Ever wonder if a Christian or Jew can visit or work in Mecca?

I am updating, including some other subjects about islam here to prove a point. If Islam as a system is to continue to promote propaganda that it is a ‘tolerant’ belief and system and a sister religion to Jews or Christians then the following should be allowed in Saudi and other Islamic / Sharia run countries. And Attacks by muslims agianst foreign born Christians and Jewish workers (Or other religions) SHOULD BE STOPPED!


Allow Jews & Christians to live and work in industrial areas of Mecca & Medina as needed.

Allow Jews, Christians or other religious groups to KEEP THEIR HOLY BOOKS or symbols on their person or in their home while working in Saudi WITHOUT ATTACK OR INPRISONMENT!

Allow ANY Religion to have small worship area either within a PRIVATE HOME OR APARTMENT or at a work site for those who have different faiths who are workers from non muslim countries to worship IN PRIVATE.


As you will see… if a non muslim of ANY Religion other than Islamic or muslim goes to work in Saudi Arabia they MUST show on the application paperwork thier religion. This in reality is religious discrimination. Something that is unheard of in most Western Countries.

Now a question that should be SERIOUSLY asked to any person who wants to work in the middle east. IF muslim countires FORCE you to give up your Bible, Cross or other religious materials WHY would you want to go there, work there or live there?

It is better for non muslims who come from the Philippines or other asian countrys etc to work in Countrys that support their beliefs and that can satisfy their financial needs. After all many a Pinoy or Panay have been mistreated in Islamic countires and this claim can be verified in their press.

For Christians notice this post…


Bibles, Crucifixes Not Allowed into Saudi Arabia

By Jennifer Riley

Christian Post Reporter

Fri, Aug. 10 2007 03:00 PM EDT



The following comes DIRECTLY from a website for the Saudi embassy in respect to traveling to Saudi..


“Forbidden items include alcohol, narcotics, weapons, ammunition, pork and pornography. Prescription drugs must be documented. Makkah and Madinah hold special religious significance and only persons of the Islamic faith are allowed entry.”


Other banned items:


Of course they neglect to tell you that if you are a Christian whatever crosses, Bibles or other religious materials will be taken from you as you enter their country.

Kindly note the warning posted bellow:

“STANDARDS OF CONDUCT AND RELIGIOUS POLICE:  Islam is the official religion of the country and pervades all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia.  Public display of non-Islamic religious articles such as crosses and Bibles is not permitted.  Travel to Makkah (Mecca) and Medina, the cities where the two holiest mosques of Islam are located, is forbidden to non-Muslims.”

“Some Mutawwa try to enforce the rule that men and women who are beyond childhood years may not mingle in public unless they are family or close relatives.  Mutawwa may ask to see proof that a couple is married or related.  Women who are arrested for socializing with a man who is not a relative may be charged with prostitution.  Some restaurants, particularly fast-food outlets, have refused to serve women who are not accompanied by a close male relative.  In addition, many restaurants no longer have a “family section” in which women are permitted to eat.  These restrictions are not always posted, and in some cases women violating this policy have been arrested.  This is more common in Riyadh and the more conservative central Nejd region.”

“In public, dancing, playing music and showing movies are forbidden.”


“While in a foreign country, a U.S. citizen is subject to that country’s laws and regulations, which sometimes differ significantly from those in the United States and may not afford the protections available to the individual under U.S. law.  Penalties for breaking the law can be more severe than in the United States for similar offenses.”

“Persons violating Saudi Arabian laws, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested, imprisoned or even executed.  Suspects may be detained without charges or legal counsel, and with limited consular access, for months during the investigative stage of criminal cases.  “

“Penalties for the import, manufacture, possession, and consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs are severe.  Convicted offenders can expect jail sentences, fines, public flogging, and/or deportation.  The penalty for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia is death.  Saudi officials make no exceptions.  Customs inspections at ports of entry are thorough.  The U.S. Embassy and Consulates General have no standing in Saudi courts to obtain leniency for an American convicted of alcohol or drug offenses.  Engaging in sexual conduct with children or using or disseminating child pornography in a foreign country is a crime, prosecutable in the United States.  Please see our information on Criminal Penalties. “

“Saudi authorities do not permit criticism of Islam or the royal family.  The government prohibits the public practice of religions other than Islam.  Non-Muslims suspected of violating these restrictions have been jailed.  Homosexual activity is considered to be a criminal offense and those convicted may be sentenced to lashing, prison, or death.”


Take note of the paragraphs of the Saudi Constitution…

“Islam as the Constitution of Saudi Arabia”

“It is the fundamental assumption of the policy of Saudi Arabia that the Holy Qur’an is more suitable for Saudi Muslims than any secular constitution. This assumption must be viewed in the context of a nation which is completely Islamic. Hence, no churches, synagogues, temples or shrines of other religions exist. No proselytizing by other faiths is allowed.”

“The entire Saudi population is Muslim; the only non-Muslims in the country are expatriates engaged in diplomacy, technical assistance or international commerce.”


For a few links on Mecca see:

General Info on Mecca:

Mecca, Makka, Makkah






My Thoughts:

The previous links and information enclosed in this post are a demonstration. A demonstration that Islam as a system is creating lies threough thier propaganda  and deceit among us non muslims. If islam is a system that advocates Freedom, Human Rights, and Religious Freedom than they should either live up to their claims or continue to stay their course and NOT LIE to those non muslims who go to Saudi or other Islamic Countries.

Muslims as individuals, groups or families are allowed to go anywhere they wish in our shared world. And yet we non muslims, disbelievers in their claims and critical of Islamic terrorist actions can’t go to a few city’s in Saudi Arabia to investigate Mecca and Medina using history and archeology? It’s as if they are hiding the TRUTH from the world. A truth so shocking that Islam as a system would crumble. This type of Islamic segregation is inadvertly meant to demonstrate how muslims are a ‘special’ people. See Surah 3:110 of the quran.

After all according to muslims and their propaganda the Kabah was ‘built’ by Abraham and Ishmael yet just how many Jews can walk into the Meccan city limits? After all IF their propaganda WAS TRUE it would mean a SHARED Holy Place that both groups could take turns worshipping their ‘shared’ God.

Of course Jews & Christians KNOW the differences between allah & IAM.

More importantly…

For muslims to make claims about how they respect the Holy Bible, Torah and yet allow Islamic Governments that are over them to destroy other peoples property. Shows that Islam is FAR from tolerant or a ‘respector’ of non muslim rights or religious practices.

The following links and information I have provided in this amateur post shows that islam as a system is untrustworthy for us non muslims. If muslim countries like Saudi Arabia which institutes ‘sharia laws’ on both muslims and non muslims and yet is unfair according to the Freedoms we enjoy in the USA. How is that fair in respect to Human rights or from God?

This also demonstrates FEAR by Islamic Governments that confiscate and destroy non muslim religious materials that they are AFRAID OF THE TRUTH in the Holy Bible. And therefore must censor it.

Lastly also notice this:

“No proselytizing by other faiths is allowed.”

Hmm that’s funny… Muslims online, on youtube and in person can ‘proselytize’ non muslims all over the world. But Christians or others can’t talk about their faith to muslims within the boundaries of Islamic countries. Yet as history has shown the many Islamic countries on world maps were once Non muslim at one point.

For how Sharia laws effect non muslims see here:

The Rights of Non-Muslims in Islam (part 1 of 13): An Islamic Basis


Here are some links I put together than discuss the problem of non muslims and mecca and of course Islamic censorship in respect to non muslim religious rights :



How are non-muslims kept out of Mecca?



“Reciprocity, or, thoughts on being an idolatrous infidel”

“January 28th, 2008 7:35 am”


“Saudis arrest Christian for entering Mecca”


“May 24, 2007 20:32 | Updated May 24, 2007 21:15”


“Bibles, Crucifixes Not Allowed into Saudi Arabia”

“By Jennifer Riley Christian Post Reporter”

“Fri, Aug. 10 2007 03:00 PM EDT”


“Saudi Arabia Traps Christian Surgeon for Faith in Jesus”

“By Jennifer Riley Christian Post Reporter”

“Thu, Aug. 02 2007 03:19 PM EDT”


If you are planning to travel to ANY Islamic country and you donot share thier beleifs or ideology be prepared…

The following information and my amatuer commentary is NOT MEANT as a complete guide for travel companies. The previous post I have created is to notify and warn my fellow non muslims REGARDS LESS of religious beleifs of what to expect IF they travel outside thier home country to any islamic country.

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