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Why my blog posts are late…

October 18, 2015

As a blogger I’m typically pulled in the following directions…

I am a Father of 3 school age kids. And I daily have to get up and get them awake and getting ready for their school day…

I am a Husband to a loving and hard working wife.

I am the Eldest son of Aging Parents.

I am the oldest Brother of 3.

My younger Brother lives in MO. And my Baby Bro died in the mid 1970s.

I am a hard working ‘FT’ for a local hospital and work between 35 or more hours a week.

After my kids get home from school: I am the short order cook, tutor, disciplinarian / authority figure, councilor, Dad and everything else in between.

IF I AM LUCKY I get to give my wife a smooch before I head to work – Quality time with my Spouse is more important than my blog.

My family & I travel to many places of which can include various locations in Washington State USA, Canada, Philippines etc.

And generally I can be busy simply living my life…