Has Josh Powell gone to LDS heaven or LDS hell?

Has Josh Powell gone to LDS heaven or LDS hell?

Feb 2012

In response to a recent posting on the blog below is my opinion on the news stories about josh powell. The murderer of his sons and wife. No I am not a mormon nor a member of the LDS ‘church’.

According to the following blogger.


Josh Powell didn’t go to the LDS version of hell.

LDS hell according to the late Bruce R. McConkie is. “That part of the (LDS) spirit world inhabited by wicked spirits who are awaiting the eventual day of their resurrection is called hell.” (Pages 349-351 of the book Mormon Doctrine) And of course according to Mr. McConkie “Hell will have an end”. Which like a sect of islam means that their version of ‘hell’ will end.

However when we look further in the book under the description of murderers in the LDS mythology. We find…  (Page 520) We find the following. “… A sin for which there is “NO FORGIVENESS” (D&C 42:79) meaning that a murderer can never gain salvation. No murderer hath eternal abiding in him (1 John 3:15) He cannot join the (LDS) church by baptism, he is outside the pale of redeeming grace.”… “Murders are forgiven eventually but only in the sense that all sins are forgiven except the sin against the holy ghost, they are not forgiven in the sense that celestial salvation is made available to them (Matt 12:31-32, Teachings p. 356-357) After they have paid the full penalty for their crime, they shall go no to a telestial inheritance (Rev 22:15)…”

In other words powell can obtain a form of LDS salvation by suffering in thier hell but later obtain his salvation.

Quite pathetic.

In the Holy Bible we find out that murderers are not forgiven.

Revelation 22:15

I donot believe the powell has been given a second chance. His murders have gotten him a first class ticket to hell. A place that is worse than any human made prison that he could have been sent to had he been found guilty of murdering his wife.

May his (EX) wife and sons find peace and love through Christ.

May he suffer in the darkness he chose… In Sheol.

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