Question “What is the difference between seventh day Adventists and Pentecostals?”

For multiple months now… one of my blog visitors has typed the above question in my blog search engine. Well here is my response to their query.

My suggestion for this individual is to find the following book.

The complete guide to Christian Denominations by Ron Rhodes.

ISBN: 0-7369-1289-4 Price: $13.99.

You can find it at your local Christian book store.

Mr. Rhodes has listed all the relevant Christian denominations in the USA and it could be helpful to your searches. You can either buy a copy or borrow it from your local library.

Also. You can find the ‘beliefs’ of the SDA church by looking up your local SDA churches and their beliefs / mission statements online. With Pentecostals that’s slightly harder. Pentecostals have multiple denominations they could be Assembly of God, Four Square etc.

In other words you should do your own homework. I can’t do your research for you. I am too busy with my current employer.

Good luck.


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