Paying to ‘ghost-hunt’?

Paying to ghosthunt

Jan 2012

I noticed a recent story tonight online.

“Tennessee town hopes ghost search can scare up cash”

“By Tim Ghianni | Reuters – 9 hrs ago”


Yes this story has nothing to do with the  Seattle  area. However many major cities in the USA and Canada have similar ‘ghost-walks’ where you pay to walk a few miles and listen to guides tell stories of ghosts in or around various historical locations in which ever city you are visiting.

Which of course reminds me of this hyped location.

And of course one young ladies reaction to such a walk through.

“Is Waverly Hills Haunted?”

But I digress…

Here are my reasons for mention this foolishness in the first place.


1 IF ghosts are truly imprisoned human spirits stuck in various locations. You’d think that they would not be happy to have visitors show up at their place of life and death and be gawked at and manipulated like performers for the amusement and scares of paying customers.


2 IF ghosts are not human beings at all but demonic spirits as I have attempted to explain in my previous posts than of course they are simply playing to the ignorance and stupidity of those trying to contact them through EVP, Trances, Ouija or other occultic forms of necromancy that are used by those who participate in ghost-hunting hobbies.


3 Those demonic entities that are pretending to be ‘ghosts’ are happily ‘performing’ in order to deceive a new audience into believing that are in contact with the dead.


4 In the cable tv series “A Haunting” has made many references to ghost-hunters wandering into a location to investigate ‘ghosts’ and wound up getting attacked by demonic entities. These types of attacks are not merely spiritual warfare but out right physical attacks. IF these entities are demonic if there are future physical attacks against those on ghost walks I will not be surprised.


5 Demonic spirits that are pretending to be ghosts will be more than happy to attack and deceive ghost-hunters in order build their own reputations among their fellow spirits and to draw more attention to ghost-hunting and draw attention from God in order to build up further evidence that God is un-necessary to talk to the dead or spirits.


I really do understand the WHY’s for a small town to use almost any gimmick to gather more money for itself. But is using ‘ghost-hunting’ the wisest choice?

I guess we should wait and see…

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