My response to the question “Arguments against 7th day worship”

A curious individual typed this question into my blog search engine a few years ago, wanting to find out what an answer would be to this query.



Here is my response.



Typically Modern Christians donot have specific arguments against Saturday Sabbath. Why is that you should ask?


Because in our New Testament, Jesus did not leave behind specific commandments to keep the Jewish Sabbath. IF you donot believe what I have just told you please feel free to list the term ‘Sabbath’ in the Gospels from your own Bible and see what Jesus had to say about that day. In other words do your own Bible study on the subject of the Sabbath.



So if there are arguments against Saturday Sabbath… What could they look like…?



Argument #1:



Jesus and the Disciples did not Command any Sabbath Keeping for Gentiles. IF you doubt this statement, please feel free to read Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, And also read Acts.



Argument #2:



Jesus teaching from the Gospels about the Law of Moses did not Command Sabbath keeping for Gentiles only Jewish people. Feel free to read Matthew 5:3-48 through Matthew 7:1-27, Luke 6:20-49.



Now you might be asking why I’m only using these specific arguments and of course why they are so similar. Here is my reasoning.


As Christians we are to follow Jesus teachings and the teachings of the Disciples. IF we deviate from those teachings we as Christians set ourselves up for problems both doctrinally and Spiritually.


Now those in the Theonomy cults naturally argue that Protestant Christians like myself are in the wrong. That we have walked away from supposed ‘Christian’ tradition in regards to ancient Jewish customs. And yet those very same individuals or cultic groups always ignore what the Scriptures say.


When I as a individual believer investigate who the Sabbath was for, I always find the following.


Exodus 20:8-11


Exodus 31:13-18


The Sabbath was given to Israel.



These same individuals and groups also ignore.



Exodus 20:1-26 to Leviticus 27:1-34


The whole of the Law of Moses was to be kept by Israel.



People were killed from breaking the Sabbath:


Numbers 15:32-41



Since 2008 not one individual has given me a specific reason to keep the Law of Moses (LOM) or the Sabbath from the Scriptures. It is always lame excuses from various teachers who are either false teachers, Judaizers or anyone else with a supposed ‘word’ from God when in reality those ‘words’ are actually sycretist opinions or outright lies created to push true Christians back into a form of Judaism.



Jesus who is our God knew best how to ‘keep’ the Sabbath. Too bad those in the Theonomy cults ignore his teachings and activities.


Meanwhile… While reading in Luke I found a fascinating Scripture that says…



Luke 4:16 (KJV) “And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and as was his “CUSTOM” was, he went into the Synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read.”



IF you look up the word custom you find.


“A habitual practice of a person:”



So if Jesus kept the Sabbath as a habit what does that say about online Theonomists or Judaizers? It’s because they have no Scriptural evidence to back up any claims EXCEPT “Jesus is our example”. After all if Jesus as a Jew kept the Sabbath as a habit, a custom and did not Command keeping that day solely for rest and Gods worship than any argument from those in the Theonomy cults false apart very easily.



Those in Theonomy cults are those who sometimes mean well. But their words and activities donot mean that they are entirely correct. It is better for those in groups like Seventh Day Adventism, ‘Moral theonomy’ (richard rives), and various others need to proclaim Jesus teachings to those who reject Him. Those in Theonomy cults need to convince those who reject Jesus that he is God and has a desire for all unbeleivers to join him in the future Heaven. Instead of wasting their time and money fighting fellow Christians on insignificant doctrines like the Ten Commandments / (LOM), Sabbath and other subjects. When we as Christians need to push back agianst the darkness that has clouded American and other countries / cultures in order to save as many people as possible before Jesus does come back and reap, judge this world of evil doers.

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