How to reply to a islamaphobe?

How to reply to a islamaphobe?

April 05 2011


“how to reply to an islamophobe”

Today I had a odd visitor that typed into my blog search engine with the above statement or question.

So how should a muslim reply to a ‘islamaphobe’ or skeptic of islam?

1 Lies, deceit, otherwise known as “al-Taqiyya”.

2 Angrily reply, threaten, curse or swear words when stuck.

3 Counter with whatever information YOU THINK is true.

4 Use whatever Dahwah techniques you know to bring your opponent to islam.

5 Use the ‘apples vs oranges’ comparison defense when facing a opponent that shows you the evils of islam.

Note: These articles may be a satire:

How to Debate and Frustrate Infidels

By Ayesha Ahmed

12 Mar, 2007

Debating Islam: Tips on Format and Techniques for Muslims

By Ayesha Ahmed

07 Mar, 2008

Simply put… no skeptic will actually convert to islam despite the best or worst arguments of moslems. This is because moslem actions counter their own claims against ALL OTHER Religions both online and in person.

IF Islam is like Christianity, Judaism or other religions there should be evidence for those in those religions to move to islam. The reality is that there is little to none.

Allow me to give these examples.

1 The quran is a book that Muhammad is claimed to have authored but it took 42 different men to author that text.

2 Muhammad knowingly took portions of the Jewish Torah and Gnostic teachings, Arabian superstitions and legends, And probably other Arabians religions and combined them into the religious sycretist text.

3 Islams Theology, Doctrines, Rituals, Prayers are not similar to Christians or Jews.

4 The Islamic god allah is not the same God as Jews or Christians since their God(s) are knowable, Personal and allah is unknowable and divorced from its creation and Islamic followers.

To conclude:

How does a moslem respond to a ‘islamaphobe’?

With silence.

Because we non muslims don’t really need to be taken over by a Islamic Theocracy nor do we need to join a religion / system that would literally destroy Western Culture – Society, Government, Constitutional Freedoms, Religions and more…

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