My response to moslem propaganda: “Is the Bible Historically sound?”

In this article we find a muslim propagandist making the following claims against the historical story found in the Holy Bible in Luke’s gospel.


“Is the Bible Historically sound?”

“Posted by Ibn Anwar on November 19, 2007”

“Historical Inaccuracy of the Bible “

“by Ibn Anwar”

“Christian missionaries tend to make headlines and a big fuss whenever archeoligical finds appear to correspond with the Bible. They will say, ”This is proof our Bible is authentic!”. Christian author Patrick Zukeran in his article “Archeology and the Old Testament” on Probe Ministries states, ”Christianity is a historical faith based on actual events recorded in the Bible. Archaeology has therefore played a key role in biblical studies and Christian apologetics in several ways.” Archeology and historicity apparently is a huge thing in Christian thought. Let’s have a brief glance at the historical certainty and accuracy of the Bible shall we?”

“When was Jesus born according to the Bible?”

“According to Luke 1:5 tallied with verse 26, Jesus was born in the time of King Herod of Judea.”

“According to Luke 2:1 Jesus was born during the reign of Caesar.”

“According to Luke 2:2 Jesus was born during Quiriunius’ governorship in Syria.”

“Luke 2:1 and 2:2 overlap with each other i.e. the decree given by Caesar was when Quiriunus was governor of Syria.”

“What does REAL History say?”

“1. King Herod or Hordos in Greek lived from 73 BCE(Before Common Era) to 4 BC in Jericho. Which means he died 4 years before Jesus was born.”

“2. Quirinius only became governer close to 10 years after the death of Herod which was around 6 CE(Common Era) as observed by James Douglas Grant Dunn in ”Jesus Remembered” (Eerdmans, 2003) on p. 344 , Erich S. Gruen in ”The expansion of the empire under Augustus”, in The Cambridge ancient history Volume 10 p. 157 , Geza Vermes in “The Nativity” (Penguin 2006) on p.96 and Anthony Harvey in “A Companion to the New Testament” (Cambridge University Press 2004) on p. 221”

“This is what Prof. Raymond E. Brown says,”

“In the case of Luke’s census by Caesar Augustus of the whole world when Quirinius was governor of Syria(2:1-2), a census that presumably was made when Herod the Great was King of Judea(1:5), we have a similar problem. In the same Birth of the Messiah, I examined all the historical records about the governorship of Quirinius in Syria and census by Augustus. There never was a single census that covered the whole world under Augustus, and the census (of Judea, not involving Nazareth!) that took place under Quirinius occured about ten years after the death of Herod the Great, and presumably, therefore, after the birth of Jesus. One is hard-pressed, then, to think that either evangelist is accurate on public events. Probably postfactum(after the resurrection) the birth of Jesus was associated with loose memories of phenomena that occured in a period of ten years before or after his birth.” (Raymond E. Brown, Response to 101 Questions on the Bible, p. 79)”

“I leave the verdict to the readers”


So the following article is that muslims opinion. And he is not alone… A quick check of produces similar articles written by atheists and fellow muslims.

Here are a collection of articles with links that refute this muslim author who is ignoring or ignorant of the evidences provided:


King Herod of Judea.

King Herod

by Wayne Blank


Catholic Encyclopedia > H > Herod


Unless Im corrected there were 2 herods that Jesus had to deal with Herod the great and his son whom troubled Mary and Joseph.

Quiriunius’ governorship in Syria

When Was Jesus Born? First Census, Quirinius and Archaelogy


Quirinius and the Census


Census of Quirinius – Cyrenius


THE CENSUS OF QUIRINIUS The Historicity of Luke 2:1-5


Ronald Marchant

Feasterville, Pennsylvania




Census of Augustus Caesar:

Census of Augustus Caesar


Caesar Augustus, Quirinius, and the Census 

 By Dr. Richard P. Bucher


As we can read there is plenty of evidence online to cast doubt on the so called ‘information’ provided therein by this previous muslim writer. In creating this article the muslim author unknowingly casts doubt on the quran. After all the quran contains MANY changed (COPIED)  story’s from the Torah and New Testament. If those in the Holy Bible are incorrect then of course the quran will be in doubt as well.

Despite the many claims of muslims of Biblical difficulties or changes within the Bible by muslims and atheists… those critical of the quran and islam in general can find varied examples of historical inaccuracies and obvious changes in the varied story’s of the Bible retold in the quran thanks to Muhammad’s foolishness.

Both Jews and Christians have taken the time to use the science of archeology to prove by evidence of the places and people in the Torah and the New Testament. But what have muslims done to prove the quran by archeology? NOTHING!

If muslims REALLY want to disprove the archeology of the Torah and NT then you’d think they would put together their own teams of archeologists and scientists  in order to disprove others evidence, writings, and claims. But of course they are unwilling to do so.

Instead these silly moslems use the writtings of athiests and thier questionable archeolgical evidence to ‘disprove’ the Torah and the Holy Bible. And in doing so to rush the ‘evidence’ or proofs of the quran make the  mistake in trusting athiests who also willing ot disprove the quran as well.

As I close with this. In using the late Raymond Edward Brown works what this moslem author did was not disprove the Bible… but used the writtings of a well educated Catholic skeptic that had his evidence and writting critized and refuted. In using such a tactic he used only 1 mans opinion of a complex issue of Biblical criticism that doctrine nor skepticism can solve. Only solid EVIDENCE that moslems have no ability to collect can disprove the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah.

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