A number of years ago ‘SE’ commented on my blog and asked me to research richard rives & his amateur teachings.

I did so and found that his claims were not only false… but against the Bible.

How do I know this? Allow me to explain.

1 Jesus did not teach his Gentile followers to keep the Law of Moses. The Disciples echoed Jesus philosophy.

2 Saturday Sabbath was used by the Jewish Disciples to reach their fellow Jews during their lives. But taught nothing that Gentile followers to keep one day over another.

3 Rives theories on so called ‘paganism’ in Christianity comes from atheist authors who have their own beliefs they are defending by trashing Christianity.

The following are sample questions that could be asked by fellow Christians, cultists or others who think his philosophy is correct.


How do you know rives is incorrect about his research and what he has posted on his websites or published or in his books?

The research rives presents is biased on the following subjects.


Saturday Sabbath VS Sunday

Traditional Christian holidays are pagan

And more…

These various subjects have been responded to using my blog posts with counter information.


How do you know the Christians aren’t supposed to keep the Ten Commandments?

Because of the Teachings of Jesus. Allow me to make a demonstration. Jesus taught from the Law of Moses. As most students of the Bible know the entire law was to be kept by Israel. These laws number 613 according to Jewish scholars.

Matthew 5:3-48, Matt 6:1-34, Matt 7:1-29. Are Jesus teachings about the Law of Moses. He continues his teaching about the most important portions of the Law of Moses in Matt 22:34-40.

Can fellow Christians really argue that Jesus as God requires the Ten Commandments as a moral doctrine or salvation doctrine?


How do you know that Christians shouldn’t keep Saturday Sabbath?

Over the 20+ years I have been a Christian I have heard all the rumors, propaganda and doctrine of those who insist that Sunday ‘keeping’ is wrong not because of the Bible but because of their opinions and philosophy.

The Sabbath was for Israel. See Exodus 20:9-11, Exodus 31:12-17. It is not necessary for Gentile believers to keep that day of rest. Even the Disciples knew that the Law of Moses and Sabbath were not for we Gentile Believers. See Acts 15:1-31.

Those who keep the Sabbath and claim to be Christians should accept what the Bible says and not follow someone’s philosophy.


What group or denomination does rives teach from?

Rives preaches from a new movement that seems to be called “1st Century Christians” These individuals formed themselves into a conglomeration of groups into the heretic teachers we are witnessing  now.


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