A Christian response to Mona Saddiquis book Christians, muslims and Jesus

June 2013

In this post I will not attempt a book review… nor is it my intent on doing so.

Mrs. Siddiqui attempts to do several things in her book. She has purposes that she mentions on pages 2-3.

#1: …”my own journey exploring the views, doctrines and conversations Christians and moslems have held on the figure of Jesus Christ…”

#2: “to offer the reader an adequate sence of what the primary sources are saying about Jesus …”

I don’t have much use talking about the past ‘interfaith’ histories and such it is not necessary at this point. My specific response is what both the quran and hadiths have to say about my Lord.

As I previously mentioned in my post.


“The Islamic Jesus the whole ugly story from the quran and hadith”



Which gives specific proofs that islams ‘isa’ is not the same as Jesus of Christianity.

As I read in her book she doesn’t mention those differences between ‘isa’ and Jesus.

She also doesn’t mention how the quran rejects Jews & Christians as Gods people.

“2:104-112 Torah and Gospels Abrogated”

What moslems seemingly donot understand is that Jesus was not merely human nor was he a mere prophet he was human AND Divine. He was able to do miraculous things that no one has duplicated since.

For we Christians Jesus is the creator of Christianity & our God. What moslems think, write, publish means little to nothing because their inferior ‘isa’ is not my Jesus.

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