rights such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, would end in order to preserve the ‘honor’ of Muhammad and muslims. In other words muslims would not tolerate published works online on in print questioning the Islamic theocracy, doubting islams claims, or skepticism to Muhammad and the imams that are the new leaders of the West.

Fact 4: Politically active groups that support zoophiles, pedophiles, gay men and lesbians would be illegal under Islamic law and those who donot hide their desires would be jailed, beaten and killed.

Fact 5: Women under the Islamic system are far worse off than the West. Muslimas can be raped by strangers and under sharia they can be flogged and jailed because of the ‘zina’ laws. Muslimas donot always get their children if they divorce their husbands.

And more…

Although I am briefly touching a larger subject about the many oddities in Islamic laws and how they would fail in the West. There are greater reasons for my skepticism of the left or liberals and their moslem allies.

Many religious communities have researched, Are researching, or have historical evidence to prove that sharia laws practice means the death of all things not muslim. But what do have leftists, liberals  and secularists have?  They don’t have hard data or evidence that their lifestyles or beliefs would be preserved under a Islamic theocracy.

In regard to the first two stories and links those writers have not read nor researched the quran. They have also never read the hadiths or other Islamic documents. The quran and hadiths make up one portion of Islamic law. These two documents are against Atheism, Liberalism, Democracy, Secularism, Humanism and all other subjects the left should care about. As for my fellow “Right wingers”, Conservatives. The quran, hadiths are against Christians, Jews and the rest of the religions of the world.

IF the worries of Christians, Jews and Atheists and others seems to be simply minded ‘fear mongering’ as those in the left want us to believe then why is there evidence from moslem authors and the way sharia Governments are run outside of the USA? The internet and its many stories of Islamic Theocracy gone mad refutes their arguments. Who should we the blame for so called fear mongering? The leftists? or moslems? Each group who refuse to be truthful how their theocractic system has destroyed the many peoples, systems and religions long before Muhammad and islam came into being.

Sharia law as a Theocratic system can only destroy America, Europe and many other countries. IF those in the liberal camps continue to decided to remain ‘politically correct’ and ‘unbiased’ than they are to be considered traitors to the very Freedoms they misuse to write their pro-islamist propaganda.

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