A Christian response to the book ‘god vs. gay, The religious case for equality’ by Jay Michaelson

Started Nov 2014

Finished: Feb 8 2015

In this post I want to give a response to Jay Michaelson 2011 book “God vs. Gay, The religious case for equality”.

Before I give my response to his book allow me to give some back ground on my issues with progay doctrines. I spend a few hours a day reading various articles written up by progay authors and those who BLINDLY support such causes without any intelligent thought on what they are doing and how those types of decisions will affect them and  EVERYONE ELSE through the changes their doctrines, political decisions and legal activities are harming and potentially destroying everything America once stood for.

I have lost classmates and friends who were gay to disease and addictions. Due to these lives being cut short I simply find no excuse to support liberal causes who help gay men, lesbians, transgendered and so forth to commit medical suicide by ‘being gay’ and excusing their choices and behaviors.

It would be very simple to make claims against a person such as myself as a mere ‘religious bigot, homophobe’ but the articles and doctrines spread by the pro-gay movement is doing nothing but harm towards my Faith and Freedom. In fact such published ‘works’ spread more homophobia because it shows anyone who cares about religious faith AND FREEDOM that gays don’t care whom they brainwash in order to spread their ideological garbage to not only fellow Americans but to the whole world.

(Pardon my rant)


I first encountered Michelson’s writings on the huffington post website and elsewhere online and eventually I copied them and filed them to my various “pro-gay” files as evidence that gays had organized and were perfecting propaganda designed to cause ‘religious folks’ to commit themselves to apostasy by accepting their arguments as truth when in reality they are mere philosophical scrapings of deceived progressives.

In this book he excuses his poor behavior and philosophy and attempts to convince Jewish and Christian readers that he is right despite the warnings against sexual immorality in both Scriptures.

I have labeled my responses by section. At the end of this post will be my final comments about the issues created from his book.

Section 1: The use of Scriptures labeled “Anti gay” and others he missed.

Section 2 The assumption gay activities are natural

Section 3: Why Michaelson refutes his own arguments from statements in his book and his online writings.

At the end of this post are my final comments about this book and the consequences of progay doctrines towards Christians and perhaps other religions.


Section 1: Anti-gay Scriptures.

In his book he attempts at explaining away the following Scriptures he lists as ‘anti-gay’.

Genesis 19:1-23


Leviticus 18:1-30

Leviticus 20:1-1-27


Judges 19:1-30


Romans 1:17-32


1 Corinthians 6:9-20


1 Timothy 1:8-11

His arguments are similar to Mark Achtemeier’s arguments from his book “The Bibles yes to same sex marriage.” My response to that book is posted in my blog.

I noticed in his eisegesis the following mistakes.

Sodom’s complete story is found in Genesis 18:16-33 to Genesis 19:1-38. For whatever reason he uses only small portions of that story.

Next, He uses the horrific story of the Levite found in Judges 19:1-30, 20:1-48, and 21:1-25. A story that was written during a time of anarchy and total lawlessness. Men, Women even children could be raped and murdered by Israeli gangs during the timeline Judges was written.

In regards to Romans 1:17-32 It is difficult to shy away from Paul’s writing because the exact things that happened while he was alive are happening now. People walk away from God and willingly accept any philosophy, religion, sexual activity and anything else that is addictive to minimize their emotional, physical, spiritual pains.

What is my point with referencing only a few of the Scriptures that he labeled ‘anti-gay’? It’s because the Christian Bible was not written against gay men or lesbian women, such ‘groups’ did not exist as they do during these modern times to make absurd statements of anti-gay’ Scriptures misses the greater point when the Bible was written to encourage believers by accounts witnessed by those who knew and walked with Jesus and to teach morality to unbelievers through various letters written by the Disciples to multiple Churches.

Next I noticed these statements authored by him.

P 27 “homosexuality never appears in the teachings of Jesus or the ten commandments”

The most obvious problem with pro-gay doctrines is that a variety of new words used by himself and other pro-gay allies or those individuals in the pro-gay movement use did not exist in the languages or eventual text of the letters that make up the Christian Bible.

Modern terms such as:



‘Third Gender’


‘Sexual Orientation’

‘gender id’

‘Sexual diversity’

Etc… Etc

To make absurd claims that “Jesus didn’t teach about gays or homosexuality” is ignorantly neglecting Jesus moral teachings in regards to sex, marriage and avoiding fornication’s.

The Churches purpose is not accepting people according to sexualized identities but accepting people as sinners that can be saved through Jesus life and death. Through the Holy Spirit God can heal gay men and lesbian women and bring them back to the original purpose they were born as Male or Female

God could save the soul of Michaelson not because he is gay only because he repents of his sins.

Jesus and the Disciples have a lot to teach about the following subjects.

Sexual Fornication:

Matt 15:19

1 Cor 10:8

Gal 5:19

I Thes 4:3

Adultery, Divorce, Marriage, Wives:













Disciples teaching on Marriage:

1 Corinthians 7:1-40

1 Peter 3:1-7

As you can see from my examples Jesus and the Disciples had a great deal to say about the subjects of sexual purity, marriage, divorce and male + female relationships. While these subjects may seem to be old fashioned even obsolete by the political left, liberal, anti-theist. The basic idea was to create Family, male + female relationships where God was the foundation of that family unit. How times have changed and gotten re-arranged by the rebellious.

What shall we Christians do about gays and the gay movement?

*1 Accept them not as equals or a separate ‘gender’ but lost souls that need Jesus to be their Savior and healer.


*2 Ask God to forgive them of their sin, arguments that have changed and damaged the USA not only by morality but legally and Politically.


*3 WE DONOT accept their accusations, propaganda, or excuses for their behaviors. We as Christians only need to adhere to Jesus and the Disciples teaching not man made pro-gay doctrines.


*4 While we accept man made laws according to the Scriptures Jesus and the Disciples teaching gives a higher authority than the poor legal and political decisions of the American Government and other Countries Governments.

This may mean we loose our church buildings, businesses and more but not without legal and political fights.


*5 In order to fight better in political and legal arenas we need to build better information from medical and other resources that demonstrate the flaws in their pro-gay / lgbt arguments and propaganda.


Section 2: The assumption gay activities are natural

In his book he makes the following statements:

P 30 Chpt 4: P 30-40)

“Homosexuality is natural, The sentence is simple honest and supported by science and yet religious people it may seem surprising even blasphemous at first. And yet sexual diversity is part of the fabric of nature and if we believe that fabric to have been woven by God then it is part of the mind of God as well. Same sex behaviors are found in one hundred species from apes to elephants guppies to macaques. Put in stark religious terms sexual diversity is part of Gods plan.”


“Often when one asserts the naturalness of homosexuality a second question immediately arises what purpose does it serve? WE CAN SPECULATE AS TO  SUCH REASONS but first lets be clear that the question of why there is homosexuality in nature is a different question from whether there is.  LETS BE CLEAR TOO THAT OUR ATTMEPTS TO ANSWER THE WHY QUESTION WILL INDEED BE SPECULATION.”

“P 30 Chpt 4: P 30-40”

“P 30 “Now its very easy to oversimplify all of this evidence into trite claims about the ‘gay gene’ and ‘gay animals’. NO ONE HAS YET IDENTIFIED a gay gene and again a combination of factors seems to be responsible for the incidence of homosexuality. And NOT EVER INSTANCE OF HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR AMONG ANIMALS IN EVIDENCE OF TRUE HOMOSEXUALITY. Often though not always it is simply because a lack of opposite sex partners around. In any case ‘gay’ is a term of recent coinage. It doesn’t apply to other human cultures let alone to non human animals This is why I use the term ‘sexual diversity’ it says more and less at the same time.”

(Emphasis mine)

Is he correct in his assumptions?

Not really…

Animals are not born ‘gay’. They are born with those wild instincts of their ancestors. As a past dog owner I have witnessed not only my beloved dog hump other animals but even my leg or the legs of my friends and family. After considerable training we were able to curb his activities.

Are such activities ‘gay’ in respect to dogs?



“Why Dogs Hump: There isn’t a single reason behind this normal behavior”



“Humping: Why Do Dogs Do It?”






IF ‘gay’ activities are not related to homosexual lusts in animals but biological rituals related to an animals strength or aggression by ‘mounting’ weaker male animals than any claims of ‘gay’ animals are not based on scientific fact but as michaelson already mentioned mere “Speculation”. Than to claim that homosexual animals exist is not based in reality but only opinion. After all male animals seek out females to mate with in order to propagate that animals species.

For ‘homophobes’ like me the argument with using ‘animals can be gay too’ means that the ‘gay movement’ and their allies are trying to excuse bad behaviors with useless data derived from animal mating behaviors or rituals.

Why is that? Why are gay men and lesbians and the rest of the lgbt community suddenly excused for their bad decisions or behaviors particularly if their activities have done harm not only to their own community but the rest of us thanks to stds?

Animals are driven by instinct and the biological need to mate. Gay men, lesbians, bisexual individuals and the rest of the myriad of fetishists are driven by lust, desire or emotion to achieve their orgasms.

IF gays are a ‘higher form’ of animal as suggested by michaelsons statements than we must also consider any sexual fetish or deviancy as also related to be natural. This also MIGHT include criminal behaviors from predatory attacks involving rape, murder, thievery etc. All committed by multiple species of animals.

An interesting foot note to the subject of sodomy is it’s unique definitions I located from the internet.

” Sodomy”


“Anal or oral intercourse between human beings, or any sexual relations between a human being and an animal, the act of which may be punishable as a criminal offense.”



“sod•om•y  [sod-uh-mee]”


“noun  “


“1. anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex. “


“2. copulation with a member of the same sex. “


“3. bestiality”



Over the years I have been collecting a variety of articles about anal sex from the stand point of educating myself about such fetishes not from a pornographic point of view but from a medical point of view extolling the dangers of such deeds.

Here is just a few articles about anal sex dangers michaelson neglected to mention.


“Anal Sex Safety and Health Concerns”

“Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on November 17, 2010”




“Dangers Of Anal Sex”

“By Lara Stewart”




“5 Anal Sex Health Risks”

“By Lauren Reinhard”







So if anal sex. sodomy can be used to anally penetrate men, women or animals than why should we make a ‘gender’ out of that ‘con-munity’ or grant them marriage or rights? Also if there are dangers about having anal sex with men or women why are people being so stupid that they are harming themselves and that individual they are penetrating no matter if they are gay or straight?

As a sexual being I have no interest in anal sex or having sex with men. WHY? Because I don’t view men or teen boys as sexual play things. When I am addressing a fellow man I view him as a father, brother. So I must be against ‘nature’ because I am not seduced to men through sexual lust and sexual desire.


Section 3 Why Michaelson refutes his own arguments from statements in his book and his online writings.

As of 2015 four years have passed since he wrote this book back in 2011. Michaelson has written a considerable amount of material on his website and on other various leftist / liberal media websites.

First let’s deal with his religious / spiritual life. The following are examples from his websites or websites aligned with his spiritual / religious beliefs.

“Jay Michaelson is an innovative writer and teacher whose work focuses on spirituality, Judaism, sexuality, and law. His articles, classes, essays, and fiction bring the erudition of the academy and the devotion of the contemplative path to audiences around the country. God in Your Body: Kabbalah, Mindfulness, and Embodied Spiritual Practice is his first book. He is also the editor of Az Yashir Moshe: A Book of Songs and Blessings and the founder and chief editor of Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture, recognized as a leading institution of the “New Jewish Culture.” ”

“In addition to his writing, Jay has taught Kabbalah and spiritual practice at a wide range of institutions, including Yale University, City College, Elat Chayyim, the Skirball Center, the Wexner Summer Institute, Limmud UK, Limmud NY, Wesleyan University, Drew University, the New York University Hillel, the Burning Man festival, Easton Mountain, the Park Avenue Synagogue, the Trinity School, the Dorot Fellowship, and a number of synagogues and community centers, as well as online at http://www.learnkabbalah.com. He taught for four years the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Ivry Prozdor school, and for five years at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. He has created and taught over twenty curricula for formal and informal Jewish education, ranging from “How Not to Believe in God” to “The Philosophy of Halacha.” A frequent speaker, panelist, and scholar in residence at synagogues and community centers, Jay brings Kabbalah down to earth, and brings the most mundane of earthly subjects to a higher spiritual plane. His classes range from textual studies of the Zohar to lighter workshops such as Eat Your Way to Enlightenment: The Art of Eating Meditation. “

“A recent finalist for the Koret Young Writer on Jewish Themes Award, Jay is a columnist for the Forward newspaper, where he writes the “Fringes” column on emerging Jewish spiritualities, as well as a contributor to the Jerusalem Post, Slate, Shma, and other publications. Jay also writes and lectures widely on issues of law and religion, and was a recent presenter on “Anti-legalism and anti-Judaism” at Cardozo School of Law’s conference on Jews in the Legal Profession. ”

“Jay’s background as a teacher of Kabbalah is unusual in that he has both academic and “practical” training in the Kabbalah. After graduating from Columbia University, Jay obtained an M.A. in Religious Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on Jewish mysticism and working one-on-one with Moshe Idel, Rachel Elior, and others, and taking classes with Joseph Dan, Zeev Harvey, and other leading scholars of Jewish mysticism and philosophy. His primary academic work involved writing on the role of the material world in Chabad and Bratzlav Hasidism, translating portions of the Shaarei Tzedek by a disciple of Abraham Abulafia, and his master’s thesis on the dichotomies of letter and spirit and flesh and spirit in Judaism and early Christianity. He has also worked with professors Elliot Wolfson and Daniel Boyarin. ”


“A lifelong student, and now a teacher, of the world’s mystical traditions, he considers himself both a nondenominational, halachic Jew and a Western Buddhist. Jay recently completed Rabbi David and Shoshana Cooper’s Jewish Meditation Advanced Training Program, during which he spent six weeks in silent meditation retreat over the last two years, and, in fall 2004, sat a six-week silent meditation retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. Jay lives in Putnam County, New York.”



“Jay Michaelson on the Elephant in the Room Belief in God is not a Jewish Value”

” Judaism would be better off without the phrase “belief in God.”  First, it is a Christian phrase, not a Jewish one, and it suggests that the essence of religion is faith – a Christian value.  Second, the phrase implies a certain kind of God – a God in which one either does or does not believe, probably an anthropomorphic God, a cosmic puppet master who sorts the bad people from the good, and makes the rain fall.”


“This naïve God-concept may be popular in the media, but it is not the God of reflective Judaism.  Rabbi Moses Cordovero, a great theologian and Kabbalist, called anthropomorphic ideas of God “foolish,” and insisted that we think of God not as some Big Man in the Sky but as filling every atom of creation itself.  Rabbi Moses Maimonides, Judaism’s foremost philosopher, saw traditional God-language as a mere entryway toward more sophisticated philosophical reflection on unity and morality.”

“For these and generations of other Jewish theologians, God does not exist – God is existence itself.  “God” is the world personalized, addressed not as It but as You.  It is how we humans relate to the inexpressible mystery of being alive, which reveals itself not just in religion but in art, love, and delight as well.  “Belief in God” is a phrase we should consign to the lexicographic graveyard.  “Experience of wonder” (Heschel) is better.  So is Love.”

“A few years ago, I wrote a book called Everything is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism, which conveyed some of these rarified philosophical and mystical notions in a contemporary idiom.  Most readers I’ve met have expressed gratitude and appreciation for the book.  Some, though, seemed to feel as though something had been taken away.  One newspaper asked “Is Jay Michaelson’s God too mushy?”  Another wondered whether the Ein Sof, the Infinite, the All, was enough of a father-figure to inspire morality.”

“Belief in God” is not a Jewish Value”

“September 30, 2011 in Moment”




“Contemplative Practice.  Jay is a rabbi, having received rabbinic ordination from his longtime teacher, Rabbi David Cooper.  A well known “BuJu” or Buddhist Jew, Jay is a student and teacher of Theravadan Buddhist meditation, currently apprenticing with Leigh Brasington.  In 2008-09, Jay spent five months on silent meditation retreat, and has sat long retreats with the Insight Meditation Society guiding teachers, Lama Surya Das, Keith Dowman, and others.  In addition, Jay has learned and taught Kabbalah for twenty years, completed the Elat Chayyim Jewish Meditation Advanced Training program, and spent two years at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.  He is also a proud member of the Radical Faerie community.”



Please take note:

He considers himself “Jewish” but ignores Gods Law.

He considers himself a Kabbalist

He considers himself Buddhist

In other words his beliefs are not part of the Torah but a sycretist mess of occultism and liberalism. And somehow he speaks for God? Of course not. So why should I accept his poor arguments if he won’t live according to religious morality?

Second , His writings on Marriage:

The following article examples are his specific statements on changing marriage through gay marriage and so forth.

“Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?”


“By Jay Michaelson “

“3 hours ago, The Daily Beast”




“Traditional Marriage One Man Many Women Some Girls Some Slaves”

“By Jay Michaelson /  May 17, 2012”



And Thirdly let’s include his varied views on Christianity.

“Who Would Jesus Bully?”

“By Jay Michaelson /  March 19, 2012”



“The Tea Party are Sodomites”

“By Jay Michaelson /  February 14, 2011”



“Do LGBTs Owe Christians an Olive Branch Try The Other Way Around”

“SAY WHAT? / Jay Michaelson”




Why should we as Christians trust the indoctrination, progay doctrines and philosophy of a gay man who hates us and ridicules us politically & religiously?

The answer is obvious WE SHOULD NOT trust progay writers and their propaganda…

While reading his book I noticed the following subjects in his book that I wanted to expose publically.

He was once sexuality active with women and only later in his life did he become gay…

” Chapter 1 Pages 4: (3-14) Page 6:”

“I am part of the 5% during my teens and early 20s as I struggled with my sexuality I had relationships with woman and as much as I was able fell in love. But something was always off even though at the time I couldn’t quite identify it… It took me 10 years of wrestling, cajoling, self hating and self judging and finally a serious car accident in 2001 which shook up my body and soul to finally admit the truth if I wanted true love the kind that the song of songs sings about my eve would have to be a Steve”.

This of course means that he was never born gay and in reality ‘changed’ his sexual attraction / desires for other gay men…

He admits to being sexual promiscuous as a gay man.

P 83-4 Admits to:

“But I do experience of being given over to unhealthy forms of sexuality what Paul might call ‘shameful lusts’ as a consequence of my own turning away from God. Ironically this was precisely when I repressed my sexual identity. I turned away from God for ten years when I was in the closet I was lying to other people about who I was I was repressing the parts of myself that should have led me to love and I was throwing away the gifts God had given me and sure enough I was given over to lusts that caused me great shame. The only people I would have sex with were strangers in fleeting risky encounters that might work for some people but which left me feeling empty fearful and degraded. I couldn’t form relationships and I was a liar”

Chpt 14 P 115-128

P 127 “In my own experience I have found and felt personally that sexuality can be ennobling or degrading. Sex has connected me to my deepest loves desires and values and has caused me to feel deeply alienated as well.”

He acknowledges that being gay IS NOT a race or gender.

“Chpt 15 P 129-145 ”

“P 131 “Now as we’ve said before gays are not the same as blacks or women. And while united in the same overall struggle for liberation and equality no one is arguing that ‘sexual minorities are in the same social position as ethnic or racial minorities. But we can draw analogies between one struggle and another. As in these other areas accepting sexual diversity is good for religious communities because it precisely the flexibility of religious values that enables them to survive and adapt. In stretching ourselves we reflect on our values refine our assumptions and in doing so grow as religious individuals and communities.”


Why would I bother to include his book statements and the various articles that he has written?

Because these statements are useful evidence against the ‘gay movement.’ After all why should we as Americans, not merely ‘religious people’, Christians or anyone else take the articles, books and so forth written by gay persons or their progay propagandists as any specific truth when in reality there is no adequate evidence to support that gays deserve or need political rights as a result of their sexual choices.

IF any race, religion can have individual gay persons in them then why are politicians and religious leaders fighting for groups of people that are using their bedroom activities as a weapon for not only control but destroying those of us who are not agreeing with their geo-political nonsense and lies.

Being gay is not a ‘gender’…

Being gay is not a ‘race’…

Being gay is not a ‘ethnic group’…

So why fight for them when they are trying to destroy our systems and promote lifestyles that are not only amoral, immoral and in many cases the causes of disease?


Gays have won the political battle not because of decency or morality but grand lies they created… not as truthful evidence, but philosophical propaganda. The religious / spiritual battle for gays is only won when all Christians assume the philosophical doctrines of a group of people gathered together for their love of either lesbianism or sodomy. And given the state of moral decay, medical diseases and so forth it is only a matter of time before this grand liberal theocracy crashes around their ears while those of us who refused to accept their doctrines and lies silently watch them go into the graves that call out to them all not because they were ‘bad people’ but they were willing to continue in their sins and not accept Gods word.

As Christians we are called to live according to the teachings of Jesus and the Disciples. These teachings go against the ‘gay movement’, ‘gay gender’, and everything else taught by liberals, atheists and secularists who are promoting sodomy and lesbianism, as if those decisions and activities are healthy and safe. When in reality medical Doctors and many others in the medical and dental fields are teaching that promiscuous sex has consequences that endanger a persons life.

In the 43 years I have lived, no promiscuous sex is safe no matter gay or straight. I have seen the after effects on teen moms caring for a child they were not expecting. I have seen the after effects of hiv / aids when gay men would come to Jesus and ask forgiveness of their choices and sins both inside and outside of the many Christian churches I have attended since 1992. I have seen the after effects of lesbians ask me to pray for them and their ‘girlfriend’ due to any number of circumstances that brought them to the point of Prayer in order to seek God.

Yes gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, other fetishists need God. They need Jesus. They need hope.

IF you have read my response to this book and are in need of Jesus. Ask him to be your Lord & Savior by Prayer, Confess your sins and he will Forgive you. He CAN make you clean and he CAN Heal you. Read the Holy Bible and start in Matthew this is the first gospel in the New Testament. Seek Jesus everyday in prayer and know that God IS REAL and DOES LOVE you. Father, Son & Holy Spirit wants you to accept their invitation.

God loves his human creation.


The following links are other Christians answers about the subject of ‘lgbt’ and related subjects that are mentioned in this post:

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“Why the “Born This Way” Argument Fails By Robin Schumacher”



There is a considerable amount of items or subjects I was either unwilling or unable to cover due to my schedule. Here are just three samples from his book I wanted to briefly respond to.

1: In one of his articles he references the following progay article.

“Marriage Will Never Set Us Free “

“Written by  Dean Spade & Craig Willse”

“Friday, 06 September 2013 03:09”


Written by progay authors who give a negative attitude towards gay marriage and seem to indicate they’d rather get rid of marriage and ‘capitalist systems’ promoting communism and other suicidal systems of stupidity.

But they are not alone…

“Why I Oppose Marriage Equality”

“June 26, 2013 • by Anders”


This is not the only sole gay blogger but there are others if you do your research…

2: P 88 of his book Misuses “malakoi” and “arsenokoitai”

There is little debate on these words due to other Christians knowing these Greek words and their meaning.

” malakoi”

“μαλακός,a  \{mal-ak-os’}”

” 1) soft, soft to the touch  2) metaph. in a bad sense  2a) effeminate  2a1) of a catamite  2a2) of a boy kept for homosexual relations with a man  2a3) of a male who submits his body to unnatural lewdness  2a4) of a male prostitute”



“arsenokoites: a male engaging in same-gender sexual activity”



“1 CORINTHIANS 6 9 greek translation”



“Does the Greek word arsenokoitai in 1 Corinthians 6:9 really mean ‘homosexuals’ or something else?”



3: Towards the end of his book he uses the following quote…

P 156-57

“No person religion tradition profession rule or resource should be inherently authoritative for us. We should always ask this question: Does it help us realize more fundamentally our connectedness to one another & hence the shape of our own identities as persons in relation?” Carter Heyward (Episcopal lesbian theologian)

The problem with such ideology is that she is wrong. If the  teachings of Jesus are not authoritative than it’s little wonder she has turned her back on God in order to follow her desires and lusts.

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