Why islamophobia isn’t meant to be criminal

July 3 2016



I’ve read over the last several days about supposed ‘attacks’ against moslems in various U.S. States.


I am not surprised by this.


You see Americans are not fond of islam and this goes back as far as the 1970s & 1980s.




Because almost ALL terror attacks have been done by moslems AGAINST Americans or our Allies.


Now… Why does this matter?


Criticism of islam / moslems is not meant as a criminal act nor is it against the laws of the USA. HOWEVER beating them up, Damaging PRIVATE PROPERTY and other criminal acts are!!


Because the political / ‘social’ left need a specialized term to stop islamic criticism and to create a nonsensical term to simulate racism and to criminalize public displays of ‘intolerance’ of mosques or islamic centers and yet STILL IGNORE islams theocratic desires in the USA & CANADA they helped create the term:




Defined as ‘islam fear’…


And yet… Moslems who become mujahedeen (jihadis) in the USA & Canada actually demolish leftist ideology through violence and their own criminal acts against Non moslems.


No ‘islamophobia’ is not a criminal act nor does it support ‘racism’ or physically attacking moslems in any situation.


Here is what it is SUPPOSED to be…


Islamophobia is meant as both a title and ‘swear word’ because a person, group, organization has started educating themselves on what islam actually is.



People, groups, organizations are not ‘afraid’ of moslems or islam in the sense of a illogical fear… They are becoming aware or are educating themselves about islam, the quran-hadiths, sharia laws and how islam the system would DESTROY the Political, Social & Religious systems of the USA.



islam my friends is a THEOCRATIC SYSTEM that is far beyond a mere religious belief or a culture / race. In islam all other religions MUST convert (revert) to islam or be taxed & eventually destroyed.


Everything that liberals love…



making illegal drugs legal

gun / weapon removal

gay rights – marriage

religious removal





Would all be done away with under islam as a theocratic system. And then instead of peace just more war, criminality and eventual destruction of this world.


Most in the democratic / socialist / leftist camp don’t even realize that they would eventually get killed off under islam and yet as the history of the Middle East and all other countries that have a form of Sharia laws ideas that liberals and secularists love are banned and out right illegal.


Perhaps the loons in the left want to die that way… Perhaps the liberal & loony lefties are that suicidal and stupid. Only time will tell…


Meanwhile is you call yourself a ‘islamophobe’ and you are worried about what moslems think, write and do in the USA, Canada & Europe. Please continue educating yourself about islam, NOT as a convert (revert)…



But a person who cares about others.

Who wants the systems of all Non moslem countries to continue as usual.

Who cares about your Political party, Political voice…

Who cares about your religious beliefs (Or lack of…)

Who cares about Freedom, Freedom of thought, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to be armed, Freedom of religion, Freedom from any theocratic system.


Then be proud to call yourself a ‘islamophobe’ and be willing to DEFEND your reasons why to others who dare call you names because they are political correct drones who are ignorant on what islam is and what the islamic system will do to all the systems of the Non moslem world.


Be prepared my friends for changes are coming… Who will succeed and who will fail will be up to you and me in the USA and the rest of the Non muslim world…



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