Why gays support transgendered persons and why they want gender to die off

Started: 6-14-2015

Finished: 6-27-2015

I have been hesitating to write publicly about the so called ‘transgender’ movement not because I don’t have anything useful to say. Only due to my ignorance on this subject. Till now… I agree with my fellows (Conservative or Christian) that individuals who are doing such drastic actions with biochemical’s and surgery to transform their body from male to female and female to male are delusional and mentally incapacitated… I finally must add my voice with those who are concerned about this mental and physical madness.

In my daily checks on leftist websites I find various opinions by leading liberal / leftist crazies who are gay or allies to that weirdness. In these recent articles here are two examples of individuals who think that transgender persons should help get rid of gender all together.

In these two examples from liberal media why a gay man and a liberal women support such madness.

“Trans People Murdered for Truth Telling”

“Warren J. Blumenfeld College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst”

“Posted:  02/12/2015 4:01 pm EST    Updated:  04/14/2015 5:59 am EDT”

…”I am proud and thankful to the trans* community for courageously calling into question this social myth of gender, the boxes society places us into as it imposes upon us all our gender scripts. Trans* people have opened the boxes for all of us to ultimately obliterate the gender status quo of binary oppositions by demonstrating the visible ways, the options upon an enormous gender continuum, one that does not depend upon a sex assigned to us, and a gender that is imposed and forced upon us by others. The trans* community has shown us the essential fluidity of gender.”…



“On Cisgender Women And Their Issues With Trans Women”

“Caitlyn Jenner And The Misconception About What Trans Women Take From Us”

“June 4, 2015 ‐ By Charing Ball”


“There seems to be an irrational fear in all of this, and it is more than the usual hysteria from the “they are trying to turn us all gay” crowd. Rather, it seems that some of this trans woman hatred from cisgender women is based on a fear that perhaps they are taking something from us. Or even replacing us. That now that men who feel they were born in the wrong body can take on the physical and emotional form of womanhood, us cisgender women will no longer be viable options anymore.”

“Listen, if the theories are correct and the movement for trans acceptance is just part of some larger mass conspiracy and “gay agenda” to replace us, I say good. Fantastic. Feel free to replace me because being a woman sucks. No, really.  What is the privilege exactly in being a woman in this society? Hell, what is the privilege of being a woman in this world?”


Why should American society, culture and civilization get rid of our birth gender? Such statements by pro-gay allies and gay males or ‘other’… make no sense because without specific genders we can’t function as individuals or people. We cannot keep any type of population not only for America but for the world. It seems to me that these liberal / leftist authors not only want to get rid of gender but the populations of this world. Truly a suicidal concept based not on human intelligence but satanic idealism from self hating drones of a failed political / ideological system.

On a personal note; If I’m addressing a specific individual I want to be able to speak to a male or female not a ‘thing’. Not a ‘jim the shim’…

Offensive? I’ve just only started…

My own view of the transgender movement or individuals is  within the following statements…

1 A male transforming into female is not based on necessity but a mental ‘quirk’ a ‘feeling’ or other mental condition that leads that male individual into the idea that they should become an outer female through hormones / biochemical’s and surgery. Such a individual will still have the internal organs of a male and their blood type will still be categorized as male through DNA coding.

A ‘transfemale’ can certainly have a surgical vagina created for sexual activity but cannot bear children through the same biological process that biological women are born for.


2 A female transforming into male is doing so not for health or necessity but basing on their ‘feelings’, or a mental quirk that leads them to make their specific life decisions. While She may appear to be male physically through surgery and biochemical’s and yet the internal organs and blood type will be medically female because of DNA & biology. These individuals will likely be able to have sex but cannot procreate in the same way a biological male can through sexual activity.


3 In my brief research about this subject the ‘medical professionals’ donot label those who are ‘trans’ not mentally ill. And yet how can such individuals be consider sane when they are destroying themselves through biochemical’s and surgery? It seems to me that there is something seriously wrong when a male or female decides to undergo physical alteration to re-create themselves from male to female or female to male when they are not born in that specific gender.


4 How incredibly disturbing and sad that such ‘feeling’s / thoughts plague individuals to the point that they reject their birth gender. A boy will suddenly ‘feel’ like a girl, a girl will suddenly ‘feel’ like a boy and therefore reject the gift of their bodies that were created from birth.


5 NO ONE has specific answers why individuals reject their birth gender and decide that their specific creation is wrong. That they should be transitioning from male to female or female to male through physical changes due to hormones and surgery. My own guess about this issue that it starts within the ‘battle field of the mind’ and those thoughts, ideas by rejecting ones biological gender create the delusions we currently see as a part of a ‘movement’.


6 When God creates human life, he creates us within our mothers as male or female. To reject such beautiful gift, basing our own thoughts on falsehoods and foolish ideas is a rejection of Gods creative process. To give ourselves over to destructive hormone changes and surgery is not based off of scientific research or common sense but a willingness to commit self mutilation and possible suicide. To re-create ourselves into a non conforming ‘gender’ or to make ourselves from male to female, or female to male is to not only fight against our birth biology but also Gods physical plan that he gave us on the day of our birth.


7 ‘Trans-males’ / ‘Trans-females’ DO-NOT deserve to be beaten, raped, murdered or mistreated in any way. WHY? Because they are STILL PEOPLE, Human beings that should be left alone to live their lives as they see fit.


DISHONESTY is the prime reason for criminality against such persons. In other words when they are involved in activities that sexual in nature and potentially illegal they alone bare the responsibility of being harmed by those who think they are female or male.


8 I am well aware of the suicides and destructive choices that individuals in the ‘trans’ con-munity have done to themselves. I donot pity their bad decisions. I pity those who are left behind to mourn their losses due to their suicides, murders and more.


For gay men, lesbians or whomever to assume that we as Human beings are better off without a gender or should be to be surgically transformed into ‘shemale’, androgynous, Hermaphrodite, ‘Tri-gender’, ‘Pan-gender’, or any other combination of terms…

Are not based on scientific evidence or even necessity, but a form of self hatred, a suicidal concept that humanity should no longer conform to gender, biology but be transformed into a being that is useful for homosexual and heterosexual sex.

Because medical science, psychiatry, psychology have not done enough research on this subject it will likely take decades to figure out how to help those with ‘gender dyslexia’ in order for them to either stay male or female or to become what their ‘feelings’ desire.


IF such ideas are the new ‘norm’ for the lgbt con artists then they are doomed.

Humanity doesn’t need to change for their sakes. Neither do we need to destroy who we are because we are born male or female. We are created within our Mothers in the image of God. Rejoice in whom you are born as. NOT who the pro-gay clowns want you to be.


“Changing Genders How Its Done”

“By Matt McMillen “

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“Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD”






“When You Don’t Feel At Home With Your Gender”







“Transgender From Wikipedia”


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