Can you be gay and mormon?

Feb 1 2015


Before I went to bed last night I copied the following article…



“Breaking the Silence: What It Means to be Gay—and Mormon”

“February 01, 2015  By Randall Thacker”



I chuckled to myself how silly this type of article is not because I mean to be cruel or insensitive to the trials of gay men, lesbians and the various other individuals who make the ‘lgbt’ con-munity. But because I know a secret that this lds-er isn’t telling the public.


It is well known in mormon / lds circles that after they die they become gods & goddesses creating their own earths and populating those worlds with their own offspring.


In my article ” The REAL REASON the lds church doesn’t want gay marriage in Utah”


I discussed what lds marriage is and how gay men and lesbians would not fit in with that doctrine. Within that post I left multiple links about the concepts of lds marriage and the whole lds god / goddess foolishness.


I find claims relating to gay lds-ers hilarious because there is simply no way they can become lds gods or goddesses because their marriages would be childless and so the whole cultic doctrines their fellows spew is for nothing.


IF the previous articles author was truly wanting to be a (false) god within his ‘churches’ cult doctrine he’d give up being gay in order to obtain such a status.

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