Rev JR Dummelow the dummy


According to various places on the internet. Rev Dummelow was the editor of:


“A Commentary on the Holy Bible by various writers, edited by J. R. Dummelow.”

“Complete in one volume with general articles.”

“New York, Macmillan, 1961, c1936.”

“cliii, 1092p. 24cm.”

Notice that… EDITOR he was not author of this ill advised book. Other so called ‘Reverends’ were the actual critics of the Old and New Testiments in the book.

Now if you look hard enough you can find his book online posted here:

“A Commentary on the Holy Bible, By John Roberts Dummelow”

“Published by The Macmillan company., 1909”

“Original from the University of Michigan”

“Digitized Jun 23, 2006”

“1091 pages”



and type in; Dummelow, look for a version that you can view… To read the book online.


This unknown book edition  is cited by:


mormons (LDS)

Christian Science

Atheists, Etc…

While I have been online I have yet to find any biographical information on him as a man or editor of his book. Also he claims to be a Christian yet allowed the 19 or so ‘Reverends’ to write critical material in their varied articles on the books of the Holy Bible attacking it.

Little is known about Rev. Dummelow. I can find nothing online about his life or preaching. And so that begs a question. “Just how much did he write and contribute to Christianity since 1900?”

If Mr Dummelow was alive today and truly cared about his relationship to Jesus he would answer back those who use his book to discredit Christianity and rebuke them.

Also of interest… If Mr Dummelows book were any influence in this century  Christians would be using it today. But instead it is a dusty monolith to by gone days forgotten un-used except by those in religions who’s theology is counter to Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible and shows them to be gasping at straws in order to justify their false prophets and flawed teachings.

People who use Rev JR Dummelows book completely ignore current evidence of the Bible and Christianity and simply want to use Dummelows book to ‘pimp’ their religion or philosophy. Making themselves and Dummelow look like ignorant dummies.

We as Christians literally must study the many religions that use his materials to find the truth behind their theology / doctrines and whether or not their ideology are based off of man made lies or Gods truth.

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