QUESTION: “if the sabbath is saturday, why do christians make you feel guilty for not attending church on a sunday?”


A recent visitor typed above question into my blog search engine…

Here is my response.

According to the Bible Christians are not supposed to judge one another on doctrine. We are instead given the ability to make our own decisions based on the Bibles words and not merely a philosophy from a flawed person.

Please read:

Romans 14:1-23

Because of the false teachings of various groups they view Saturday Sabbath as the SOLE day of worship and regularly equate Sabbath keeping as some form of salvation along with keeping the Ten Commandments end up annoying fellow believers about their bizarre philosophies made up by dead teachers.

The Sabbath is spoken of many times in the Torah. And it is meant for the People of Moses or Jews to follow it. See Exodus 20:8-11,. Exodus 31:12-18.

It is not a necessity for Christians to keep it.

Whomever is making this individual feel guilty for not going to Church on Sunday are wrong and it is equally wrong for those in the sabbath keeping movements to teach & bad mouth those of us who donot believe in the Sabbath as they do and it is not for either group to judge solely on personal opinion.

The subject of the Sabbath has to be researched FROM THE BIBLE and it is solely through that evidence that verifies a persons claims or shows those claims to be false.

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