Is islamaphobia racism?

The following are my thoughts on this statement…

“You are a racist for criticizing islam”

In my debates with muslims on dr bulldog and ronins blog I occassionally along with my fellow “islamaphobes” get the ‘race’ card thrown at us.

That is comedic in a sad way…

Muslims are not a ‘race’.

Muslims are a collection of races, persons from many Countries, and yet because of the ‘glue’ of the arabian culture within islam that somehow makes them all a race? Since islam is… a religion, political system, culture, a financial system. The use of ‘race’ against critics of islam just won’t work.

If muslims make thier Theocratic system a ‘race’ then it would be natural for others outside of islam to claim “Racism” towards any muslim that criticizes thier culture or religion.

This is my answer to the following leftist / islamic propagators…

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