Moral Theonomy and Political Theonomy Defined


This is my amateur attempt at defining these two philosophical movements I am noticing online.

Moral Theonomy:

The philosophy that the Law of Moses contained in the Ten Commandments is for all men. These moral laws are what both Christians and Jews are to follow as their covenant with God. Those who donot keep these laws are ungodly, unsaved etc.

Practitioners: Richard Rives, The SDA Church, etc

Political Theonomy:

The Theocratic Philosophy that the Ten Commandments within the Law of Moses would be a usable system to govern a Countries Governments. Basically creating a Christian Theocracy using the Law of Moses.

Many in the online SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) bloggers, website authors are ‘moral Theonomists’. Basically writing posts, online articles and so forth that defend their ideas on various subjects including the idea that past and current Christianity has or should keep the Ten Commandments.

The reality is that only the Jewish follower of Jesus would have kept the law of Moses not the Gentile.

Meanwhile so called Christian Theocrats who push for a Theocracy using the Christian Church push their ideas online for the philosophical concept of Political Theonomy.

What should we do about this?

First be convinced in Doctrines and Theology that counter their arguments. I prefer using Dispensationalism as my Theology compared to other Theologies offered in Christianity.

Study their ideas as skeptics and see if they are correct both Biblically and by the use of Theology.

Should Theocrats become a political party in the West we should make sure that their party NEVER gains political power by avoid voting for them. Voting out thier candidates, Voting down any legislation that would enforce Christianity upon non believers.

In doing so we might make them our enemies but any good study about a Theocracy has always proved their system to be a failure and not a political system that we should have in this Liberalized West.

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