My on-going research on richard rives published doctrines

2014 UPDATE:

I recently bought 2 of rives books and his dvd. As soon as I have finished them and my notes on each I will be posting my findings / criticisms on my blog as soon as I can.

Meanwhile here is my corrected research that was started in 2009.


Back in March of 2009 I got a comment on my amateur post “My combined research on Roger J Morneau” by:

“S.E.” and he or she requested me to…

“Please take a close look at this man’s evidence. Richard Rives is not, and has never been an SDA. Richard was raised in the Baptist church. “

“I will be praying for you as you consider what he presents. “

“The 1611 King James Bible is the truth. God says that all those that do his commandments shall have a good understanding: “

“Psalms 111:10”

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.”

S.E. is or was part of rives ministry. This means of course they thought I would easily follow such ideology providing I agreed with rives doctrine. For obvious reasons they were wrong…


The following research was first started in 2009. At the time of SE’s request I had no real interest or knowledge on what rives (Pronounced Reeves) taught. Due to the many youtube videos of rives making claims against Christianity and no apologetics websites questioning rives claims I decided to investigate rives claims and see if they are correct…

The following post is written as a FAQ, made up of questions that any caring Christian COULD OR SHOULD ask of what rives teaches and how his doctrines are contrary and questionable to Christianity and Christians.


“What websites does rives own or authors?”

Presently rives owns and operates:


“What is the doctrine rives teaches?”

Presently here are email examples of rives doctrine. These are achieved here on my blog.

“2013 Further Doctrinal Statements by Richard Rives…”

“The Doctrine of Richard Rives and why I question them.”

As you read my blog you can easily see my responses to rives teachings on various subjects including ‘roman mithraism vs. Christianity’, ‘Saturday sabbath’, ‘SUPPOSED cristo-paganism’ etc.


“What are richard rives beliefs?”

Rives sent out a series of emails to his subscribers and these two were copied by myself and added to my blog posts here:

“What Richard rives believes and what he is doing”

Despite rives claims it seems very hypocritical for rives to attack Christianity and yet claim to be one.


“Does he have critics or skeptics of his writings or claims?”

Yes he does.

My blog post deals with WMD comments on their website and also the following posts or articles about rives.

“I’m not the only skeptic of richard rives…”

From my previous post:

‘Meanwhile I am not the only skeptic of Mr. Rives claims and teaching:’

“Wyatt’s Theology”


“Michael Rood,  Sky Angel , Ron Wyatt, & The National Religious Broadcasters”


“In response to legalist ‘Ark hunter’”

“Posted: February 13, 2009”

“1:00 am Eastern”

“By Keith Manning”


“Monte Judah a Kabbalist a False Prophet and his False Prophecies Part 1”


He is also featured in the following articles written by non Christians.

“Ark hunter: Christianity packed with paganism”

“’1st century believers would have never accepted this’”

“Posted: February 07, 2009”

“11:15 pm Eastern WorldNetDaily”


“Christian Apologist ZEITGEIST is Right”

“Saturday, March 28, 2009”


(Of course he covers his @$$ with this reply to Acharya S)

“The internet movie Zeitgeist Part-1 Exposed (video series and text)”


“Keeping The Law A Reply To Richard Rives”

“Wednesday, May 12, 2010”


“Why is he skeptical of Christianity?”

Rives has several reasons or excuses who he doesn’t believe in the following subjects that are part of Christian culture and traditions but ARE NOT part of Doctrines or Theology.

Subjects like:

Sabbath vs. Sunday

Keeping the Ten Commandments

Celebrations like: Christmas & Easter.

The following statements are taken from my previous post and are examples of why it is hard to believe his opinion over Christian traditions.

‘Next Lets view a few of his teachings and ministry back ground.’

‘Mr. Rives posts on his website:  about his ‘teaching’ background.’

‘“I am not a preacher, a ministry, or a nonprofit organization. I am just a person. Because of that we do not receive tax deductible contributions, as do traditional ministries. The sale of our materials is the only way we have to keep this important work going.”’

‘“My family and I write the books, produce and edit the video presentations, make the DVDs, take the orders, and ship the material. We consider it a joy and a great privilege to work for our Creator, and we want to do more in the future. To that end, I would like to ask you to consider the purchase of our resources to share with those in your community. I ask that you contribute to your own community by way of the truths contained in Too Long in the Sun / Time is the Ally of Deceit presentations.”’

‘“For the past two thousand years our “adversary the devil” has been doing everything possible to pervert the truths regarding our Savior and His commandments. As King Solomon once wrote, There is nothing new under the sun. Just as in the Garden of Eden, our “adversary” questions: Hath God said? Truly, Time is the Ally of Deceit; and time is truly of the essence. For centuries believers have thought that they were living in the last days; and they were right. It was their last days, their time in history to tell others about the Messiah of Israel. Today, no matter how we might view the timing of prophetic events, now is the time in which we have been given the opportunity to share the truth with others. While there are countless numbers preaching another gospel, there are only a “few” of us who will stand for the truth.”’

‘Well I don’t know about you but it’s clear that Mr. Rives is not a trained theologian, Minister, or Preacher. This means that he is teaching HIS version of Christianity and his teachings need to be looked at by the online Christian community to see if he stands on Biblical truth Or is a false teacher.’


“Is rives doctrinal views compatible with modern Christianity?”

While rives statements about being Christian MAYBE true it is extremely hard to trust his opinions when the Bible is against the doctrines he considers true. In my previous post I included the following doctrines rives wrote and teaches on his website and books.

‘With his website “too long in the sun” he lets us know his doctrinal stands in Theonomy in the following articles. Each article are supposedly chapters from his book. “Too long in the sun.”’’’’’

‘His other views on Theonomy and the Ten Commandments can be found here:’



“We are living in extraordinary times. Just as in the days of Isaiah, truth is fallen in the street; and judgment is turned away backward. People have been systematically educated to believe that Biblical precepts are subject to the interpretation of scholars. Educated theologians purposefully continue to present a compromised gospel filled with pagan tradition that never had anything to do with Christ; and, on every front the truths of scripture are arrogantly disparaged while the wisdom of man is exalted and received as authoritative, and without question.”

“Today, it is amazing what is being presented as Christianity and there has never been a more important time in the history of mankind for those called out as servants of our Creator to confront the philosophy and vain deceit that would lead people away from our Savior. The truth has been thrown in the streets as a gesture of religious tolerance and compromise; and while there are countless numbers preaching another gospel, there are only a “few” who will stand for the truth.”

“Acts Chapter eleven tells us that it was in Antioch that the disciples of Jesus were first called Christians, a title found only three times in the Bible. Today most people recognize Christians as those who profess belief in Jesus Christ, yet over the past two thousand years it seems that every conceivable thing has attempted to associate itself with Christianity to the extent that now almost anything can be called Christian without question. Just believe in Jesus and that makes you a Christian. A careful study of scripture proves however that there is more to Christianity than just belief. James 2:19 says that devils also believe, and tremble; and in Luke 4:41 we are told that when Jesus cast those devils out they confessed Thou art Christ the Son of God. Did that make them Christians? Absolutely not!”

“In the Book of Revelation we find a description of saints: they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus; and it is the adherence to those commandments that sets true Christians apart from the world. CommandmentKeepers is an independent, nondenominational, on-line site where commandment keeping believers may submit their articles for publication. Christianity has lost its identity and it is time for Biblical Christians to reclaim a title that is rightfully theirs. That is what CommandmentKeepers is all about.”


“What does rives mean by Biblical Christianity?”

In rives philosophy he believes the extinct sect of ‘nazoreans’ or First century Christians are the ‘true’ followers of Jesus. However a recent check revieled that modern nazoreans are strictly Anti Christian.

Please read my post:

“This is what richard rives believes to be ‘biblical Christianity’”


To conclude this post.

My research on rives doctrine is on-going and I doubt it will end soon. I am forced to continue with supplying answers to rives sycretist ideals and doctrines not because I want to. It is because too many Christians are falling into a satanic trap that they cannot break free of.

I find too many Christians donot do enough apologetic research on deviant groups or individual authors. And it is people like me to go public and dare question the many false teachers and judaizers that cause my fellow Believers to fall into sin and fall out of Christianity into worse religions or philosophies.

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