Burning the quran a hypocritical act

Todays (04-03-2011) rant is brought to you by the hypocritical actions of the ‘pastor’ of the ‘Dove center’ in  Florida.

According to his previous website:


His followers had a ‘shelter’ for battered muslima inFlorida.

Here is the text from his old website.



“We offer free shelter and food for women who want to escape from Islam…”


“No woman deserves to suffer under Sharia law.”


“Here at Dove World Outreach Center we offer free shelter and food for women who want to break out of Islam. We can help you to start a new life in freedom!”


“God loves you so much.. you can escape Islam and be free!”


Well… Pardon me… How is burning the quran and incurring the wraith of 1.5 billion muslims going to make them want to leave islam and join Christianity?

Killing moslems, burning the worlds Qurans, hadiths, sunas and other islamic documents doesn’t make them convert to Christianity, Judaism, Secularism, Atheism or any other isms. It only fuels the fires of jihad and their oppressive systems.

The only way to conquer islam is by kindness. Praying over their sick, removing demonic spirits, meeting their needs in disasters.

While understanding their religion and system and countering their demands in the West with new laws in order to enforce our ways in our home countries.

Most of youtube saw the video of the quran being burnt under this mockery of a trial…


“International Judge the Koran Day, March 20, 2011 “


“The Koran will be put on trial, then, if found guilty of causing murder, rape, and terrorism, it will be executed! According to our International Poll, it looks like the choice for this will be BURNING. “


“You can find all the details about International Judge the Koran Day at “







In doing so what did it accomplish?

Its destruction did not cancel out the Qurans ‘ideas’ and teachings. It only served as more propaganda used by the jihadists and other primitives.

“Iranian clerics call for slaying of Koran burners”

“From: NewsCore September 14, 2010 3:17AM”


What Mr. Jones has done is shown that he doesn’t care for the lives of our US Military fighting  on multiple fronts, OR the lives of Christian missionaries in Islamic lands and the lives of ANY United States civilian or European citizen who live and work or travel to areas outside of their home countries.

Mr. Jones and the mere 50 people who follow him in Florida have done damage to Christianity and the online community of Skeptics of islam and made a mockery of our Faith in Jesus by showing his hatred and insane intolerance towards islam by burning their ’holy book’.

Yes we in America  can burn ANY book due to our Constitutional laws and legal rights. Many a ‘radical’ burned a quran on Sept 11, 2010 in response to the anniversary of the loss of life in  New York City.

But when we look at such wanton destruction of islams ‘holy book’ we find that destroying such a document doesn’t solve our larger problems of Islamism in the  USA  and the West.

To end Islamic Theocracy we must out think them, out plan them and when all else fails be better prepared than them…

Only then can we survive a potential cataclysm created by jiahdists and their leftist allies.



“Dove World Terry Jones site pulled down by Web hosting company”

“The homepage of the Dove World Outreach Center, home to the Rev. Terry Jones, was taken offline today. Web-hosting company Rackspace says Jones and Dove World violated its acceptable use policy.”

“By Matthew Shaer / September 10, 2010”



“International Judge the Koran Day … One Juror’s Perspective”

“Submitted by Fran”

“Fran Ingram on Tue, 2011-03-22 17:25”



“Cancel the “Burn a Qur’an” Day! When Irresponsibility Meets Irrationality”



“Burn a Koran Day The Ultimate Lesson to be Drawn”

“by Oskar”



“Florida pastor will not today not ever burn Quran”

“Sat Sep 11, 10:24 am ET”




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