A Christian explanation of EVP

As a Christian I feel it is necessary to attempt a explanation of ‘EVP’ and why I believe that it is either satanic or faked.

EVP means “Electronic Voice Phenomenon”. It is a method to ‘contact’ the supposed ‘dead, or spirits’.

I am not a expert in electronics or science I am simply just one guy trying to make sense out of a strange subject.

How is EVP captured?

EVP can be captured on any recording devices. Examples. Commercial audio recorders, digital cameras, video cameras etc.

My Theories:


1 Somehow a person or group is capturing radio, TV or other signals on their audio recorders from multiple sources.


2 Somehow a person or group is recording the vocal responses to their questions from a non human entity or spirit around multiple locations.


3 A person or group for whatever reason are pre-recording responses to their questions and playing them back at a supposed ‘haunted’ location all the while being recorded on camera.

4 A person for whatever reason is using ‘post production’ equipment to add supposed EVP to their program or movie in an attempt at making a EVP recording.

5 ?

6 ?

IF ghost-hunters or others who are using EVP to contact a ‘dead’ person then we as Christians have to raise questions on WHO or WHAT they are contacting. After all if there are ‘No such things as ghosts’ but it is a demonic entity that is speaking towards those EVP practitioners.

As a viewer of the many ‘supernatural’ TV shows and those types of programs online I have frequently listened to the supposed EVP aired by those who captured them. Those limited messages or phrases donot sound like a angel or human spirit but an entity that is demonic and is manipulating its human interviewers to believe in what it wants them to believe.

Yes I will agree that EVP are a mystery that should be investigated. But people shouldn’t place their religious faith is such activities. People should place their Faith in Jesus and not quasi-science or metaphysical theories that are not from God but come from the thoughts of men.

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