Would Jesus support gay marriage and gay rights?

One of the annoying philosophies out in modern America is the idea that Jesus as God would support gay rights and gay marriage. According to them ‘As (LIBERAL) Christians we are supposed to support those involved in sodomy relationships and lesbian relationships.’ Or so they think.

But what does the Gospels say about Jesus teachings?

Jesus supported man and woman marriage. I can prove my claim through the Gospels themselves.













While each Scripture deals with divorce Jesus recognized that marriage was between one man and one woman. The ‘gay lifestyle’ didn’t exist during the lifetime of Christ.

This of course means that sodomites marrying each other or lesbians marrying each other was a activity of pagan societies and not that of the Jews during Jesus lifetime.

Marriage according to the Disciples:


1 Corinthians 7:1-40

1 Peter 3:1-7

So called ‘gay rights’ weren’t even a factor in Jewish Christianity that Jesus preached because of the moral and legal obligation for Jews to keep the Torah law.

With these examples I am posting it easily shows that Jesus as God had alot to say about marriage. Marriage between one man and one woman. To make absurd claims that ‘Jesus was gay’, ‘Jesus has nothing to say about gay marriage or gay rights’ shows that those who are of the ‘liberal churchianity’ will do anything to win arguments attempting to prove their claims.

Meanwhile the medical evidence grows disproving that ‘gay sex’ is healthy or even normal as more and more gays die because of their choice of sexuality.

May Jesus forgive we Americans for our flawed legal system and the utter deception used by the pro-gay crowd to push their depraved cult-ure into American society, culture, religion.

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