My response to this May 2014 article

A May 2014 article online suggests that…



“Believers Must Fight for Gay Teens”

“By Gene Robinson “

“16 hours ago, 5-17-2014”

“The Daily Beast”–politics.html



Please notice the following paragraphs at the end of this article.



“…Finding themselves on the streets, struggling to survive, our young people are forced to engage in activities that propel them toward a system of suspicion, targeting and arrest by law enforcement. Even those who are not engaging in those activities are under suspicion for doing so, with the mere possession of a condom sometimes used as evidence of suspected “prostitution.” Such suspicion and potential arrest renders LGBT youth less likely to take precautions to avoid HIV infection or to be tested for it.”


“If they become infected with HIV, young people are then subjected to various criminal prosecutions—these laws are in effect in a majority of states—which target “consensual sex and other conduct involving theoretical contact with any bodily fluid (e.g., via spitting, biting, vomiting or sex) of people diagnosed with HIV” and “the failure of an HIV-positive person to demonstrate disclosure of his or her HIV status to a sexual partner prior to sexual intimacy.”


“In other words, we have a perfect storm of societal systems that disproportionately target our LGBT youth. Add to this the on-going and widespread profiling of racial minorities and poor (especially homeless) people, and you have a system that is unjust, cruel and relentlessly intimidating.”


“So what does all this have to do with religion?”


“Religion worth its salt is not only about being kind, but working for justice. There is nothing wrong, of course, about being kind and compassionate to those who fall victim to an unjust system. It has always been the case that churches, synagogues and mosques have fostered compassionate care for the unfortunate. But religion also compels us to fight the unjust, prejudiced systems that cause and perpetuate that misfortune.”


“Institutionalized religion is perhaps the single most contributing factor to the attitudes of parents who, because they have been taught condemnation of homosexuality, are likely to dispossess their LGBT children and throw them into the streets. This religiously-based condemnation is not simply an intellectual difference of opinion on a philosophical plane. It results in virtually-defenseless young people being thrown into the streets to fend for themselves in a world which further victimizes them and pushes them into a criminal system which disproportionately seeks their incarceration and perpetuates their victimization. “


“When are we religious people going to find our voices, stand up to the forces that victimize our LGBT youth, and demand change in a prejudiced and hostile criminal justice system? Changing religious attitudes about homosexuality is not simply a theological nicety waiting to happen. It is a matter of life and death to our most vulnerable youth.”



Please notice… The author of this article UNDERSTANDS that the gay lifestyle can lead to stds and worse. And yet wants such activities to continue.


How stupid can one ideological group be?


IF gays are not using ‘protected sex’ not only for their own safety but (no puns intended) and the safety of their sex partner than why in the hell are liberals not urging gays to quit a useless lifestyle??!!


It shouldn’t be the law OR society that should change. It’s gays…. And if not why is it surprising that gays end up with stds and other illnesses?!



It is not Christianity nor Christians who should ‘fight’ for the lgbt crowd UNLESS we require them to change their morality in order to save themselves from illness, stds etc. Gays themselves COULD help ‘win the fight’ for their lgbt youth by creating, staffing and helping gather in ‘their own brothers and sisters’ into lgbt homeless youth shelters, programs. Lgbt persons could fund such programs instead of relying on ‘anti-gay’ groups, churches and others whose perspectives are contrary to their own ideology.



It is not Christians who should be converted to liberal, sexualized society but rather the society KNOWING FULL WELL that unprotected gay sex is dangerous and those who commit such acts are not safe homeless or alone.


Then it is for the WHOLE OF AMERICA to insist that gays stop their activities and get medical and psychological help because that is the ONLY WAY to preserve their lives.



What should Christians do for ‘lgbt’ youth in America?


1 Pray to God for wisdom on how to reach out to those lost in the lgbt lifestyle and those teenagers who are abusing their own bodies with drugs, alcohol, prostitution or other criminal activities.


2 Council ‘lgbt’ youth in both Spiritual and Physical subjects to gain perspective on what their problems are, the causes of being gay males or lesbian females and find creative ways to lead them out of those types of lifestyles.



American society along with other caring groups, religions and others can all share the responsibility to provide help to those who want it. Perhaps that would help stop the tide of homelessness not only for the lgbt but for everyone who hates being on the streets of the USA.


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