How progay values wont stop violence.

Started: 7-2-2016

Finished: 12-18-2016

My response to the following post.

“How Imposing Personal Value Systems Cause Tragedies Like the Orlando Nightclub Shooting”

“06/13/2016 10:34 pm ET | Updated Jun 13, 2016  “

“Rasheena Fountain Passionate writer and Social Justice Commentator. Embracing a more sustainable way of living.”


In this recent huffington post a progay author stated.

” Values have been a heavy dividing factor in society; they have been instrumental in formulating strong ideological basis for the inner workings of society. However, certain values are not only serving to infringe on different individuals’ value systems but are inciting hate that ignites unsafe and unequal climates.”

And as expected went on the following Anti Christian tirade…

” It can be seen in Christian groups boycotting gay pride parades, gay marriage, and transgender bathroom rights….”

“Having personal values are not the problem. The problem lies in individuals seeking their value system as the standard for governing a country that is based on freedom and equality of its citizens. Upholding personal value systems as if they are law only perpetuates an “us against them” mentality that often leads to reasons to hate groups of people that exercise their right within the law to live by their values as human beings. “


“Speech does not have to be overtly hateful to perpetuate hate. And continually accepting and perpetuating a culture of intolerance based on individual value systems will only continue to breed the type of hate and disregard for life that was displayed toward people at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.”


“Guns continue to devastate lives, as does our perpetuation of intolerance and inability to value human lives no matter upbringing, sexuality, gender identity, or race.”


1 Blaming Christians for not supporting progay propaganda is typical leftist behavior. How about accepting the fact that as Christians we are to follow Jesus and not some idiotic ideology that has no historical or biological basis for homosexual behaviors as normal or necessary.


2 “Personal gay values” are already governing the USA and as Americans are we better for it? Are ‘personal gay values’ not causing these factions within politics? religion? personal and public opinion?

Liberal websites easily prove this to be true.

And what of progay ‘hate’ that is spewed by gay or progay authors on multiple liberal websites and other publications.

Such as:

Criticism of all types of morality?

Criticism of religion (Christianity)

Publishing propaganda & ideology that promotes punishing companies & religious groups or communities for not accepting the progay philosophy?

Publishing progay propaganda in all media?

Publishing anti religion rants under the guise of progay authors?

NOT Publishing medical warnings on the dangers of disease and illness caused by their fornication’s?


3 Weapons are not the cause of hatred or violence.

It is the human mind. The very brain inside our skulls that can create violent thoughts and actions under any ideology or philosophy. A perfect example is the multiple moslem terror attacks over multiple portions of the USA.


4 progay / leftist ‘values’ DONOT promote FREEDOM and the ability to make individual choices. Instead, leftist philosophy DEMANDS for everyone to goose step to the same ideology that has not stopped AIDS, attempts to silence criticism of progay causes and only continues to cause further problems in society and culture.


The Christian Faith HAS helped America.

It’s followers helped create the US Constitution. The basis of Law that we as Americans enjoy.

It fought to free slaves

It helped feed the homeless and poor

It helped to ease the suffering of people

It brought hope to the hopeless

It helped to bring legal rights to women and ALL Races

It recognized the needs of HIV/Aids patients and provided for them.

It has organizations who offer various support to Nations who have had natural disasters

And there is more to be done.

It is not those with Christian Values who are ‘home grown’ terrorists. It is only those who seek criminality in the name of their own ideology or philosophy nothing less. After all where did ‘gay rights movement’ come from?

Criminality- The stonewall riots.

And it is Christianity’s fault for attacks on gay men, lesbians and so forth?

Simply put. It is not the Christian Faith that causes violence and causes physical attacks against anyone. It is the individual who justifies hate, violence and criminality against lgbt-ers, race, or whomever.

Jesus never attacked anyone due to the immorality or race. His desire is to bring people into his Kingdom. A Spiritual Kingdom that welcomes everyone who is willing to be Changed and to become like him. At peace with other people, A voice for justice, A judge of not only thoughts but actions.

God is the final Judge of humanity and for those of us who are Christians we are saved through Jesus. Those in the world systems like the lgbt. They need to repent and accept Jesus as their Lord & King before it’s too late.


UPDATE: 3-12-2017

I’ve noticed that Ms. Fountain has responded to my blog post on facebook. And that’s fine. Except she claims she wrote from a “Christian perspective”. Well… There is nothing Christian about promotion of ideas that are not helping society from the ‘social justice’ left  nor ceasing the worry’s of fellow Americans like me

I DO ‘get it’ she doesn’t want ‘religious values’ to govern the USA. And I as a political conservative / Christian, do not need ‘progay / leftist’ values governing the USA because they are against my values. Her progressive / leftist values are not keeping my Freedoms safe nor will they promote equality, peace or protections for all those of us who are not lgbt nor do we wish to be part of a program of indoctrination that her fellow authors at huffington post and the myriad of pro leftist websites that regularly post attacks on Christians and Conservatives. 

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