Richard Rives teaching as an ally of the Hebrew roots movement

Started 3-11-2014

Finished: 1-8-2017



While looking through several older posts in my blog files I came across the following research I had not finished nor posted as far back as 2014. Here is my finished information on this subject.



Until recently I NEVER heard of the “Hebrew Roots Movement”. Of the sects or groups I have studied usually from their own writings I knew of Seventh Day Adventism, World wide church of god (COG), Messianic Christianity and so forth.


As I have posted previously I have researched Richard Rives and came to the conclusion that he was teach a form of Theonomy.


While it would be easy for me to classify his weird ideas and teachings as either a form of seventh day Adventism, A form of neo-israelism or Hebrew roots I will stick to my current label of Theonomy.


However I noticed that he is ally with the following groups or ‘ministries as teachers / speakers with his  commandment keepers website.


The above links are from ‘HRM’ websites and others who propagate such subjects.



When I first heard of Richard rives I had no idea if his teachings were Biblical or where to even classify his ideology.


Now I can…


I started reading up on the “Hebrew Roots Movement” online. And found out that its teachings mirror much of what rives is teaching Christians.


Here are a few websites that warn of ‘HRM’:



“What is the Hebrew Roots movement?”



“The Haters: Got Questions vs the Hebrew Roots Movement”



“Beware The Hebrew Roots movement Is False Teaching”

“by FREED Jesus is LORD♥ Posted December 29, 2010”



Beware my fellow Christians richard rives is teaching you falsehoods. Jesus required Faith in him not the fulfilled law of Moses.

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