The Cowardice of Molly Norris and its lessons for us all…

Originally written in 2010.

WHY am I calling Ms. Norris a coward?

Well… For starters:

IF you bother to post a Anti islam cartoon you are doing so for a specific reason.

Some reasons for creating such a drawing are for:

1 Comedic or offensive art. That makes non muslims laugh and makes moslems angry.

2 You have read the quran and have noticed it has nothing good to say about Jews, Christians, Atheists and to make your point you use your artistic talents to counter the quranic writings and teachings.

3 The Islamic system is a theocratic system that only promotes everything Arabic and takes over any other system and culture it comes into contact with. And to make your point your use your artistic talents to counter that system.

4 Creating a ‘image’ or cartoon that makes Muhammad and his various sayings or actions, Or to make a point about the past / present and future violence of the islamic system over all non moslems.

5 You are using your “FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF PRESS “ to make a statement about Islams creator and his distain for everything not of his system.

Yes Ms. Norris is a coward… Run off by a group of primitives who have simply proven yet again that Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’ but a religion of un-educated, irresponsible, Anti-Freedom fools.

Instead for standing up for her craft.

Instead of standing up for FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM of the Press…

She has chosen the way of cowardice and hidden herself away like a typical liberal bozo.

Mistakes Ms. Norris Made:

1 She left her name and contact info on her work.

2 She set up a Anti islam account on Facebook which could easily be removed and deleted. In using facebook, myspace, or other ‘social networking’ sites you either fake your identification or place your real ID for all to see.

3 She did not consider the attacks, threats and other issues by posting such a cartoon online using her real name.

4 She is / was ill equipped to deal with muslim or leftist comments, attacks and threats

Our lessons:

IF you chose to publically go against the Islamic system online for whatever reason you chose and you use your real name and contact info be prepared for a lot of offended people and their comments, threats.

As a individual who blogs, creates art or does other types of Anti islam subjects in a online media format DONOT BELIEVE EVERY threat, insult, or comment from moslems or leftist defenders.

Using anonymous screen names, temporary email accounts and false online locations are only one of many ways of protecting yourself online from snoops, jihadists or those on the left who try to ‘out’ Anti-islam bloggers, Anti-islam writers, Anti-islam arts etc.

To conclude:

Ms. Norris mistakes are not the end of her. But will no doubt be used as a teaching subject on how we ‘islamaphobes’ can stay safe online…

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