How gay marriage and gay rights ‘should’ have been implemented (Instead of forced down everybodies throats)



How gay marriage and gay rights should have been implemented.

Experimental Theory:

Started: Aug 2014

Finished: Sept 14 2014



Instead of a universal, world wide forced acceptance of the gay lifestyle by propaganda and legal laws. This is what should have been implemented or attempted in private by experimental theory between 1960-2000.



1 Under the guidance of liberal scientists, politicians and others involved within radical gay theory this should have been attempted within liberal / leftist communes or communities.


Have healthy gay men meet, fall in love, marry and track their life progress for twenty years.


Have healthy lesbian women meet, fall in love and marry and track their life progress for twenty years.



2 Track their health, morals, social life, and any potential martial problems and see if they are better or worse than heterosexual couples.


Experiment and ask questions like: Does marriage change a gay mans moral life or a lesbians moral life?



3 IF those gay male couples or female lesbian couples decided to adopt or have biological children…


How does those couples react to those babies or children daily and how well do they raise those children within their liberal ideology or whatever doctrines they adhere to?


How do they educate those children within the sphere of their ideas, doctrines, morals , political ideologies?


Have scientists track both those gay parents and the children they have either birthed or adopted to see if they are better or worse than heterosexuals through education, social circles etc.



4 IF gay men or lesbian women have specific religious beliefs how does those ‘play ‘into their lives? Experiment and ask questions like: Does religion, philosophy or spirituality have any bearing on gay life?



5 Create specialized divorce laws for gay men and women in order to protect their property, finances, bodies, employment etc.



6 Create industry for gay employment and self betterment within financial boundaries.



7 Create gay friendly medical clinics, dentists, life insurance and all other forms of services that both gay and heterosexual people need.



Why not study the benefits and downfalls of those types of ideas, theories and ideologies in a small scale experiment before turning those ideological those demands / ideas into laws and adding so called ‘rights’ to group that has no proof that their demands won’t hurt others.


Such ideas should have been done within the liberal States where leftist politics and liberal ideas flourish. IF gay marriage as theory is beneficial for gay men and lesbians than there would be plenty of evidence to back up their claims.


But that’s the problem no such evidence has existed. No one ever tried such a theory in California, Vermont, or other liberal bastions of liberalized lunacy. So without adequate proof no one really knows if such a theory would have worked back then.



Instead of experimentation and specific evidences to back up political claims by the gay movement.



There is bitterness & hatred to those who donot accept their theories.


There is forced indoctrination and propaganda.


There is forced changes in legal and employment law in order to force changes upon all persons in the USA and Canada to accept the gay lifestyle as equal.


There is forced changes in world religions like Christianity to accept gays as equals, leadership and more.


There is forced Theological and Doctrinal changes in religions like Christianity to accept the gay lifestyle as if sodomy and lesbian are equal, safe and blessed by God.



Because of this theory dreamed up by sodomites and lesbians it has changed this world not for the better but for worse. And time will tell if American culture and society will survive the collapses of our moral, financial and religious institutions by those gay elitists and other ideological fools that are running this country into hell.

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