My response to sami zaataris propaganda “Using Rape as a Weapon”

My response to Using Rape as a Weapon

Original authored By Sami Zaatari

His post:

In yet another poor example of muslim apologetics we find the following from the Deedat wannabe Zaatari.

In his post he claims:


“Indeed all sane human beings find the act of rape a reprehensible and heinous crime, not only do we find the act as sick, we also find it more disgusting when rape is used as a weapon, a form of punishment against the victim, indeed this may even be more disgusting than a rape for the sake of rape! “

“If you are a Christian, and you are reading this article then I put forward two questions for you:”


“-Is rape wrong?”


“-Is using rape as a weapon as punishment wrong?”


“I truly believe that the majority of you will say yes, and this brings me to my point, what if I was to tell you that these very things are in the Bible? And before you think that oh bad men raped and the Bible recorded it etc etc, I am not talking about that, I am talking about your supposed holy God who sanctioned rape as a weapon and punishment to certain women! “

In this attempt he try’s to judge God on the merits of his own shaky morality.

He uses the following Scriptures in order to prove his point.

Isaiah 3:14-24

Zechariah 14:1-2

“here we have two passages where the God of the Bible is directly involved in getting women raped as a form of punishment! Now honestly, you the Christian behind the screen, do you support such filth? If you do, then I’m afraid you seriously need help, and should even go under watch by the police, because only insane people can stand by and support rape being used as a weapon! It is no good if the Christian says oh well yes this is harsh and sad bla bla bla, no, either Christians CONDEMN and APOLOGIZE and FORSAKE such filth, or you are a supporter of rape plain and simple, you don’t have it two ways.”



He makes the following assumptions.

#1 Allah doesn’t allow rape therefore allah IS NOT the God of the Bible or Torah.

#2 On the basis of muslim, Islamic morality they as men can’t or won’t commit rape.

#3 The OLD Testament is binding upon Christians.

#4 That God some how enjoys using rape and other horrors as forms of punishing against the wives, daughters of his creation.

#5 In judging God he opens up the ability for Christians, Jews and Atheists to judge allah on the basis of how allah judges both muslims and non muslims.

As muslims have included in their propaganda that Allah is the same God as in the Bible, Torah, Hindu scriptures etc. And then make the mistake or miscalculation to judge God by their own human morality when the text they read offends them because of how that God judges the wicked and those who reject him.

Here are the problems Zaatari faces:

#1 Allah in the quran is SUPPOSED to be the same God as the Bible and Torah. This means his allah allowed previously for the sin of rape to happen and according to islam the quran is the latest ‘revelation’ of this same God allows for rape to be used to punish muslimas and non muslim females.

#2 In judging God he makes himself a higher God a higher authority than his creator.

#3 Since the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah are included in the quran it is feasible that allah allows for rape to be used as weapon in islam as well.


Firstly lets answer his questions:


“-Is rape wrong?”

 “-Is using rape as a weapon as punishment wrong?”


1 “-Is rape wrong?”

Yes. According to modern morality and legality it is wrong.


2 “-Is using rape as a weapon as punishment wrong?”

Yes it is morally and legally wrong to use rape or ANY OTHER Criminal act as a weapon or as a punishment.


Secondly lets look at the Scripture references he lists from the OT or Torah:

“Isaiah 3:14-24”

“Zechariah 14:1-2”

In Isaiah 3 1-26 Is a prophecy againstJudah. The text of the passage doesn’t include any type of proof of rape as zaatari suggests.

Next let’s look at Zechariah 14:1-21. This is a future prophecy of how God will judge ALL NATIONS because of what they do to those living inJerusalem.

Yes we can agree that the following criminal acts will be done against those who live inJerusalem. The houses robbed, women raped, and half the city will go into captivity.

And yet whom are those nations who attack  Israel  and  Jerusalem. Undoubtly Islamic and others. And yet allah doesn’t allow such horrors to happen?

Does God allow men to rape women as punishment? I say NO. God helped… we his human creation to create our own laws to punish those who are criminal rapists. How often does islams sharia punish muslim rapists of muslimas or non muslim females in their home countries? Obviously zaatari doesn’t know. Meanwhile many rapists end up going to jail and worse in Americans prisons. But what of islams claims against we Christians?


I’m not the only Christian who has answered such claims against Christianity by moslems. Here is just a few counter claims against Islam with its quran and questionable teachings involving rape and their treatment of women within moslems history.

“The Old Testament and Rape”

“Sam Shamoun”


“Quran Inconsistency: Does Allah permit lust or not?”

“Sam Shamoun”


“Slave-girls as sexual property in the Quran”

“James M. Arlandson”


“Rights of Women in Islam”


“Sexual abuse widespread among Muslims”

“HRS 5 February 2010”

“By Nicolai Sennels”


Even moslems recognize that their ‘religion’ is flawed and yet their leaders do nothing about solving rape and molestation. Here are just a few articles from moslems that discuss molestation, rape and so forth.

“Sexual Harrassment of Muslim women”



“Wife Abuse in the Muslim Community”

“by  Kamran Memon”


“Islam and Sexual Violence: Marital Rape”

“By Debra Mubashshi… – Posted on June 4th, 2006”


I will refrain from including the multiple news reports of moslems using rape and other sexual crimes agianst muslimas and non muslim females all because of muhammads insane actions written in the hadiths.

No islam is not better. Even though moslems will try to convince us otherwise.

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