My response to the article “Islam Is Not The Problem”

Started: 2014

Finished: 7-27-2016 (UPDATED 9 6 2020)

A recent article from one of the many libtarded authors over at huffington post proclaimed.

“Islam Is Not The Problem”

“Daniel Raphael”

“Posted: 12/05/2014 12:40 pm EST   Updated: 12/05/2014 12:59 pm EST”


This above author proclaims in this third paragraph:

” Islam is not the problem, and has never been the problem. We must ask ourselves, what is religion? Many would say it that it is the belief in superhuman entities that have control over the world, though there are religions that do not believe in these entities such as Secular Buddhism or Jainism. I tend to view religion as a particular system of faith and worship, for religion is about interpretation. I do not believe in religion, yet there are certain messages from religious texts that I believe can be utilized for positive results.”

Well… Isn’t that special…

Let’s get real.

1 Islam is a theocratic system NOT a religion…


2 Islam is at war with all peoples and systems, governments & ideas that aren’t like them


3 The actual definition of ‘religion’ is:



” the belief in a god or in a group of gods”


” an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods”


Why is it that islam the system is at war with ALL non muslim peoples?

The answers are easily seen.

1 ALL non moslem Governments are based from secular ideas.


2 As non moslems we created LGBT groups that supposedly protect the supposed ‘rights’ of persons who enjoy sexual fetishes as an ID.


3 Instead of being private with LGBT fetishes, we Westerners publically celebrate gay / lesbian / transgender sexual fetishes or the liberal ID that is used to identify such persons through our Governmental systems.


4 We have supposed Religious, Media, Publishing, Broadcasting Freedoms that can be used to make moslems doubt their faith / theocratic system.


5 We don’t believe moslem claims about anything online, in published works, blogs and other moslem media.


6 Because we have Freedom to publish, post, print or the use of other media resources to counter moslem claims within their media.


7 Because modern islam is spread through mujahedeen criminality we as Westerners use our Governments to attack, kill their fighters / followers.




Moslems have written MANY printed works, online posts and the use of moslem media to attack, criticize and condemn EVERYTHING that non moslems care about such as.

gay rights / marriage


atheism / anti theism

birth control / population control



Other fetish ID (Non conformity genderism, transgender, etc)

Socialism or other leftist ideas / philosophy.

Feminism / woman’s rights

Moslems also attack:




Other religions

Conservative politics

And so forth.

You see the reason WHY moslems hate non muslims.

It’s because they are a problem.

To themselves and to us all.

By not fixing their own political systems. Which would include farming, job creation, education, medical / dental systems and so forth.


By not fixing their home countries politically, financially, etc.


Because islam is unable to care for it’s own.

Islam is a problem to us as Westerners because of…

They don’t want to hear, see or read anything from anybody that criticizes or holds hatred or distain for their allah, muhammad or their documents.

They don’t want to give Freedoms to lgbt fetishists that they easily see in Western Countries.

They don’t want to have Freedom of Speech, Press, Publishing or other Media to suggest non muslim ideas from liberalism, secularism and so forth.

They don’t want Christians or Jews around them because their allah hates both Christians and Jews. And so in the name of allah they do evil to both groups only cementing the ideas that they serve a satanic god and satanic system because of the 1400 or so years of criminality in the name of allah & muhammad.

Islam is a problem:

Because of all the recent violence reported in the News Media.

Not because of criticism by multiple individuals, groups, media writers or government officials

Not because of ‘islamophobia’

Not because of criminality against them by various individuals

Islam can’t be fixed if they CONTINUE to follow muhammads sayings / writings or his example.

The only fix that would work is the total abandonment of the islamic system all together and for moslems to become ex-moslems and to follow the multitude of Faiths, Philosophies that presently exist.

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