The absalom spirit and richard rives

March 16 2014

Based off of a sermon series by WH in * WA.

Today I was able to take my family to church where we listened to a sermon about Absalom the 3rd son of King David and his attempted take over of King David’s Kingdom.

Absalom’s story is from 2 Samuel 13:1-39 to 2 Samuel 19:1-43…

More importantly here is why I equate rives doctrine with absalom’s rebellion.

The rebellious spirit that afflicted David’s son Absalom is something that I believe is inside of rives.

Here is why I believe it. When dealing with a critical or rebellious influence the person deals with the following.

1 Gossips

2 Contrary visions of that Church leaders

3 Gathers up individuals that agree with them

4 Steals hearts away from Pastoral leadership

5 Disengages from Church all together

6 Divides Church instead of growing with the body

Why this is important?

richard rives is attracting followers NOT to build up the Christian faith but to tear it down. Including in this sin and rebellion he insists his doctrines are consistent with Jesus teaching despite the fact that the Bible does not SPECIFICALLY teach that the Ten Commandments are part of a Christians morality or salvation.

I know many of you follow his ‘logic’ and doctrine thinking you are the ‘true’ Christians. But instead you are following a rebel who is an enemy of the Christian Church and the Bible itself.

I Hope and Pray that you will consider carefully whom you will follow for rives is not a leader nor a man of God. He is only a foolish, deceived man.

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